Tuesday, February 27, 2007


OK, before we get to what went on during Letterman, let's take a look at what was going on before Letterman:

Ah, yes. Jake arrives in his very best suit-and-scarf ensemble and the crowd goes wild!

Still he walks along (is he looking for someone?) while countless desperate fans throw things at him...but will he stop to sign anything?

Yes. He will. He will also look over his shoulder desperately searching the crowds for Prophecy Girl, but somehow, we just can't get the timing right for those two crazy kids. Did no one tell him she was in Me-he-co?

Off topic: Stephen Colbert most definitely mentioned the "Brokeback Mountain fiasco of last year" at the end of "The Daily Show." Well played, Colbert. At this rate, we'll have you at full agent status in no time.

Where were we? Ah, yes. The actual Letterman interview. 8 minutes in, Dave mentions Jake will be on the show and an unidentified male in the audience bellows out his approval in a show of enthusiasm that puts us all to shame. Stephen is that you?

Then Jake comes out and it all happens very, very fast! The basics:

- Jake switched ties on us.

- Dave immediately brings up Jake's parents. Huh. I was actually just joking about Stephen above, but now that joke is even funnier. Ha ha.

- Jake, unprovoked, brings up dropping out of college. I'd say his attitude towards that is "glib."

- Jake lists off the immunizations he had to get to go to Morocco but as it turns out, most of them he just got for the hell of it. He's psychosomatic like that.

- Jake mentions not wearing clothes and being cold. This ties into the immunization and psychosomatic-ness mentioned above.

- Discussion turns to the fire over Xmas that was actually really scary. Turns out Stephen dashed out of his burning cabin with an empty suitcase. Stephen you're everywhere in this interview! And not terribly helpful during a fire.

- Jake then recounts a very awkward story about his dad not wearing any underwear at the time of the fire. He adds that his mother was also commando, but I can't tell if he's joking. I'm kinda thinking no, in which case wow. Lots of information there.

- Throughout, there's this weird interaction between Jake and Paul Shaffer, who coins the term "Bu" but in reference to "Malibu" and not Jake's long-lost puggle.

- Dave had no idea who Jake plays in Zodiac. He jokingly asks if Jake plays the Zodiac killer but my mom thought that for months and she was dead serious, so it is possible to make that mistake.

- At the end, they play the scene from the movie with Jake in the kitchen with his kids. Aw! And then it's over.

Wow, that was a lot of weirdness in a short amount of time. I'm sure it'll be up on YouTube in no time and this post will revert to being somewhat useless. OK, bedtime!

Thanks to JustJared for the pictures (in case the watermarks didn't give it away).

UPDATE: Thanks to Just Jared for sending us a link to the video! Take a look at the Gyllenbaffle: http://justjared.buzznet.com/2007/02/27/jake-gyllenhaal-david-letterman-video/


The Sarsgaals said...

HAHA Great recap, cept you forgot to mention HOW MANY TIMES JAKE SAID THE WORD "AWKWARD" during the course of the show. I'll take a tally in a few and help ya out.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful recap!!!! I felt like the time flew!!! He looked absolutely adorable!!!!Letterman called him a kid!!! Right.

veeveevee said...

He was looking for you, PG! Apparently he hasn't read Part IV of TDATND yet!

Too cute - and we get a whole week of this! :-)

Anonymous said...

Thanx for the recap.
Looking foward to a whole week of this, but absolutely dreading the months inbetween!

The Sarsgaals said...

Total "Awkward" Count:


All said in about a two minute span of the interview. Hahaha.

Now THAT'S Awkward! =] HAHA Oh, Jakey. This appearance could NOT have been any better.

Anonymous said...

you know that whole thing with paul was just kinda weird even dave looked a bit uncomfortable.
i love jake to death but i think he seemed a little out of it, or was it just me?

Anonymous said...

Just saw it and Jake looked incredible...he gets better looking everytime I see him I swear, and he's oh-so cute and charming. Oh and in reference to the commando thing, I had a similar situation with my Mother recentky and it was extremely akward...

Anonymous said...

