Sunday, May 07, 2006


Holler! It's that time of the week again when we put our voting hats on to aid Jake in making another major life decision. I'm pretty sure he greatly appreciates our help. Today we look at Jake's charitable side. He supports many a valiant cause (click HERE for more details) but the more famous he gets the more people will expect of him. So, what should Jake lend his support to next?

Need I say anymore? Visit the website HERE.

Apparently it's compulsory to join, I'm alarmed he's not member already. Matt Damon!

Sorry if this offends peeps but I can laugh about it because I'm not American and plus I found this really funny picture of National Rifle Association Bear. What?

Nothing like a bit of topical charity work. I never really liked the Holmes since those rumours of her and Joshua Jackson arose all those years ago but no-one deserves to be holed up with a deranged leather-clad midget and made to raise his satanic spawn. More details HERE.

Now this is one movement where Jake's involvement would make a huge difference and really change the lives of all those affected. More details HERE.



Chantelle said...

Save Katie or Free Boo are very worthy causes, but my vote is for the Pirate one, just cos the cat's so damn cute!

Smurfeyshmoo said...

My vote is the NRA. Because we've seen him with a gun. And it's a good, good thing.

~DKBB~ said...

Free Boo and Save Katie Holmes both have great merit, although the Talk Like a Pirate thing could be quite entertaining...arrggghhh!

mossy said...

LMAO at the Film Actor's Guild - that movie was genius (and I sat in sheer awe watching the making of features; incredible stuff) But, woo! Puppet Jake! With some sort of fireball-launching machine gun! He could scream, "Quit this!" blast the stinkin' joint out and flap those huge puppet eyelids in a self-satisfied manner. That's gotta happen in addition to whatever cause he takes up; that's just a shoo-in.

I say Free Boo or Free Katie. Maybe both, emancipation would just fit with him somehow. And it would start at home with his furry son - perfect.

bookgirltx said...

As much as I love the little Boo,
I'm gonna have to go with the whole pirate thing. I mean, how can Jake possibly go wrong dressed in striped knee britches, a ruffled white shirt, eye patch and colorful do rag for that gorgeous mane of his.

After all, it's not like he's wearing orange spandex and a goofy helmet :D

cina said...

Boo looks rather comfortable on Jake's arm... and Katie Holmes only has herself to blame.... Nah, I vote for Talk Like a Pirate!

miffed67 said...

Talk Like a Pirate gets my vote! Free Boo is a worthy cause, as well, but I have high hopes that he'll find a way to stand on his own four feet one day. Katie can struggle her way out of that hole on her own, far as I'm concerned.

jla said... & Jakey go together like peanut butter & jelly!! They should never be seperated! Boo looks content...Katie on the other hand has a dazed stare that screams for liberation!

gummybug said...

He should get involved with Bad Rap and save some of those poor doggies. :-(

Miss Twist said...

Although I am tempted to say FAG cause I think Team America is soo funny and Matt Damon has been the war cry of my school for many years now I do not believe Jake should be a FAG.
I am for the save boo and The pirate one cause I am friends with a pirate and she says many pirates are under-privilaged, can not speak properly like a pirate and have not got their CPPOP's yet!(Clever Pirate Pieces Of Paper) Help the pirates now!

miffed67 said...

I'm telling you, it's a crying shame! Many Talk Like a Pirate programs are going the way of music and theater and other fine arts programs in schools, for lack of funding. Your attention is needed, folks!

Aye, matey!

wtbgirl said...

Talk Like a Pirate gets my vote - Katie Holmes is getting $19 Million Dollars just for shoving that beach ball under her shirt for a few months. As for Boo, any creature that gets to cuddle up in Jake's manly-biceps all day doesn't need saving.

mossy said...

Not only is the Talk Like A Pirate lobbying around here effectively swaying me, I've just looked down to see I'm writing a cheque for said organisation! Jakey, the people have spoken. Avar! Avast!

elale_ said...

Free Katie Holmes. Please. Please. Please.
I know Boo's issues are also important, but Katie is a priority.