Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Film About Brothers Being Looked At By Real Brothers Who Would Play Brothers in the Film About Brothers

Tobey Maguire and Jake Gyllenhaal, who are twins in real life, are in negotiations to star in a movie where they would play brothers (although not twins). This will be the second time Gyllenhaal has acted with one of his real siblings in a film, the first being Donnie Darko where he played the brother of his real life sister, Daveigh Chase. Gyllenhaal, who has expressed interest in doing a comedy, will get his wish in this remake of a "Danish-language war drama." Laughs all around!

Should the Maguire-Gyllenhaal brothers take on the movie, shooting will start in November, which will require Gyllenhaal to take time out of his busy Presidential campaigning schedule. Analysts within his campaign assure us that the break will not be detrimental because Jake cannot technically run for President anyway (although we are assured he will be victorious regardless).

Industry insiders say the only reservation in hiring the twins is that audience members may find it confusing; the boys are so identical, most people can't tell them apart, not even the boys themselves. In fact, during the 2006 BAFTA's, it was Tobey who accidentally accepted Jake's award for Best Make-Out Scene with Heath Ledger In a Sheep-Herding Film. Similarly, it was actually Jake who starred in the third Spider-Man movie, apparently thinking the Spidey suit was some new Livestrong cycling gear and the camera crews were just paparazzi. In each instance, it was months before anyone realized the error.

Jake and Tobey can be seen below in a never-before-seen, heartwarming home video:

Full article HERE, and the exact same information again HERE.


Anonymous said...

"it was actually Jake who starred in the third Spider-Man movie, apparently thinking the Spidey suit was some new Livestrong cycling gear and the camera crews were just paparazzi."

I did actually burst out laughing in the middle of the office at this, everyone thinks i've lost it.

This is a classic.

Anonymous said...

Even though Tobey's older, you know when they were growing up Jake was constantly whaling on him for being teetotal. And vegan. And doing yoga. And listening to Enya.

Anonymous said...

Hooray, more Jake on film in the future. And from what I've read about this potential casting, Jake is supposed to be playing the bad, drunk, dark sheep brother.

Do you think that maybe that means we might get more nekkid sex and drunken one night stands?


Cherita said...

...I'm speechless.

Best. Post. Ever.

*wipes tear*

Anonymous said...

Jake is more than welcome to care for me anytime my husband goes out of town...this sounds promising.

Nothing Really Matters said...

LOl! Dude that was one funny post!

Becky Heineke said...

Considering my past history with Tobey (pre-Jake, of course), this could be a very interesting movie. But it still sounds like it's totally up in the air. So who knows?!

I don't know why (the totally fictitious) Dumb!Jake cracks me up so much, but I can't get rid of the image of him riding his bike around LA in a Spidey suit...

heddaparsons said...

I hope this turns out to be true, i'm sick and tired of reading about who Jake is dating this week.

I used to think Jake and Tobey looked alike, not so much now.

PS: Thanks for the post and the video PG I needed this today!

Anonymous said...

OT: Jake in specs!


Anonymous said...

have you seen the gawker piece about Jake...

AmbraHollywood said...

OMG procrastination has never paid off so sweet!!! While writing my bio paper (googling Jake) I checked out his IMDB page and Holy Moly Batman he is doing the movie "BROTHERS"!!! Dear Joly Moses I think I need to change my Panties now!!!

AmbraHollywood said...

Oh and SNL is replaying his skit on the 22 on NBC.

Unknown said...

Tobey and Jake really look a like! Super convincing as brothers. im down to see it.

Anonymous said...

I heard they were ttlly competitive on the set for "Brothers"... Personally i think Jake out did Tobey. Don't get it twisted, Tobey did a kick ass job but Jake's just more cool and effortless in my opinion.

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