Friday, June 15, 2007

Oooo, get her!

Jake Gyllenhaal was pictured out and about in New York recently, wearing items from his very own, soon-to-be launched clothing line, JW can exclusively reveal. Gyllenhaal has followed in the footsteps of Kate Moss and pop sensation Lily Allen by designing a range for a top British clothing store, BHS. Named 'GyllenCouture', the clothes will be available for sale from August 1st across BHS shops in the UK with international customers being able to purchase stock from the online store.

Gyllenhaal says, 'When I saw Kate Moss's floral jumpsuit on sale in Barneys, I just knew I had to do something myself. I very into textiles, which is a little known, almost secretive fact about me. I wanted to create clothes that were practical, yet nonfunctional, comfortable, yet itchy, with buttons and velcro. I wanted like, old world meets new, I call it Nouveau Pensioner Chic. Would you like a pretzel?"

One things for sure, the fashion world is going mad and experts predict the range will sell out within hours and knock-off produce will be flying out of China in hours. Karl Lagerfield, top designer and rampant nutbag, is reported to have said of the range, 'It's very, um, New Jersey. What's that smell? Is it you?', whilst Dontella Versace commented, 'I'm flying to London as soon as, I simply need this knitwear." Kate Moss was unavailable for comment.

Gyllenhaal is unconcerned about the pressures he faces with this change of career, simply stating, "I want people to be cosy in my clothes....and a little sweaty."

More items from the 'GyllenCouture' Range....


Anonymous said...

That is one fug get up and the sweater is too small!!! Jake has turned his back on the stalkarazzi before when pissed, it looks like Mom told him to behave himself!

PS: Jake is morphing into his dad in so many ways, and this get up is further proof. Ugh.

Nothing Really Matters said...

Oh darling! When did you say these go on sale! I'll have to stock up!

nice anonymous said...

I sort of like him sloppy, actually. It proves, once again, that his good looks can prevail over nearly anything he does to himself, almost any defacement or even burrowing deep in his closet for stuff he wore in high school.

This very cool weather was sort of unexpected, so maybe he did actually borrow the sweater from his Dad.

It's supposed to get warm again on Sunday, so he probably won't be sporting the retiree-in-Florida look for very long.

call me cherita said...

I agree with you, NA. I love seeing Jake less-than-designer perfect. It's a reminder that as much as we tend to perceive him as divine, he is in fact a human being with quirks and laundry issues. ;)

Anonymous said...

fug! fug! fug! Should be in a special spread edition for the gofugyourself blog.
But if he should ever dabble into the couture biz for real ala Justin Timberlake, i'm so there. fug or no fug!

theshowerlady said...

"Knock off produce" will be flying out of China??????? I thought produce was lettuce and broccoli and tomatoes??? I had no idea Jake was starting a clothing line made from produce. How cool is that??? No wonder Karl smelled New Jersey! Look. There is no reason why Jake can't do both. Robert Evans designed Evan Picone clothing line for years with his brother even while he was the head of a major studio and churned out hit after hit after hit. I think this is only the beginning for Jake. Not the end. may be the end of the beginning. (WC)

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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cina said...

Oh I SO want that green cardigan.... Does he knit them himself? Bwahaha!

phoebe said...

^^ Sweetie, can we order together? Save a buck or two on shipping? Cause I soooo want that cardigan too! How can you resist those shiny buttons?!

cina said...

Of course dear! Hmmm. I wonder if it comes in orange as well..? That would go nicely with my complexion.

phoebe said...

^^ LMAO!

Oh, orange would look stunning on you, my dear! Wonder what color those buttons would come in on that one?! Well, as long as they're shiny!

cina said...

I don't care either! As long as they're BRIGTH! And SHIIIINY! ;)

phoebe said...

^^ LOL! You've got that right!

Anonymous said...

Want a pretzel! That is some great gyllenbabble, so convincing in fact I would think it was actually him if I didn't know better.


S4M985 said...

I rekon thats another ALF shirt, hes just trying to hide it with that awesome cardy...

Im totally on the Aflenhaal bandwagen

theshowerlady said...

I am very fond of Mother Naomi!!! Love to see them together. I think when Jake is in NYC, he "dresses" by finding things on the closet floor and just putting them on. IMVHO, he can wear a Hawaiian shirt with plaid shorts and he's still beautiful.

heddaparsons said...

