Monday, February 12, 2007


Our very own Cindy did Jake Watch proud last night. So successful was she acting in her undercover role as "Fan on the Red Carpet at the BAFTA's," she was written up by the BBC (no, really, she was). Brilliant maneuvering, Cindy. And what the hell, BBC? You act as if it's unusual for people to be willing to impale themselves for The Gyllenhaal. Um, clearly you do not realize the dedication required by the agents of this fine institution. What kind of news agency are you running there, anyway? Oooh, look! And exclusive picture!
(More in the Jake Watch Forum.) Cindy also asked that Jake verify his identity for her, which he did with this stellar signature, definitely a Gyllenhaal original.
Gold star, dear Cindy. Gold effing star.

Pictures belong to Cindy. Please do not reproduce without her permission or we'll have to take some sort of drastic measures. For more red carpet hotness, check out IHJ. Also, big thanks to veeveevee for YouTubing the BAFTAs for us (links in the Forum).