Jake didn't seem "out of it" at all. Letterman is quirky. He has an offbeat personality. And depending on his mood, he doesn't always go out of his way to make his guests feel comfortable like Leno does most of the time. I think Jake might have been a little nervous. Maybe kind of 'wired.' but he did just fine. Adorable actually. And he was prepared to go serious when talking about his movie, or go light as he did. And frankly, when you look like Jake, most people aren't going to remember a word you said. They'll remember you were funny and charming and totally gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

I watch Letterman fairly often and tonight, Dave seemed to be bouncing off walls more than usual. "Quirky" does go far enuf! LOL!

Anonymous said...

I do love jake but his Gyllenbaffle infuriates me argh!
'my character writes a book... consequently solved the case even though they never caught the killer'

Anonymous said...

Thanks 'Number Six' for staying up into the wee hours to put this up for us..!

khildeb said...

Number Six, you are coming in to your own quite nicely. Soon we may be able to call you Agent Number Six. Good Work!!!

Anon 6:44 you hit the nail right on the head: frankly, when you look like Jake, most people aren't going to remember a word you said.

As many piccies of Jake as I have burned into my brain this past year, as he was talking on the show it came to me again, this man's outer beauty is perfect. PER-FECT. And his inner beauty is just as perfect. I wish I had the words to do him justice.

KayDee said...

i like the scarf. think it looks very hot. but then, everything looks very hot on him :P

cina said...

And frankly, when you look like Jake, most people aren't going to remember a word you said. They'll remember you were funny and charming and totally gorgeous.

True, true. But I actually enjoyed what he had to say! I think he was really funny and seemed to be in a very good mood. His jokes had me cracking up BIG TIME! He's just so adorable and funny. And cute. ;)

cina said...

Oh, and I love the scene they picked from Zodiac.

"Who's working with you on this?"

"Uhh... some... colleagues..?"


Sam said...

oh ive only watched the first few seconds and the hand running through the hair thing is making me go wild! Lovin it!

Sam said...

ok and only a few more seconds in where there was that awkward bit about where jake grew up and then he makes that funny face and then goes 'phew...' 'im good.. really good' im loving this!

heddaparsons said...

If I wasn't involved at my job with helping to set up the James Cameron/Discovery channel conference on the Tomb of Jesus documentary, I could have probably caught Jake going into the David Lettermam show yesterday. Oh well, looking at the crowds of people there and my low tolerence for that stuff, maybe it wouldn't have been a good idea. I caught the interview and thought he was great! Funny and a bit giddy. The part of the fire story where he said his Dad grabbed an empty suitcase was a hoot! Paul Shaffer is weird. He tapes Conan today and I think that's in the AM, so that's no good for me, meetings. I may be able to catch leaving the MTV studios this afternoon after TRL.

Weirdland said...

The part of the fire story where he said his Dad grabbed an empty suitcase was a hoot!

That was an awkward moment, wasn't it? who should figure that Stephen is almost as dorky as his son?
And good luck with that job, Heddaparsons!

cina said...

If I wasn't involved at my job with helping to set up the James Cameron/Discovery channel conference on the Tomb of Jesus documentary, I could have probably caught Jake going into the David Lettermam show yesterday.

This is so weird! I just read about that in the newspaper. LOL!

Anonymous said...

heddaparsons were you being droll or are you really working on the James Cameron segment!!!! Hope you really do get to see Jake on TRL this afternoon! I didn't know Conan taped in the morning!He should tape later in the day so people can see Jake!!!

heddaparsons said...

Kendra, Cina, Anon: I think I confuseed you guys or I didn't have enough coffee this morning!! I meant that I helped set up the conference that James Cameron and the Discovery channel had at my job on Monday, I had nothing to do with the documentary which will be airung this Sunday. My job frequently "rents" out space for events like these be cause it brings in the $$$$. When I say helped set up, that means I stayed after work(two hours overtime), to help the media folk check in, made sure they had the proper ID, directing people to the bathrooms and cafeteria and other fun stuff, LOL!!! I did catch a glimpse of James up on stage, but that was it. You can imagine the controversy this is causing and there were some security types milling about that looked like Secret service agents. By the time I left work, it was after 6:00 and Jake was already inside taping. I'm not 100% sure about Conan taping in the AM, but a co-worker claims thats when he tapes. TRL is live and starts at 3:330, I may get a glimpse of him when he leaves.

here is a little bit on the event here:


heddaparsons said...

