Sunday, October 29, 2006


Well before I go off and eat my lentil and bean soup I thought I better give you something to do.

Over here in britpopbaby world I'm still celebrating the fact that Jake Watch made it to six months. It's the longest relationship I've ever had. So I'm going to ask us all to look back into the past and made a very important decision...

I need your top five most favourite Jake Watch posts, like EVER! Stat!

If you need any help the archives are to your right and down and the emergency exits are here, here and here.


Anonymous said...

1. sunday projects - love to vote
2. all of anneka's reviews
3. about the bloggers
4. quote of the week, esp. about the metaphor - love clueless jake
5. gilded moose interview

not sure if i haven't forgotten about smth really hilarious

i just have to add :
6. the voting about how important papaG is in our lives, because i voted '0' and i just love to be right and say "told you"

i also loved parts of some other posts: the seal of approval, the comedy animal, mad dog and the seagull that stalked jake

Anonymous said...

1. Interview with Jake
2. Blatant Stalking - the golden fiend
3. Peter Sarsgaard not at all impressed by Boo
4. All About The Gyllenhaal
5. The flirting masterclass by Jake.

That was hard!!

JadziaDragonRider said...

This is too hard. Too man great posts! Wait... are you basically tricking us into fawning all over you and celebrating your greatness for our Sunday Project?

Fair enough. Let the search commence!

Anonymous said...

hey you guys! can't you like give links to these greatest posts?? :)

m said...

the biography

coffee cup multitasking

agent activity...

cina said...

1. The secret life of Jake and Maggie (the Tamagotchi thing, in June)
2. Blatant Stalking #5 - Miss Green M&M
3. For your eyes only - Agents in action
4. Flirting Master Class by Jake
5. The Sunday Project

DAMN! This was HARD!!

Anonymous said...

1) THE GREEN M&M stalker !!!
2) Seal of Approval :)
3) Jake in the striped beach towel
4) Any pic of Jake with his shirt off.

5) The conversaion with Maggie where Jake is saying that Peter killed his "virtual" pet. ;)

Nothing Really Matters said...

This weeks top five:

Boo is so cute!

I love that bitch!

Anneka, girl you crack me up!


5. Paparazzi Bingo
Did any one call Bingo?

JadziaDragonRider said...

5. Boo Watch: Peter Not At All Impressed With Boo

4. I think it's time we all tried to be better people

3. Welcome Fellow Stalkers

2. Back Away From My Man: Hustle & Flow Addition (I still laugh at the metal handbags to concuss him line.)

1. "Happy Birthday SquallCloud" Do I really have to qualify why Brit's sexy azz b-day card to me is first on my list?

I would be remiss if I didn't mention (in no particular order):

~ Anneka's MTV Movie Awards Review

~ Blatant Stalking 8: The Baby Doll

~ I Turn My Back for one Freakin Second (Featuring Fluffy:Destroyer of Worlds)

~ JakeWatch, How Why What the hell?

~ Moments of Reflection: Austin Nichols

~ You're Dad's Cute but Would It Kill You To Hang Out With Your Godfather?: Open Letter to Matilda

~ It Keeps On Getting Better: Le Sexxx reduces Brit (and me) to drooling Homer

~ Damn you Mercedes. Damn you!

~ Jake Shaves His Head! (The Ode to Multi-tasking)

~ Le Sexxx Spotted: Peter looks too sexy for me to think

~ I Can't Keep Up With the Cuteness (The Gyllenherd with Special Guest Star Jamie Lee Curtis (Looking uber hot) PG

~ Er Jake Watch We Have A Problem: Austin dwarfs Jake and Brit's sollution is for Austin to get on his knees in Jake's presence ... yeah classic.

~ Lots of Pics of Jake Showing off His Tight Little Body (PG)

~ Paparazzi Bingo

~ Oogle with Google

~ Virtual Jake

~ Jake's tips on flirting

~ No. No. No. No. No. Just No. (Jake photoshopped with Jessica Simpson)

~ Taking other people's news and making it all about The Gyllenhaal: Gorge Clooney takes on Gawker Stalker

~ The Ignorathon

~ There was a thwarted stalking mission which involved Lt. Dan and somebody getting so excited they drove a Recon truck past Jake in the wrong direction. Can't find it but that was awesome.

