Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Jake in LA, sometime this week, I guess. Who knows anymore?

More HERE.


cina said...

LOL at the second picture!!

Anonymous said...

He is so adorable I could just....Ohhhhh! I just wanna do stuff to him!!! Not necessarily sex.. I mean, pinch his cheeks or someting...ya know?

Anonymous said...

IHJ has a reported "sighting" of Jake on French TV and press is interviewing him and they're getting silly. Someone shouted to him to sing something like he did on SNL and he said:" I never sing without my dress!" lol!

Anonymous said...

Pinch his cheeks ?!?

Anonymous said...

Showerlady: I cut and pasted the little interview from IHJ. It looks like Robert and Fincher are there, hopefully they will show up tomorrow.

Q: How do you feel playing real people (meaning Robert Graysmith)?
Jake: I’ve played real people before

Q: Did your life changed after BBM, success wise?
Jake: My life changed in a way that I never came to Cannes before and now I’m here

Q: How is your last name pronounced
Jake asked an actress sitting next to him –“Can you pronounce my last name?”

They then asked him to sing a song and showed the dreamgirls song in SNL.
Jake: I never sing without my dress

When they kept insisting and started to shout, he sang “Night Fever”

Anonymous said...

When you say "Robert" are you referring to Graysmith, who I'm sure is a nice man, but not nearly as exciting and fun as Robert Downey Jr. who,is getting ready for his new action hero movie to come out. The Iron Man or something???? Robert Downey, Jr. Action Hero!!! LMAO!!!
So is he in Cannes or is it the cartoonist, Graysmith??? Probably Graysmith...In a way I'll be glad if it is. RD,Jr. and JBG together in the south of France at the festival???
We'd need a zillion agents to secure that locale. At least.

welliwont said...

OMG, Jakey singing Night Fever?!!! Mmmmm, love it! I've been trying to get the full version of this for almost a year now. And check out his dance moves, yum!

Will somebody please put the new version up on Youtube? TIA xoxox

Anonymous said...

shaken,notstirred, how do you know Fincher is there, and Robert (I'm assuming it's Robert Downey, Jr.)? Are there pictures??? I'm dyin' to see some pictures of Jake! It's been a while. (7days!)

Sam said...

How cute is he!!! I wish i was in cannes right now, god thats an amazing place! Thanks for the interview shaken not stirred!

OT- im off to see zodiac in 2 hours! woot!

Anonymous said...

Jake is totally witty! I love him even more.

Finally, Zodiac is coming soon in my Country!

Good luck for him and his movie in Cannes!

Anonymous said...

pics of jake at cannes over on JJ

Anonymous said...

2:47: That was a typo, sorry! I meant that I didn't see Robert or Fincher, and looking at the pictures this morning it looks like they aren't so far. Sigh.

Anonymous said...

Fincher if there, pictures

Anonymous said...

OMG! The pics of Jake on JJ he looks SO hot. I feel like I'm crazy...when I don't see him for a few days I'm bangin' my head on a wall, and when I finally do see him he is so unbearably beautiful and sexy and he looks SO happy it makes my heart ache. Shit. (ahem.)
Sorry for the lapse in decorum.

Anonymous said...

Thanks shaken, not stirred!

"I never sing without my dress"

Pure gold Quote-of-the-Week material!

Sparkly wit is my reason #7458 for liking Jake.

Anonymous said...

I can actually FEEL the ripples of excitement that are sweeping through the South of France! From Cap d'Antibe to Cannes. All along the Cote' d' Azure. "Jake is here!" You can feel the vibe just rippling out. Bet Jake has so many invitations to do so many things (yes, that too!!!!) with so many people, he hardly knows where to begin!! Like Christmas morning. What shall I unwrap first! Oh, to be 26! Jake, baby, just do your best.

heddaparsons said...

What great photos from Cannes and i'm so happy that Fincher is there! The only one missing now is Robert!

Anonymous said...

cooments from Jake regarding Robert at the press conference in Cannes: