Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Pop Quiz #2

Can you spot the blatant stalker in this picture? I should hope so, because it is blatant.

Flashback! Pop Quiz #1

More at JustJared.


Anonymous said...

Is it Asian man with video cam??? Standing on otherside of glass? Older blonde woman in other pics is with Jake. Naomi sent her to escort him and keep bad woomen away from him.
OT but NOT: Anyone else notice his Adam's Apple???? And he has such plump, sweet earlobes. I'd just like to nibble and nuzzle and.... excuse me...I have to take my meds...

cina said...

And he has such plump, sweet earlobes.

Not only are they plump and sweet - they're fuzzy too! ;)

And it certainly has to be asian man with video cam. Or I really am stupid...

Nothing Really Matters said...

Well darling you got me beat on this one!

Anonymous said...

The one in grey coat who just walked past but whose reflection can be seen in the glass behind?

Anonymous said...

How do you know he has hairy earlobes??? I haven't seen those pictures...or I did, but I was looking at something else at the time...or were you THAT CLOSE...to see hair on his earlobes??? Now I won't be able to fall asleep...

cina said...

How do you know he has hairy earlobes???

Well wouldn't you like to know... ;)

call me cherita said...

LOL Cina! And as she said, his earlobes are fuzzy, not hairy. Big difference. Hairy earlobes are what I'd see if I looked too closely at the retirees in the drugstore. *shudder*

cina said...

Exactly - BIG difference.

Fuzzy earlobes = incredibly cute!
Hairy earlobes = .... not so cute.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:14 here. My bad.

Anonymous said...

Anon. 9:14 here again. I had a Great Aunt Enid who had lonnnnng hairs growing out of her chin. It wasn't a beard per se...just random hairs. She was quite proud of them. Whenever I see Jake in a baseball cap and a t-shirt with that shy, sort of hidden smile, I just want to grab him and pull him into the bushes.

S4M985 said...

Hairy ears are bad, especially when its my job to cut them off old men at work :( gu!
Loving these pics but hey. And the pop quiz is fun... this is a toughy....My guess is that the stalker is hiding in his shopping bad... yep i'm pretty sure... i also think it might be ALF! ;)

city girl said...

I guess Jake has left NYC again and I still haven't met him. One day Jake one day :)

I know you're leaving New York because of this horrible humid hot weather we're having for sunny dry gorgeous LA La Land.

joycedavenport. said...

Nah- you've all got it wrong. The stalker is in the 'Fresh' carrier. Any stalker worth their salt wouldn't be stuck behind some glass with a camera, being really obvious...oh wait the question was can you spot the blatant stalker. Ah, well, that's different. 'Course it's the guy with the videocam.

The good stalker is in the carrier bag.

Xenia said...

Sure the man with the videocam DOESN'T work for Jake Watch...

Anonymous said...

He does bear a somewhat similar look as the person who was Steve Marrakesh's personal assistant now that you mention it....is it just me or does Jake look unusually cuddly lately???

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Jake bought products from the "fresh" store for someone else??? How sweet!

heddaparsons said...

After looking at the set of pictures on JJ, I would say it's the woman with Jake that is "escorting" him to his ride, now that's blatant!

PS: what's with the bitchy comment by Jared, calling her elderly?? Middle aged yes.

theshowerlady said...

I would have to agree with heddaparsons! IHJ's Wondrous Stephanie said the "older woman" was supposed to be escorting him to his car, but didn't even know where it was!So poor Jake was lost. (Gosh, he really does need minders!) My surmise is she was posing as the escort and was really blatantly stalking him! There was one picture where, if you read body language and gestures and lips, you can tell she is really trying to entice him to come with her and he is saying, "Hey, lady, I have to pee!"
That flustered her sufficiently for him to get away..altho there are some stalkers would have only inflamed!

Anonymous said...

Did anyone hear any news if he took the part? Was it confirmed?

NY Agent said...

There has been no offical announcement yet.

Broadway Baby said...

If he does decide to do the play, we won't be seiing him anytime soon:


The season starts in October for this theater co. and there are several other plays that are going to be showcased there before this one .It also sounds like all the plays are for a limited run.

Anonymous said...

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