Thursday, July 26, 2007

Hey! Natalie Portman!

You know, Natalie, I've been doing this gig for a while now and you know what? You just keep popping up. All the freaking time. Anonymous commenters love nothing more than to bring up your name. They're either talking about what a "cute" couple you and Jake would be or offering up creepy insider-sounding information about when you two used to "date." I didn't know anything about this "dating." I was just ignoring all that, you know. Just assuming you liked to post here anonymously...and I wasn't going to judge you for it. I mean, Jake's hot, but everyone knows he was celibate before my good friend Kiki walked into the picture. And then what happens? I notice there are some new-old pics of you on a certain website freaking ALL OVER The Gyllenhaal! I mean, what's next?! Secret pictures of Jake and Reese??! I'm sorry. I cannot condone this behavior (or bursting of my bubble). I don't care how many years ago this was, you need to back away from my man!

In other news...a new batch of Jake in '08 tees just hit the store! If ever there was a sentence worthy of ending in an exclamation point, that was it.


Anonymous said...

I always heard that they actually did date way back when she was about 19 he was 20!

The Jake in '08 shirts look fantastic, good wrk you guys!

call me cherita said...

I mean, Jake's hot, but everyone knows he was celibate before my good friend Kiki walked into the picture.



Anyway, thanks for the campaign shirts! Will more designs be coming, or should I go ahead and order now? You know I don't really want politician!Jake, but I can't resist the allure.

Becky Heineke said...

IHJ and, I'm reposting your comment without the actual article. I think it's easier for people to read the article on the site than in the comments anyway, but posting something that long makes it cumbersome for anyone who posts after you. As long as you put the link up, you don't need to post the whole article. ;) Thanks!

This is OT (well maybe not: actors and political themed movies) and long but i thought that these two movies mentioned here on are a must see. Also go see Sicko as well.

Becky Heineke said...

I forgot to add that I totally agree that everyone should go see Sicko!

Cherita, for now, I think that's as far as we're going with Jake in '08 shirts. Unless someone has a spectacular idea that multiple people would be interested in buying, I'm trying to keep it simple to avoid the fiasco of before when I was basically making shirts on-demand and then no one was buying them.

If everyone hates the Jake in '08 shirts, then that's a different story. :)

call me cherita said...

TSL, the pics are from this event which IHJ has identified as

Date: April 28, 2002
Location: New York City, NY

and that would make Jake 21.

Anonymous said...

Wow, CMC. I stand corrected. Even the baseball cap Jake wore...when I embiggen the photos at IHJ, the hat says "hero" and below it "2002". But the rest is accurate. They were dating for a bit. But THEY DID NOT HAVE SEX.
In fact, I doln't think either of them ever had any sex with anyone...ever!

Anonymous said...

They were and will always be absolutely adorable together, sigh.

PG: The Jake in '08 t-shirts kick-ass! You did a great job on these as you have the rest of the t-shirts.

heddaparsons said...

Checked out the campaign t-shirts and they look great! Again PG< I'm in awe of your talents, I can't wait until this campaign gets into full swing!

And speaking of campaigns, I heard that John Edwards was spotted in Iowa with Lance Armstrong (a cycling event for charity). Come on Jake, Lance is a pal of yours!

Xenia said...

Well...he brought her flowers back on May '06 and they walked on the beach together on July '06 so I suppose that they are deeply in love...

Anonymous said...

Sorry about that Prophecy girl, I'm such a dope! Next time I will just post the link.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Sicko and Michael Moore:

The Bush Administration: Fucktards.