Umm, I'm just not feeling this Mr. Rogers cardigan Jake, I love you to bits, but, no.

joycedavenport said...

The green cardi is class. Maybe next year when he visits the Oscars he will start a whole new trend. IMO George Clloney and Brad Pitt wouldn't really have to try that hard to 'get' this look...

Anonymous said...

Getting past the hideous ensemble, I think I detect a few grey hairs, I checked out the series of pics over at IHJ and also the Cannes pics. I first thought that it was the way the sunlight hit, but know definately some grey strands. His hair appears more auburn when the light hits it right. I suspect that he touches the few grey strands for the most part but sometimes they come through like here.

coffeecat said...

Great ensemble! And don't forget the gray cardigan with the rolled collar that he wears everywhere - including on the SNL photo shoot - along with a very fashionable plaid shirt. Only a 26-year-old Jake can pull of the "old pensioner look." Versace look out!

Anonymous said...

Love it! he looks all rumpled and linty.NYC was chilly. He needed a sweater. So he "found" one. He definitely looked better in his evening wear than in the crud he wore earlier in the day. I mean, Jake! The sweater was pilling.

Anonymous said...

he's obviously staying in an apartment somewhere that has deprived him of his laundry service. He actually looks...wrinkled!!!!!!!!!

get real said...

New pics of Jake, sans scruff, at JustJared with his mom. Looked good, although I a total scruff/Gyllenwolf fan. And I think he still looked good with the cardi's, bummy clothes. Although better in the night time, button down shirt ones. It has been very cool in NYC so it's all good to me. ;)

NY Agent said...

Yeah I saw the new pica over at JJ, He must have read this blog and IHJ regarding the cardigan and the Gyllenwolf look!

No sign of Papa G as Father's Day approaches this Sunday. How much youwanna bet that they were shopping for him (I hope) and that the next set of pics in NY will be of Jake + Mom and Dad. I think Magie is in Chicago filming Batman

Anonymous said...

I'd like to interrupt this thread to say: Damn! I just love this man. Can't help it. Everytime I think I have it under control, he just....just...Shit! OK. That is all.

Anonymous said...

Do you think the paps shout ugly things to Jake when he's with the parental unit???

Anonymous said...

Why would paps shout ugly things? What would be the reason / point?

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

7:49PM: Yeah, what would be the point? If so they would shout it at him solo, with his friends, his dog, etc. I think he was annoyed because here he is probably coming back from dinner with his mom and returning to their apt. (It looks like his mom has keys in her hand and that place looks familiar) and there they are on the sidewalk in their face. I'm surprised they are hanging in the Village/Soho/Tribeca area, they are left alone when they are in Brooklyn.

Anonymous said...

the paps always shout rude things at their target. They like to provoke. They get a reaction shot it's worth more $$$. And if a celeb attacks them they can sue for $$$$. Paps are predators.

Anonymous said...

I thought we were talking about GyllenCouture.

Speaking of, the must-have accessory for casual wear would be a toothpick. And formalwear, it would be a discreet piece of gum.

Anonymous said...

What does "Oooo, get her" mean???

Is it like a British saying or something?

Anonymous said...

the paps always shout rude things at their target


"In general, according to the Navarres, fans want to see the stars looking healthy and happy, not besieged or in pain. So the photographers may push and jostle and chase and annoy, but they are generally nasty—and physical—only with each other. On videos, you can hear them coo: "We love you, Britney." "How are the babies, Britney?" "Take care, Britney."


NY Agent said...

OT: Jake, his Mom some old dude they mistaken for Pops and the brunette PA in NY yesterday:

If the PA is with him in NY, this trip is definately more business than pleasure, I hope that means lots of meetings regarding the play and that we will here an OFFICAL announcement soon. Maggie, Peter and Ramona are in Chicago for the Batman filming and I have no idea where Poppa G is, hopefully they are together today, Fathers Day!!

Anonymous said...

Jake is so nice to his staff members :)

Anonymous said...

1:19PM: Yes, especially this one.

He is still dragging that hideous cardigan around looking at these new pics, at least he isn't wearing it. I bet his Mom made him shave!

Shaken, not Stirred said...