Sorry for the typos. Off for more coffee and my meeting, yesterday was a bit stressful!

salailama said...

watched the segment with a goofy grin on my face-- totally agree, it all happened too fast! anon, when did letterman call him a kid?

both his ties were goofy-cute.

the story about pops was adorable. the commando was TMI but funny. overall, interview went as i expected, a typical letterman interview-- very little info or cohesiveness, jumped all over the place, and was at-times baffling, but also lots of fun. jake seemed to be in a bizarre mood, but i think that suits letterman's quirky nature.

Anonymous said...

Only Jake is worth stayin up for.

He's a real charmer!

I'd watch even if he just sat
and smiled for the whole show!

But hey, that's just me.


Anonymous said...

Letterman referred to Jake as a kid about 6:28 into the interview. He said, "When you were a kid...not that you're not a kid now..." Jake sure did a lot of mugging for the camera!!LOL!!! I liked his expressions when he first walked out and then sat down Wish somebody would cap those! He was delicious thru out the entire segment. I can't believe ten minutes went by so fast. Wish he could have stayed longer!!!! Seems like he was signing autographs after the show (spotted tie), but frmo the pics, he was really exhuberant and in a really warm, fun mood. Sigh. I just love him.

Anonymous said...

I liked his expressions when he first walked out and then sat down Wish somebody would cap those!

Somebody has, 2:51.

The ever-conscientious girls at IHJ.

Jake on Letterman Screencaps

Anonymous said...

Ooopsy, no link with that link.


Anonymous said...

He was beautiful, adorable. He's got so much going on, he's probably a bit wired too. But he was great! :-)

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:51 here. Checked out IHJ screen caps, thanks, Felicia! Looking at Letterman's expressions, clearly, he really likes Jake. And how could he not!!! But the screen caps I was looking for are just from that very brief shot when Jake first walks out and comes over and shakes Dave's hand. When he runs his hand thru his hair. He has this delicious, excited, mischievous look that I totally love!

Anonymous said...

ok, y'all may have missed but WHO was the Friend?!? in the fire story, WHO was this friend???

Cantara said...

As only one of many poor souls who have been called upon in this life to regularly pin his mittens to his jacket, I had a good laugh over that Stephen story.

Jake is so in synch with his father I can't even begin to tell you.

There are a couple of SG pix from the pre-reading reception in Boulder that you're welcome to view and grab (the photog is a friend of mine and just gave them to me) over at:


Explanation of why Stephen is hugging a huge bone: These were taken in the Paleontology Room of the university museum, where the reception was held.

Explanation of the black T-shirt he's wearing: This is a T-shirt promoting nearby Nederland, Colorado's annual winter event, Frozen Dead Guy Days. At first he wasn't going to wear it until he noticed the cryogenically-frozen grandfather in the picture and remarked, "Well, that's okay, I'm a grandfather too," so he wore it through the reading.

A small, dark, pretty woman, living locally, came up to me at the event and shyly revealed that she used to date Stephen at Trinity. It was only sheer luck that she happened to catch the news story about his reading. Seeing Stephen's face light up when he finally recognized his old flame was worth way more than the complimentary copy of Claptrap I gave her.

By the way, she said he was a wild man at college. (Jake, you see, is his father's son.)

My husband and I had arrived early at the reception and it was already in full swing. But - no Stephen. I was afraid that he might've gotten lost (CU Boulder is a big campus) but the hostess assured me, "No, he's here. He's in the next room, talking on the phone with his analyst."

salailama said...

thanks for that anecdote, cantara. i really love how jake has such a great relationship with his family.

guys, new article from chloe sevigny where she talks about workign wiht jake, zodiac: http://www.teentelevision.com

jake-related highlights:

in response to how period clothing helped her get into her role: I felt like they were trying to make me look frumpy to make Jake look less attractive. [Laughs] He has this unattractive girlfriend, therefore you can believe he's less attractive. I don't know. That's my own insecurities. But, I did like that she wasn't glamorous, in any regard.
[smurfette: what, they were trying to make jake unattractive in this movie? no wonder fincher needed so many takes, he was attempting to do the impossible!]

