Friday, April 28, 2006


Sorry, I'm very behind on Sock Watch. There has just been so many other things going on like, er...umm...ah....I had to do my washing...

  • COLOUR: Taupe? Fawn? Nude? What the hell colour is that, Jake!??
  • TYPE: Ribbed and ankle; fusion socks!
  • HEIGHT: Dangerously low
  • OVERALL STATUS: Confused; are ankle socks the foot equivalent of a strapless bra?

Is that skateboard made of polished mahogany?



Anonymous said...

Anything that lets me see all of Jake's lovely long pretty legs is fine with me. Their way better than slouch socks or gym socks pulled up to his balls like he was workign with in those pics of him grab assing with Austin on that track field. ... He looks like such a frat boy all the time but still, I crave.

britpopbaby said...

They are not known as ANKLETS where I'm from. They are simply called ankle socks. Anklets are ankle jewellery as far as I'm concerned. And I agree - I'm not too big a fan of them either.

Anonymous said...

Jake's legs look good bare, but they also looked wonderful in the tight, narrow-legged vintage jeans he wore for "Brokeback Mountain." I wish he adopted that look in daily life. But he seems to be enamored of the "loose, droopy-assed pants big as a clown's" style that was big when he was still in his teens. (Though the droop is rather, um, provocative, the oversized look, IMHO, is best left to adolescents.)

Anonymous said...

Anything is better than socks pulled up to the crotch.

Jake has very nice legs btw.
Me gusto mucho! :-D

Anonymous said...

squall, tsk, tsk. More tinhat revisionist history. There were two set of work out photos and Knee pad Nichols wasn't engaged in any ass grabbing with Jake in those. You must be confused with the second set of workout photos taken a few days later of Jake and Mystery man/Beach guy where there was horse play and grabbing. Please, I know you were sent out to spread your tinhat insanity but when you make things up it's just desperate. Go to and take a look at the jake/beach guy photos.

britpopbaby said...

...and let you tan all the way to your ankle.

Well, that's me sold! Good research wtbgirl!

Becky Heineke said...

I'm just thrilled by the return of the Sock Watch. It's pretty much my favorite thing ever.

Anonymous said...

I'm not complaining but why socks? I mean why not Sleevless Tee Watch or Carry Out Drink Carton Watch or Hoodie Watch? Just curious really.

I love the jeans he wears. They are a bit more baggy than the BBM Wranglers but I see that as a good thing. I don't like tight jeans on guys usually. They fall a little but they look realy good especially on his long lean yummy legs. I like his favorite jeans he wears all the time. (They could actually be a plethora of the same exact jean cause he's rich like that and can afford to buy identical clothes.) I like when he couples these indigo treasures with a nice italian shoe.

Anonymous said...

Well, it isn't as if the only two choices for jeans are skintiqht wranglers or the huge baggy things he's been wearing. I'm not for skintight myself, but I do like jeans where the ass of the jeans is in the same zip code as the as of the wearer. I want to ask the guys wearing these if they miss having pockets in the back of their pants or if they now find it convenient to have them at the back of the knee.

Anonymous said...

There is something weird abt. the board, I think, but I'm not a young expert. But I think the boards most kids use are really big and fiberglass or something? Big anyway. Is there some kind of "return to the basics of boarding" thing going on?

Anonymous said...

Completely agree that he needs to lose the baggy jeans. I'd prefer the BBM Wranglers. They wrote poetry to his ass.

Love the sock watch, but I think there's a crying need for a T shirt watch too. The Gyllenhaal has an unusual love for T shirts. He always wears them, as undershirts on formal occasions and as outerwear otherwise. I've even noticed that ALL his characters wear T shirts. Donnie Darko? T shirted always. Jack Twist loved the T shirts, but not Ennis.

Why so many T shirts? Is T shirt wearing written into his contract? IS he easily chilled? Does he sweat a lot? I think there's a mystery here deserving of britpopbaby's attention.

Anonymous said...

I'm T shirt obsessed anonymous above, returning with an alarming thought.

Perhaps the nonstop T shirt wearing is occasioned by self consciousness over his abundant chest hair, in which case the T shirts are tragic indeed and should be replaced by psychotherapy aimed at helping him accept himself as is.

Anonymous said...

Please, he doesn't sport the pelt of a flattened woodland creature there--he has an nice amount of nicely distributed chest hair. This is something guys used to WANT to have, b/f hairlessness became the only way to be. I doubt he's self-conscious about it, really. It isn't as if he has hair on his back, or even worse, that thing where the hair from the chest comes so far up the neck that it's a more or less random decision where to shave the face hair down to. (**shudders**)

Don't all guys basically wear t-shirts all the time these days? At least his are different from one another.

Anonymous said...

Don't all guys basically wear t-shirts all the time these days?

No, I don't think so. I've noticed this for a while in Jake flicks -- his characters always wear T's (or at least I've never noticed him NOT wearing a T onscreen), but the other male characters may or may not. Jack Twist wore a T in almost every scene of BBM, but Ennis did not. Why, why, OH WHY?

britpopbaby said...

I usually don't like chest hair but I loooooooove Jake's. It's just right - very manly. I dunno about the T-shirt thing. I thought that he only got chest hair during the filming of 'Jarhead'? Sam Mendes said something about it.

Anonymous said...

Jake said he grew hair all over his body during Jarhead but ... wait I need a minute ... okay I'm good. What was I saying... oh yes, the chest hair. I saw a pic where he looks really sexy. His eyes almost look like thier sporting liner. He's really dark. Black hair all spiky and mussed. He's leaning against a wall and I think one leg is up on the wall. He has no shirt on and he's beautifully hairy. I don't like hair either but his makes me want to lick and pet.

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