Monday, April 09, 2007


And gives him a chocolate bunny and a blatant stalker! He must have been a good boy this year.

Tons more at JustJared as well as yet more pictures of Jake and Austin cycling down the busy highways of California. How can there even be this much Jake?! The mind boggles.


coffeecat said...

Not that I blame her, but is the unauthorized stalker in the second photo staring at Jake's ass?

Anonymous said...

One thing we can be sure of. Mother Naomi will never permit that blatant stalker from getting too close! I love all the Jakeness. It's as if he were our very own Truman. Seems like they gave him his very own Easter/Passover Bunny. I'm happy to see Jake out and smiling with the 'rents. A picture of him leavng the doctor's the other day, he had no sun glasses on and really looked like he didn't feel good. (When you're around little kids you often pick up colds, etc.)

Anonymous said...

Who made the comment on the other entry stating, "If Jake was a chocolate Easter bunny, what would you eat first?"

Highly appropriate for this set of pictures.

I like his big boyish grin at getting a bunny bestowed upon him.

Anonymous said...

(Vx3 here)

Whatcha got in the bags, Jake? ;-)

Anonymous said...

(Vx3 again)

Here's how good you guys are...I thought you had photoshopped in the chocolate bunny, until I went to look at the pics at JustJared!! (It's so nice to see him smiling and happy).

Oh,'s wishing I was his PDA in the second picture you posted!

Anonymous said...

i hate to lose my wits like this, but i have nothing smart to say-- jake looks amazing...

yes, whoever posed that jake as chocolate bunny question in the other post was obviously onto something =)

[more blogger troubles, ugh]

Anonymous said...

I´ve never seen this much of jake as of right now. I´m liking it.
I love easter.

KayDee said...

Really, can't you recognize your own agent? :D

Anonymous said...

look how jake and daddy doing the matching clothes-thing!

Anonymous said...

aww, this story/sighting is cute:

i think jake realizes how much we missed him when he was in morocco, so he's making himself more available haha.

heddaparsons said...

I think that it's cute that Jake and his father are still into that matching alike thing some father and sons did when they were young!

BTW: Papa Gyllenhaal is hot!The son ain't bad either.

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:27 & heddaparsons, I think in this case, it's definitely Stephen trying to channel Jake, and not vice versa! LOL!

Jake looks so relaxed and he's smiling ...sigh! Now I want an announcement that he's signed up to do another film. One that gives him about 3 months to take a break...after he comes to Europe to promote Zodiac!

Anonymous said...

Grandma Nice Anonymous would say: "Tuck your shirt in, Jake."

Is that a PDA in your pocket or are you just really happy over getting a bunny? (Chocolate does that for me, too, sometimes.)

Anonymous said...

Awwwwwwww i wanna chocolate from Jake!


Anonymous said...

If I could, I would play Easter Bunny with Jake...and I would pour warm chocolate allll over him and then...what? Oh. Sorry, I gotta go take my meds.

Anonymous said...

I think he looks very unhappy in the second picture.

Anonymous said...

He doesn't look unhappy, IMHO. He just looks like he's preoccupied. One thing. The first picture, where they're crossing the street? It looks exactly like a set of pictures taked a little while ago when he was with Peter and Maggie in the same area. Before he went off to Morocco. I remember the high fence and that it looked almost like a construction sight. Not really commercial, and not really residential, just strange.

Anonymous said...

Shaken, not stirred

I gave that same chocolate bunny to my niece for Easter, she bit the ears off 1st as usual.

Both Jake and Pops are looking good!

Anonymous said...

A "Conversation" between Jake and Me (in my dreams)

Jake: I made a new friend today.
Me: Real or Imaginary?
J: Imaginary.
M: Who is this friend?
J: He's a 6 foot tall chocolate bunny rabbit.
M: Uh-huh... and does this rabbit have a name?
J: Frank.
M: What did Frank say to you?

Then I woke up in a golf course, be wary when someone yells Fore!
Oh my giddy aunt! *Thud*

Anonymous said...

Sighting: Jake having lunch with his family and buying Japanese pottery.

"We were looking for parking on Abbott Kinney when EJ swore she saw Jake Gyllenhaal. At first she said some totally random name and we asked her who she was talking about. She finally said he was in Brokeback Mountain and I guessed Jake. She said he was eating inside this new bakery on Abbott Kinney. We weren't sure if she really saw him because we literally drove by the restaurant in a flash. To confirm her sighting, we casually walked over to the restaurant and pretended to read the menu and indeed it was Jake Gyllenhaal having lunch with his family. He is a cutie in real life. Very handsome. So we went and ate our lunch at Jin and afterwards went next door to this awesome Japanese pottery store. They have all sorts of pottery from Japan....when I get a house I want to buy one of everything in that store. So we walk in and guess who's right there infront of us? Jake in the flesh. It was such a coincidence that we saw him. He was purchasing some items. I totally wanted to take a pic but thought it might be a bit tacky. Then we ran into his group again while walking down Abbott Kinney except I didn't really notice the 3rd time around. It was quite exciting to see him in person."

Anonymous said...

OT: Cute article on Jake. They mention Atticus, but not Boo? Wehre is he??