in response to working with jake: We had some rehearsals, where we went through all of our scenes and talked through the scenes and the dialogue, and he was very active in rewriting or adjusting his dialogue. I'm not a writer. I'm happy with the lines you give me, to a certain extent. But, he was very active in that and he would come with ideas for me, for my lines. [Laughs] He was very boyish and very funny. He kept the whole crew in stitches. They were all very charmed by him. He's very creative. He has so much energy. He's always bouncing off the walls. After 80 takes, I think he would get bored a little bit, especially when it was my coverage, so he'd be switching up the lines. His mind is always very active.

on fincher's 80 takes: As tedious as the 80 takes was, I liked it because you just got to try so many more things. You got to just experiment with it. The 80 takes wasn't just because of performance, obviously. [Director David Fincher] is so technical that a lot of it had to do with camera moves and lighting or background. With the children, it was obviously very difficult, so any of the scenes with the kids, there's always lots of [takes].

more on fincher: he watched back every single take. He had two plasma screen monitors and he would watch back every take. And, Jake would watch them too. I'd be in a corner, [covering my face]. I don't like to hear my voice.

i like her :)

Anonymous said...

I'm sure Jake has many traits in common with both his parents!There's no doubt from the warmth in their voices when they talk about each other, this is a very close, loving family. Personally, I thought it was hilarious that, after narrowly averting catastrophe, when asked what they needed, they both thought of underwear.

Anonymous said...

The suit he had on looked like the one he had worn to the Venice Film Festival a while back, similar in style. VERY dapper.
Gawd I hate Letterman, it pained me to put up with his schtick...worth it, though!

Jess said...

the hand running through the hair thing is making me go wild!

OMG YES! I'm right there with you, hon! I almost passed out!

Le sigh. Jake was ADORABLE! And soo funny, he cracked me up!! Aww, you just gotta love him to pieces!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for that news, Cantara! Wild college men, eh? At least Stephen finished college ;).

Anonymous said...

Is anyone watching TRL?

Ally from IHJ is in the studio with her sister.....Go girl!

Anonymous said...

I'm watching MTV!!!!He is totally adorable!!!He's just a badass!!! Devilish, delightful sense of humor. He flirts CONSTANTLY. Always doing something with those eyes. He's got this look. I don't think I could actually handle him standing that close and looking at me. *ded!* Jake is dangerous. I mean. He should definitely come with warning labels. Plastered all over his body. And I ought to be ashamed, bcz I outgrew this show a lonnnnnng time ago...but I'm not.

Anonymous said...

That interview was so funny, they really didn't get to the point for about 3 minutes though, but it was great all the same.

He is just so cute when he feels awkward! Wait scratch that, he's just so cute all the time!

Anonymous said...

I cannot attest to the validity of this info, but someone on IHJ posted that there will be a NYC premiere tonight at the Regal Union Square 14, 7:30 pm, by Invite Only. Talk and Q and A to follow. (The poster found it on IMDb, apparently, but there was no link.)

Anonymous said...

Ally got to TALK to Jake. Okay, I'm jealous despite how awesome she is.

Anonymous said...

You guys. I just visited IHJ and I'm so tickled, I actually had tears. Ally got to actually TALK to Jake for a bit!!! How cool is that! She was at TRL (you could see her there in the studio!) and then she got to talk to Jake for a bit. After all the HARD work she's done to build that amazing site, and all the other stuff she's experienced, I am over the moon happy for her!!!! Yay Ally!!!!!!!!!!!

cina said...

Thanks for telling us Cantara! :)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for your remarks, Cantara!
It's obvious from the way Jake and Maggie turned out that Stephen and Naomi were great parents. And I love the fact that they are a very close family. I think that's probably why Jake and Maggie are as grounded as they are.

And I am so happy Ally got to speak to Jake! She does deserve it. I wish Britpop and PG could meet him now! Hell, I wish I could meet him!

Anonymous said...

Is it me or is it REALLY weird that these discussions are starting up again about Jake's dad?
and I don't mean Jake talking about his dad in his stories - I mean these latest posts.

Agent 6 - whats going on?