Anonymous said...

i forgot to mention the awkward post where that other guy turned out to be taller than jake with britney in purple outfit
and the one about the cream cardigan: "i'll pretend it never happened"
and "talk like a pirate day"

ok i'll stop now before i list all the posts you've ever written ;)

britpopbaby said...

The idea is to create a section in the sidebar that can list the top 5 posts that most represent what JW is about. That way, when any new people come by and perhaps we're not on top form, they can see this in the sidebar and laugh themselves into an early grave.

Anonymous said...

- TDAT review/all Anneka reviews
- Agents in Action II
- Jake Secrets
- Sunday Projects
- Whose idea was this then?
- Blatant stalking

Oh...and everything else! Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

- TDAT review/all Anneka reviews
- Agents in Action II
- Jake Secrets
- Sunday Projects
- Whose idea was this then?
- Blatant stalking

Oh...and everything else! Keep up the good work!

cina said...

Or when TBL had the Jake tattoo dream?...

Oh dear, I almost gave her a heart attack with my comments I remember! Poor lady! LOL

Weirdland said...

5. Get it while you can folks
4. Let's Restore some karma
3. In true pro Karaoke singer style, the G goes for the power fist of glory
2. This is te most fun I've had since baggage claim (P Bingo)
1. An Evening with the Gilded Moose

Anonymous said...

1) The mother of all exclusive Jake interview
2) Jake's flirting masterclass
3) The Tamagotchi thingy
4) Boo watch
5) Pap bingo

only1annabel said...

1.Sock Watch
2.Boo Watch
3.The Sunday Projects,
4. Choosing a name for the Gyllenbaby
5.Anneka's review of TDAT!

Obviously love it all tho!

Anonymous said...

1. Jake Interview
2. Papparazzi Bingo
3. Duet with the Gilded Moose
4. Sock Watch
5. Jake Secrets

Runners-up: Yes, to Jake in the striped beach towel; Jake sticking his hand inside his shirt & making it talk; Jake giving a flirting lesson.

Anonymous said...

Newport Girl!!!
Please elaborate. ;)

Anonymous said...

...fanning myself...

Newport Girl, Thank you for the elaboration. ;)

JadziaDragonRider said...

Oh I missed your explanation of what this is for. Okay take my Birthday card off the top slot, move everyting else up and add "I Turn My Back For One Second" or if there is too much baggage and/or backstory with that post put the thwarted agent mission in there. But I suppose you should put the successful mission from a few weeks(?) ago in there too so we dont' look totally inept. ;o)

Anonymous said...

1. Exclusive Interview with Jake
2. The flirting masterclass by Jake.
3. All of Anneka´s reviews
4. The secret life of Jake and Maggie.
5. The sunday projects

Anonymous said...

1. Boo Watch: The Case of the Missing Puggle. "It's been a long time, Boo, shouldn't have left us without a dope beat to step to" is just hilarious, and "Jealousy, thy name is Atticus!" also made my day.

2. The post that featured the Photogate pic

3. Frequently Asked Questions

4. The Great Big Gay Debate: Motion Against

5. Jake Held Accountable For Fickle Trend

mrs_dalloway said...

Ok,my eyes hurt because of the work for this top five,but it was damn worth it,cause I laughed again at every single post!

The first one was easy,the next ones are in no particular order:

1.Whose idea was this,then? Saturday,April 08
(it happens,if I'm in a bus or smth and I remember that post,I burst out laughing..the picture and the comment..LMAO!)

2.So close yet,ooo,so far!
Saturday, September 23

3.For your eyes only: Agents in action
Tuesday, August 08

4.Blatant Stalking - the amateurs strike again (don't remember the date,it's that chubby fellow with the Jake Gyllenhaal sign)

5.The awesomeness of Anneka
Thursday, June 15
(the MTV movie awards review..hilarious!)

