Monday, February 26, 2007


As you may be aware the ultimate episode of The Day After Tomorrow Never Dies was posted on Friday and now a slight pong of disappointment is whafting through JW HQ as this freaky fun rollercoaster ride of cinematic glee is over. This aura of chagrin was somewhat heightened by the fact that TDATND was shockingly snubbed last night by the Academy despite Madame Swiss paying off both George Clooney and Dame Judi Dench in turnips. We sent Peter Sarsgaard along and everything.

Anyway, cheer the bejesus up kids because the The Day After Tomorrow Never Dies : Music From The Original Motion Picture aka The Soundtrack is here!!

1. A Tribute To Brokeback Mountain by Glen Campbell
Played over credits. Listen to the words, they say so much.

2. Chillingly Bond-esque Scene-setting Music by Portishead
Played at various points throughout the movie to remind people we're all stealth and mysterious and shit.

3. The Pina Coloda Song by Rupert Holmes
Just be-freaking-cause.

4. The Kitty Song by The Racontuers
Ooo, she's unsure!

5. An Ode to Prophecy Girl by The Beatles

6. The Ed Marrakesh Theme Song
Just in case the volcano lair wasn't enough of a clue.

7. Nobody Does It Better (than Jake Watch) by Carly Simon

8. The Pain of Edward by Johnny Cash
Those high school days were tough, man.

9. britpopbaby's Motivation Ditty by Paul McCartney and Wings

10. The Helicopter and Aviator Lense Song by Kayne West

11. Woah O! There's Trouble At Jake Watch by Razorlight

12. Jake's Most Favouritist Song EVER! by Fiddy Cent
Delightfully sexist!

13. The Name of The Game by Abba
Can be applied to any number of events that have occured in the movie.

14. Not So Gender Neutral Song of Dedication by The Proclaimers

15. Send In The Clowns* by Grace Jones
* not currently featured because iTunes is a bitch.

EDIT: Blogger is being a little whore and won't allow the HTML for the music player so you'll have to visit the official Soundtrack page to hear all of the above HERE instead.


cina said...

Well, of course! It's The Soundtrack of the Year! ;)

And even some Abba. I'll say! LOL

cina said...

And Razorlight's "America"!! I love that song! :)

Sorry, I'll shut up and listen now...

Anonymous said...

Back when I was in College, there was a very catchy little ditty called
"Let's Get Drunk and Go Naked!" that used to liven up the beer hall on Thursdays after class. It really was quite popular!
If you can find some one really GOOD to cover it (Maroon 5? JT?) maybe it would work well in the soundtrack to the sequel...assuming there is appropriate footage of Jake.

Anonymous said...

Oh Jake you are a dream! Look at this t-shirt I found based on your oscar-worthy performance!

Anonymous said...

Totally OT, but my heart is in NYC at the moment at the Ed Sullivan Theatre where Letterman does his show: If Dave had any imagination, he'd set up a skit with his buddy Rupert, proprietor of the Hello Deli, and have Rupert say he decided to hire some new help bcz with Spring coming he expected business to really pick up...and the Jake could be his new trainee doing all kinds of crazy, lame shit in the seedy crowded space that passes for a deli. They could even use the fact that this guy says he's an actor and he's doing this until he gets his big break! Well? I think it would be nice. (Alma voice.)

Anonymous said...

Jake outside the Ed Sullivan Theatre this afternoon in NYC

Anonymous said...

O.M.G. That is all. He looks absolutely delicious. Totally. A suit & tie, the scarf slung rakishly about the neck. That greyish/blueish color. And I LOVE the shirt. Impeccable. Flawless. Beautiful....sigh. And it looks like a WHOLE LOTTA PEOPLE were there waiting. Hope someone we know was there for an on scene report. Do we have any agents in place???? Altho, this crush looks like it was probably worse than the one PG experienced.

Anonymous said...

yeah, its up on JJ as well

Anonymous said...

Just checked out JJ and he has some great pics of Jake with good information. No snarky comments or nastiness. I think JJ is not such a bad sort...for a gossip thingy.