Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Just Jared! Let's make babies! He has Jake on Conan and Jake on Good Morning America HERE.
Sorry there was no live blog last night but sometimes Number Six has to wash the cat and hover the drapes. But of course, we can always recap the highlights because it's almost the same...

0.00 Jake enters the Conan studio raring to go. A question we never asked is immeadiately answered; what is that suit made of? Pure love? Cashmere and goat's blood?

1.30 Jake wisely states that the Oscars shouldn't freak you out by transporting you back to your high school days and an ill-advised experiment with modern dance. But they do.

3.11 I think Jake gets the Ramona time scale wrong. She wears organic diapers made of bananas and straw. I think it's a joke.

4.15 She's really going to thank you for this anecdote in the future Uncle Jake.

5.30 They have fruit in Morocco...and turtles, and rabbits and birds.

6.19 Don't touch the toads!

7.05 "It was just like, 'ribbet'"

8.58 The now famous 'Pong' Scene from Zodiac. RDJ gets into drink and drugs and lives in a house boat...and so does his character in Zodiac.

9.14 Lance was on this too!...and the end.

Good Morning America
0.08 The scary blonde lady is fangirling Jake with witch boots. Number Six puts the pieces together and is not happy.

1.00 Jake is wearing a really blue jacket. After the Conan statement I'm going to assume it's made from pieces of sky and blueberries.

1.11 Look, Jake just wants to sing.

2.05 We're talking about hair...Gywneth's hair. I feel now would be a good time for a major media outlet to address Eva Green's hair from the Baftas but they don't.

2.57 Real pictures from the Zodiac murders. Nice for morning TV! Enjoying your cornflakes, there?

3.35 Zodiac clip that is not the 'Pong' scene: Jake and Chloe need to know a lot of things. Number Six needs to know why they made Chloe Sevigny look like that for this film. I know it was the 70's but come on.

4.10 Jake seems to think fax machines and cell phones would have solved the Zodiac murders. Er, how about Lt Dan?

4.50 Coming up next and ex-con chef. Oh my freakin' god, Jake will love that!

Jake was also on TRL in which he stood three feet away from Ally of IHJ and managed to keep his cool. He also claimed to have written rhymes for MIMS and loves him some Dirrrty. You can watch it at in the Media Section.

Anything else? Oh yeah, Jake on Jon Stewart tonight. We're going to buck the trend and do a 24-hours-later live blog for reasons that must remain confidential at this time.

Pics from JustJared and


Nothing Really Matters said...

Dude i'm so watching Jon Stewart tomorrow! Thankis for the heads up!

veeveevee said...

I CAN NOT even stand this!

I'm going to have a heart attack from beauty overload, I just know it.

It's too much, and all too soon it'll be ripped out from underneath us when he goes back to Morocco.

But at least we'll have all these downloads to watch over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and...

Sam said...

Wow he looks great, i cant wait to get home from work tonight and check them out! Its just too much!!! Thanks for the recaps number 6. I miss out on so much live tv...

cina said...

Beauty overload indeed... *thud*

Jake said...

Some days it's tought being a non-American!

Anonymous said...

"0.08 The scary blonde lady is fangirling Jake with witch boots. Number Six puts the pieces together and is not happy. "

That made me laugh SO HARD! because its so dam truuuue!

Jake is scrumpt-diddly-uptious!

salailama said...

gah, must survive til tomorrow night when i can dl conan to watch it! thanks for the recap :).

Number Six needs to know why they made Chloe Sevigny look like that for this film. I know it was the 70's but come on.

i posted about this in a previous comments section, but chloe said in an article (only half joking, i think) that she thinks they tried to make her look frumpy in an effort to convince the audience that jake's character isn't that attractive, using the twisted logic that if his girlfriend/wife is frumpy, he must not be the sex (paraphrasing)

Anonymous said...