And I just need to add more..Celebrities we're not concerned with getting too close to the one we are concerned with (June 04 I think), Your Dad's cute but would it kill you to hang out with your godfather? (the title is just right!), Anneka's questions for the Pap's Q&A, which didn't make the final cut, Jake Gyllenhaal:death defying stunts (August,02) and Sock Watch with those black ugly socks and slippers!or so I remember..

Dumbo said...

I agree way too hard, but here are five that I really like.



3)SUNDAY, MAY 21, 2006

4)FRIDAY, MAY 12, 2006

5)FRIDAY, JULY 28, 2006

Anneka's Alias said...

I'm not sure I'm allowed to answer this, but I have anyway. I seem to have picked several random ones that haven't shown up in anyone elses top fives. That's cos I'm subversive. Or I have shit taste...

1. Star Trekking Across the Universe (July 1st)

2. For Your Eyes Only: Agents In Action (August 8th)

3. In True Pro Karaoke Singer Style, The Gyllenhaal Goes for the Power Fist of Glory (June 17th)

4. Jake Called to Give Mel Gibson The Ass Whooping of His life (August 1st)

5. First Official Jake Watch Stalking Mission: Failed (June 1st)

Honorary Mentions go to Sunday Projects July 22nd, Sept 10th, Sept 24th and Sunday Project: Sixth Month Summary (Oct 15th) and the Rubric Rodeos...whatever happened to them?

Anonymous said...

Little time to post (at work very busy) but top 5 should include girl who's t-shirt jake is signing / tugging. And the post about Jake looking too short.

cina said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
cina said...

Oh that's our very own Prophecy Girl! :-)

Becky Heineke said...

Guilty as charged! Honestly, it's amazing I haven't gotten hit with a restraining order yet. :)

Anonymous said...

reese and ryan....its ovah! damn! I liked them.

cina said...

^^ Didn't see that coming. Oh well.

mrs_dalloway said...

That was my favourite couple ever in Hollywood! Could you post a link to the news or smth? I can't find anything..My idealism gets hit again.

Anonymous said...

It's just not Ryan Philippe's week. What with this & also with "Flags of Our Fathers" underperforming at the box office, and Adam Beach getting more critical recognition for his performance.

I enjoyed "The Departed" & kept wondering if Jake would ever be in that kind of movie. Or if Jake could be cast in someting like "Flags of Our Fathers."

And I keep wondering if "Zodiac" might get lucky as other "sure things" tank.

Anneka's Alias said...

The Departed was sooooo good. Everyone should see it, even though Jake is not in it.

And have I got the wrong end of the stick or are the Phillipe-Wither-monts no more? This is tragic!

Anonymous said...

I feel really bad! I hope this doesn't affect Reese's commitment to doing Rendition.
This was announced as a separation, but then they talked about Reese using the same lawyer as Jennifer Anniston used with BP. I think TMZ broke the story. Very sad. They were so committed to taking turns so they could be good parents and not both working all the time. I think Jake is friendly with Ryan. Gossips say Ryan has been misbehaving in Texas! What is it about Texas? I wnder if Ryan knows Lance...or Matthew? If they took him out nightclubbing I'll go down there and string them up like a couple of horse thieves! Oy!

cina said...

I wonder if it's another case of "great career for wife, not so great career for husband" -divorce... Like Hilary Swank/Chad Lowe etc etc....
It sure is sad. I really liked them as a couple.
And what the heck has Ryan been doing in Texas??

Anonymous said...

Shooting a movie.

Anonymous said...

And have I got the wrong end of the stick or are the Phillipe-Wither-monts no more? This is tragic!

9:24 PM

What's tragic about it?People being murdered,incurable illness,world stavation.That's TRAGIC!
It's a couple you don't even know splitting up! Get a life.

Anonymous said...

^ unfortunately it's the same life you share in, as you are here commenting along with them are you not?

Shhh! your secret safe with me ;)

Anonymous said...

2.Blatant stalking
3.What? (immature moi?)
4.Boo Watch
5.Whose idea was this then?


Maybe the Features post is a good idea for newcomers?

Anonymous said...

Gyllenspoon? Witherhaal?

Coming soon to a trashy tabloid near you!

Anonymous said...

