Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Quote of the Week

"And I think it's so important to get an education, so to inform your work, and interpret the text so you can understand the subtext and the underlying meaning of the text...you know...I just believe that it's so important. At the same time focusing on school, not trying to be pulled in by my passion...I mean it's really hard to be sitting here and doing this and be talking about something you love more than anything in your life and also knowing...AND I love school so much...and know that I need that so that hopefully I can...again hopefully...have a good career."

- Jake "subtext is actually the same thing as the underlying meaning of the text" Gyllenhaal

I'd say the underlying meaning of the text in this quote was that Jake was told by the parental units that he had to finish school and he was trying to reconcile that with his genuine passion for acting. Oooh, I should be a psychologist!

Quote from my secret October Sky stash