Where o where is Gyllenhaal Sr????

Anonymous said...

Isn't SG supposed to be working on a novel??? I'm sure that by monday or Tuesday we will have some piccys with SG and Mummy and JG on Father's Day.

Anonymous said...

I hope so, I think it's funny that the braindead stalkarazzi thinks that guy in the picture with Jake's Mom is Stephen. You would think that with all of the stalking the NY paps have done of Jake and his family, you would think they would know what he looked like!

Anonymous said...

Not all paps know or care about SG. I've seen pictures of well-known celeb couples where they will caption it, "John Travolta and guest." Paps shout whatever will get a reaction. What they say to a Britney is different from what they may say to Jake. Some start out "friendly" and very quickly turn sarcastic and provocative. "How's Reese, Jake?" "Where's Reese Jake?" "Is Reese pregnant, Jake?" "Did you and Reese break up, Jake?" "Where's your boyfriend, Jake?" "Who's your girlfriend Jake?" It is constant and unrelenting. And ballheaded Britney pictured swinging a baseball bat earned a lot more money than Britney parading around the streets with her cousin in a cowboy hat. Provocative is always a $$$maker.

Geez, some "fans".... said...

3:00PM: How do you know what is yelled at Jake, are you a member of the stalkarazzi? It seems you have an agenda and would like the paps to yell those things at him. I think you are on the wrong blog.

BTW: I know a freelance NY based photographer and I can assure you nothing like that is "yelled" at him especially not around his parents I can asure you, maybe the L.A. based scum????

nice anonymous said...

Laughing out loud at Anonymous 8:52 with the GyllenCouture Collection's first season.

Imagining Jake working that runway in the droopy green cargo shorts & a very faded postage stamp t-shirt. (Work it, Jake, work it. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Sorrreeee, geez, some "fans." We'll just have to disagree. And you really might know one "freelance NY based photographer" (is that a paparazzi???) but I have confirmed my information three different ways. First, I have read accounts of paparazzi shouting and also read what the paps themselves have said about trying to provoke a reaction for a "money shot." by shouting nasty things at a celeb. As for Jake, I have also read accounts that describe how insulting and disrespectful the paps have treated him since he did Brokeback. Some still call him "faggot" to his face. Others ask if he performs various sex acts on various friends he might be with. This includes Heath, Lance, Matthew, Peter Sarsgaard, Austin and a long-time childhood friend who is not a public figure. Secondly, I have seen video of paps calling out to Jake, shouting at Jake and cursing at Jake, including the "f-bomb" in front of his parents when they were out with Jamie Leigh Curtis. And third, I have been present when paps were racing thru SoHo after a celeb, not Jake, screaming obscenities. It was scarey. Jake has recently described these people as "vermin." Jake is a pretty equiable guy. He knows a lot of these intrusions come with the territory and he has accepted that with grace and patience. For him to describe these people as vermin, means they must have done something a little more extremem than simply following him to get photos. Anyone who thinks they are quietly and respectfully taking pictures, is very naiave.

Geez, some fans said...

1:06: I saw the video of Jake and Peter around '06 coming from a GG party and heard what they sadi to him, I also heard about the things shouted at him and Heath and that's the reason you don't see them in public.

My photographer friend here in NY knows about his friend the chef and how he was forced to leave his place of employne=ment and they had to move from their place in Manhattan, it disrupted their lives and Jake was/is very upset.

But my photographer friend said thta they never shouted those things at him in NY anyway, just camped out in front of their place, disgusting and a shame because Jake loves NY.

Anonymous said...

That is pretty extreme behavior, Anon. 1:06. I have seen some video examples of a little of it, too. But Anon 9:01, maybe your particular friend hasn't done that stuff, but really. Listen to yourself. Your friend is aware that a private citizen was forced to quit a job because of disruptions, and he was forced to move house because there were disturbances 24/7. People camped outside his home. His home. I also read about how they were camped outside MAggie and Peter's home. And that they set of a fire alarm in the middle of the night, the day after they came home from hospital with their new baby. The paps wanted to see how they'd react to a fire alarm and see if they could "invent" a story. Sorry. I agree with Jaek. They are vermin.

edith said...

"Nouveau Pensioner Chic"


Anonymous said...

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