Sunday, April 08, 2007


...BLATANT STALKING! All in one easy to manage package. Take that, Easter!

Now, as we all know, Jake is oft stalked by some neophyte lurker, some greenhorner not yet granted entry into the Academy of Stalkemia for their slack ways and general unclassiness. We've taken time out of our own busy 'observation' schedules to assess and defame these brazen charlatans and call them out for their reckless behaviour. But which, over this year of the Lord just past, was your favourite? Should I rephrase that? Which posed the greatest danger or which was just too, too obvious?

Put that egg to one side you gluttonous fool and wipe the smears of coco goodness from your lips as we once again partake in the great Sunday Project (Copyright 2007. All Rights Reserved. Bitches).

She pretended to be jogging. She wore a cap...TO COVER THE LIES!

Refresh your memory...

Taxi for Mr Gyllenhaal? UNLIKELY!

Refresh your memory...

Playing to Jake's weakness. SICKENING!

Refresh your memory...

Mightily clever but the facial expressions gave it away. SMARMY!

Refresh your memory...

Just...blatant. BLATANT!

Refresh your memory...

Please consider the above options carefully and come to an informed decision. Then you may return to your calories.


KayDee said...

oh the seagull of malevolence. no contest.

and how did u know about choco?

welliwont said...

I don't understand the question. It must be written in code....

Regardless, I will choose a favourite, as in which one is the most undercoverish. Since I can only choose one I will go with Hannibal Dogter. Even I was almost fooled by that costume, almost. But my JW radar kicked in and exposed the truth: that is not a real dog!

Great disguise though, we should get some of those for JW!

cina said...

I'm with kaydee, the seagull of malevolence. And - he (or she) wasn't just stalking Jake, but THE WHOLE FRIGGIN' FAMILY!! Well, almost - Maggie wasn't there, but still!

Anonymous said...

Pic B is great!

call me cherita said...

Based on my own arbitrarily devised points system, the winner for blatancy is Mr. Ugly with a score of 1.0 out of 5, while the most dangerous is that evil Oscar with a 4.33333333 out of 5.

(Details of scoring methods available upon request.)

Oh, and Happy Easter to all those inclined to observe it!

theshowerlady said...

I find the seagull horribly dangerous and sinister!!! So that would get my scary vote. The ugly man with sign is the most blatant and the most melodramatic, judging from his expression. He really needs to get a grip!!!

cfitz said...

I feel the dog wins as it has induced touching by the gyllenhaal.

Easter Question.

If Jake was a giant chocolate bunny where would you start?

Stuff as much in your mouth as possible!

cina said...

^^ LOL!!
I can't decide wether I want to start with his ears, and then nibble my way down to his... tail, or if I want to stuff as much in my mouth as possible.

But I guess I would want it to last as long as possible, so I think I'll start with his ears. ;D

Anonymous said...

Jake and Austin more

phoebe said...

Oh, NO question about it! The Seagull of Malevolence!!


My GOD, does Jake look absolutely yummy in pic C or what?! I've got two words for y'all:

The. Profile.


Anonymous said...

(Vx3 here)

The seagull looks wicked, but pic A is oh sooo obvious!

Plus I love how extremely bouncy he looks in A - it's adorable!

Anonymous said...

OK. I love you guys. I think you have the most wonderful humor and sense of fun...but y'all... That looks like my mom on that workout track. All these years she's been fightin' that weight. Suddenly she wanted to "workout" but never said where she was goin'! Mama? Mama come back!!!

get real said...

LOLOLOL, this thread is CLASSIC!!

Btw, even more new pics of Jake and parents out for Easter today on JustJared

He looks great and seems relaxed and smiley. :)

cina said...

^^ Well, you beat me to it! :)

He looks very happy and relaxed! I wonder which part of the chocolate bunny Jake starts with...? ;p

Anonymous said...

I have to go with Hannibal Dogter, but mainly because Jake looks so unbelieveably sweet in the photo, plus the dog's comedy head gear.

only1annabel said...

I'm going with the seagull because seagulls are made of pure evil!!

Jake as a chocolate I've really heard it all! I'd just scoff the bunny in one!

nice anonymous said...

I think that walking on the track for weight loss (and probably the Atkins Diet) worked for that lady, and she's now stalking Jake in the pictures above.

Jake's an inspiration to dieters everywhere.

luckytina said...

Picture c is by far the best-as many jake stalkers are....a bitch in disguise