Thursday, July 13, 2006


Keep them short! Three lines max because I can't focus after that. The wittiest court jester will win this awesome bike so they can keep up with Jake and the rest of the Raleigh Crew (dog not included - fuck it, dog included!):
Winner from last time:

claire said...
"Hey, won't don't you try selling this great magazine? Its called The Big Issue and all the homeless tramps do it in the UK"

Congratulations, you win that postcard Jake sent us from Mars!


nica said...

awsome bike, no dog damn....

Nothing Really Matters said...

Should this not be a case of back away from my man??

Agnes said...

Yes totally a case of BACK away from my man!

nice anonymous said...

Jake's really into learning about the customs of the native Inuits. First, he went on the "Ellen" show & taught Ellen DeGeneres their throat song. Here, at the ESPY Awards, he demonstrates to Matthew McConaughey the Inuit nose-rub greeting.

Nothing Really Matters said...

Who is the guy in the white suit???

White suit guy's thinking:

I didn’t know Brokeback was on!

Simon Agent 002 said...

"I have the flask in my coat pocket"

Anonymous said...

Jesus Matthew will you uncross yer legs!Yer big girls blouse!

Jake,you are far tooo good for this crowd.

The Bearded Lady said...

I just realized I'm jealous of Matthew McConaughey ...ugh it not a nice feeling either!

The Bearded Lady said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
MW said...

No longer child's play, the age old game of eye-to-eye contact made it's mainstream debut in this year's ESPYs, as masterfully demonstrated by Jake "Da Pupil" Gyllenhaal and Matthew "McGlint" McConaughey. Stare on fellas, stare on!

Lol, this is where I got my influence from:


Bruinsmama said...

"Come on, Matthew, say it once....
Ennis DelMar!"

kokodee said...

"I have the flask in my coat pocket"

gin said...

Matt: "You should've worn the spandex."

Jake: "Here?"

Matt: "I told your ass looked hot..."

gin said...

Oops... should've been "I told YOU your ass looked hot."

Damn! Now it's ruined! ;)

Anonymous said...

Jake: No way! You know I'm not gonna tell you what happened after we left your party!

tetine said...

McCgngle;yghy's head makes Jake's look small.

Anonymous said...

My vote's for Gin.

White suit looks like he's both jealous and eavesdropping.

cina said...

"My room. 11:30."

JoyceDavenport said...

Your fly is open.

The Bearded Lady said...

Miss Bearded Lady was wondering if this dog is potty trained?

JoyceDavenport said... when he gets on the bike you distract him - I'll have the superglue- then we'll see who's making 'liking it in the rear' jokes.

The Bearded Lady said...

Oh those little dogs are the vicious...those little teeth are like needles!!.

Franzi said...

Matthew McConaughey is freaking me out!

I wish Jake would stop hanging out with him!

spandex galore said...

Jake: Damned Matt, I wish I knew how to quit you. (pauses) See you at the men's room in 5 min.

Matt:OK (giggles)

kala said...

Jake & Matthew: "1.. 2... 3... Eskimo kiss!"
White Suit Guy: "Gah-DAMN!"

claire said...

oh wow!! I'm so excited - I won I won the last one! Thank you so much to the academy of jake wat..oh, this isn't my caption entry by the way.

~runs off to think of something equally as award winning to see if she can do a Tom Hanks and win 2 in row~

msdonniedarko said...

Jake: "our plan is working all the bitches want me!"

Matt: "Ya but i wanted you that was my plan!"

Miss Twist said...

Your fly is open.

I love it. Now I am not trying to take this as my own or try and better this in anyway for my own good. But Joyce: I personally, you don't have to think this or change your caption,that you should add I want to get in to your caption. What do you think? You like?

Miss Twist said...

Jake:"I've got a gun in my pocket. I am going to reach for it slowly. Don't move and you wont get hurt"

JoyceDavenport said...

Brilliant idea Miss Twist I hereby amend my entry to: 'Your fly is open and I want to get into it'

Actually I want them both as entries!

Miss Twist I think you should amend yours to 'don't move and you will get hurt.' LOL

Smurfeyshmoo said... when he gets on the bike you distract him - I'll have the superglue- then we'll see who's making 'liking it in the rear' jokes.

Ahaha, joycedavenport, that is awesome.

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