Actually, just judging frm the trailer, Chloe looks pretty good. The last time I saw her was in Shattered Glass. No one has to "make her look frumpy." And I happen to think she's a very fine young actress. As for Diane Sawyer,
...huh. Does Jake realize that this woman who is roughly the same age as his own than his own mother, is totally lusting for him and would throw Mike Nichols out the window of their Park Avenue penthouse, if there was a chance in hell she could have sex with him even if only for one night???? Does Jake realize this??? Does he??? Sheeeeesh! He slipped his phonenumber into the top of her boot as he got up to leave!

coffeecat said...
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coffeecat said...

I just know my head is going to explode after watching Jake on Jon Stewart. You're right VVV, it is too much beauty overload.

I like Jake's hair longish - or short. I like him clean-shaven - or not.

Eva Green's hair at the Baftas was REALLY SCARY! Plus her dress gave us too much information.


Anonymous said...

One of the gossip blogs has Jennifer Hudson arriving in NYC! yeaterday. I wish she would have called Jake on the air at Conan's show as a surprise to tease him about his singing!

Agnes said...

I could see Jon Stewart before but not anymore :( So I say it again... Thank you numer six, all agents, youtube, IHJ and so on and so on... Without you I couldn't enjoy our Jake overload week :D

Anonymous said...

He was amazing on Conan last night. I don't think I've laughed that hard in forever.

Bobbie said...

I cracked up when he said the toad was just "chillin."

I love you Jake. <3

Anonymous said...

The thing is, I rarely watch Conan bcz he really gets on my nerves. But when he does that stuff with Jake, it all kinda works! I've never seen Jake act like that on any other talk shows. He and Conan have good chemistry when it comes to funny.
BTW: Jake would never slip his phone number in DS's boot! She couldn't bend that far to retrieve it!

Anonymous said...

...and the pants were hemmed too.

Thank you!

salailama said...

No one has to "make her look frumpy." And I happen to think she's a very fine young actress.

anon 12:02, i think u misunderstood me. i agree chloe's a fine actress--the "look frumpy" comment was taken from her words, not mine.

in response to how period clothing helped her get into her role: I felt like they were trying to make me look frumpy to make Jake look less attractive. [Laughs] He has this unattractive girlfriend, therefore you can believe he's less attractive. I don't know. That's my own insecurities. But, I did like that she wasn't glamorous, in any regard.

hope that clears things up!

Anonymous said...

OK. OK. Can I just... Can I just say. We saw him on Letterman. Adorable. We saw him with Diane Sawyer.Delish. We saw him with Conan. Hilarious. OK. Tonight. John Stewart. He was hilarious, witty, etc. etc. etc. But honestly, I have never seen him look SEXIER than he did tonight. And he KNEW it. He was workin' it. O. M. G. Ineed an effin' dictionary. Something. And the good news is TDS will repeat all day tomorrow (see local listings.)! I have to go fix myself a drink. I cannot handle all this Jakness. Truly. this one was the MOST SEXIEST I HAVE EVER SEEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

12:02 here, smurfette. I guess you misunderstood me, too. I know Chloe said that. I was being ironically humorous...or at least trying. Fact is, I meant that Chloe doesn't need any assistance to look frumpy. IMO. And yet, I do like her and she is a fine actress.

Anonymous said...

Just saw Jake on TDS. *ded!*

salailama said...

gotcha, 12:02.

just caught tds, still grinning ear to ear =P. loved the b-ball and jon ribbing jake so much. too short tho! oh, so i guess jake is staying in ny a lil while longer? he was talking about playing more ball?

salailama said...

anyone make it here?

Cinema Society Zodiac screening and party. Screening at Tribeca Grand, 2 Sixth Ave., nr. White St., 7:30 p.m.; party at Soho Grand, 310 W. Broadway, nr. Canal St., 10 p.m. One presumes there won't be an after-party, simply because they've run out of Manhattan hotels named the "[location] Grand." Although there's always the one in Flushing! Expected guests include Jake Gyllenhaal, Mark Ruffalo, Andy Samberg, Seth Meyers, and Bill Hader.

Anonymous said...

God is Jake handsome!! I'm so excited to see Jake promoting Zodiac, but damn, I'm so frustrated that these interviewers don't let Jake complete a sentence. They ask him a question, but don't let him finish his answer.

I'm taking the afternoon off from school and I'm calling out sick at work to go see Zodiac on Friday. I'm so anxious to see it.

Jake thank you for spending the week in New York City!!!

Anonymous said...

The Soho and Tribeca Grand are like two blocks apart. GQ sponsored the event and the cmaeras seemed to be in love with Jake! WireImage has some good pics. Bet Ruffalo and Graysmith head to LA tomorrow and Jake goes back to Morocco Friday or Saturday.
He looks just amazing. And he killed on the Daily Show tonight.

Anonymous said...

I just wanna add one more thing, Jake looked so sexy hot tonight on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. I love how Jake talks about Maggie and Maggie always mentions Jake.

He is so smart and so witty.

Becky Heineke said...

The LA's premiere's been canceled. Jake wasn't going to be there anyway, but now the whole thing has been scrapped. God hates me.

But The Daily Show was awesome.

Becky Heineke said...

That should be "LA premiere." I'm tired. :(

cina said...

PG - feel the LOVE and support and sympathy all the way from Sweden honey! I am crushed on your behalf!! *HUGS*

Cina xxx

Anonymous said...

Did anybody else see this?

cina said...

^^Yeah, we have been discussing Mark's comments on the forum.

heddaparsons said...

I have never seen a major studio fumble so much regarding promoting a film. OK, the date being pushed back were due to mainly editing and re-shooting but the promoting of this film is questionable IMO.

Why have the star of the film, Jake do all promos on the East coast (Unless he and his people preferred it that way) and nothing on the West coast, not even with Downey and Ruffalo? And now they cancel the L.A. premiere in favor of a private screening at the last minute. I thought that it was odd that with all the promo stuff Jake was doing in NY that there was no NY premiere, but we find out later that there was a private screening last night, something that would be kept from the general public.

I really feel for PG, Dani and Kate. I really didn't go out of my way to see Jake here in NY despite him taping all of his appearences within walking distance from my job. I did manage to get a wave from him when he was doing TRL, from across the street.

I'm just not into doing stuff like that anymore, no matter how much I like an actor. I guess I'm getting older and have developed a low tolerence for crowds and standing around hoping they will arrive or leave and hoping to get a picture.

I'm happy that the film is getting good reviews and I will see it when it opens, but I still can't believe how Paramount has handled this.

Anonymous said...

According to IHJ the LA premiere has not been cancelled. The film is opening Friday. Period. And they will be doing something in LA on Thursday. It might not be a real big, elaborate Harry Potter Meets Happy Feet kind of premiere, but there will be something. And some of the stars will be there. Fincher is in New Orleans with Brad Pitt, but he will probably go to LA for that.

Anonymous said...

The L.A. premiere has been changed to a private screening like the one in NY last night according to some fans that flew out there for the ppremiere, it was confirmed when they contacted the original theater for the premiere. Don't know how many stars will show, but they are definately going the low key route with this picture, probably due to the sensitive subject matter and the victims families IMO.

Agnes said...

He was hilarious on Conan and I can't wait to se him on Jon Stewart :)

And PG I'm so sorry... Here is another hug from Sweden!! *Hug*

coffeecat said...

PG, this karma thing is NOT working for you - this time you don't even get to see the back of Jake?! I am so sorry.

We're buried under 2 feet of snow here in the midwest but I'm still sending hugs to all of you out there in LaLa land. {{{hugs}}}

Perhaps now would be a good time to go to Jake's house and check on Boo, the Missing Puggle.

Agents - we should find out what flight Jake is taking back to Morocco, and buy every seat. Then there would be no way for him to run away.

Thinking of you all (and Jake too)

Anonymous said...

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