Laughing hysterically at both ANON 11:11 & ANON 11:34.....wondering if they are the same person. ;) lol

JadziaDragonRider said...

I'm partial to Gyllenspoon. Rolls right off the toungue! Poor Ryan. I never too to him but poor him all the same.

Anonymous said...

unfortunately it's the same life you share in, as you are here commenting along with them are you not?

Shhh! your secret safe with me ;)

11:11 PM


Anonymous said...

Yeah,all fucking cunts the lot of you

Anonymous said...

Ahh we learn a new word today! c** this the new "life" I'm to pursue sweetie?

Anonymous said...

^ "thanks for my Hot Spicy Studly Spud Gyllensoup but where's the Gyllenspoon?"....

OMG Love it! Laughing so hard, can barely type. ;)

Weirdland said...

Gyllenspoon, haha!
you can read my recent post: Reese from Splitsville.

Anonymous said...

OT:(sigh) Eight days and no Jake sightings. I'm happy for him bcz he must be enjoying the fact he isn't being harassed by paps. But I miss him. Not gonna lie.

Anonymous said...

1.Agents in Action II(whenever I see one of those road sweeper things now I can't help giggling like an idiot)
2.Mother Of All Exclusives
3.Anneka's TDAT review (actually made me watch the dvd again, something I swore I'd never do)
4.The Daily JakeWatch front cover
5.The one with Jake in an England shirt

Anonymous said...

I'm curious to read "Picture-Gate"
I wasn't around yet when that one was posted. Can someone give me a date so I can go back and read it. ;)

Anonymous said...

c-word troll is famous for having no sense of humour whatsoever.

salailama said...

ok, i’m sure i’d come up with better ones if i did a more thorough search, but off the top of my head:

sock watch, my original love, and it successor (I think sock watch is over?) paparazzi bingo—turns the paparazzi game on its head, genius!

mother of all exclusives—using jake quotes, which reminds us of why we’re all here and why we love the sex!

anneka’s reviews: OS is unfinished, but so far, the MTV awards and TDAT has been tops

sunday projects—representative work there, especially the anniversary one

sooo sad about R&R—they were the only normal couple left in hollywood! so yeah, i have a life, and they’re strangers to me, but i like movies and i like these people as actors, and on some level, it made me happy to think that this adorable couple and family would last. so sue me for caring a bit. just don't insult the handful of us here just cuz we commented on it, and appeared a little more serious than we are. call me hypocritical, but it’s not all that different from “stalking” jake, is it? and hey, let’s face it, we’re all here, aren’t we?

anyway, i agree with wtbgirl, jake may be in an interesting position with the new movie. seems like he was friendly with both reese and ryan. but i'm sure the sex will be the consummate professional :)

Anonymous said...

I'm wondering if there will be any romance in Rendition? Bcz the description indicates she is married to this guy who gets tortured and...she is pregnant.
The thought of Jake in a movie with no love interest depresses me...unless he takes LOTS of showers to "cleanse" himself of his guilt.

Anonymous said...

Let's see. Purely speculating. How could we manage this? Jake could feel guilty about torturing Reese's husband, which would cause him to be really apologetic to her. He could grow into a deep admiration for Reese's character, which, over time, eventually blossoms into an unrequited love. She'd be like a Madonna figure, the moral center of the film. The pregnancy, of course, makes her saintly & a symbol of hope for the future & of racial amity, since her child's going to be multicultural. (And when I say a Madonna figure, I don't mean the female pop icon who's affecting a British accent.) Jake would save Reese's husband, out of love for her & from a reawakened conscience, and then he'd watch those two fly off together at the end. (Hey, it worked for Bogart, right?)

Or else her husband could conveniently die as a result of the torture, which would certainly clear the way. And Jake could be saintly about raising the dead man's child as if it were his own.

Jake does specialize in a sort of melancholy, suffering, love-you-from-afar look, doesn't he? The role could require lots of face-acting. Introspective moments as he struggles with what he believes. Close-ups of heated, longing gazes after Reese. Also he'll probably do that thing where he knits his eyebrows together & looks deeply morally conflicted.

My great hope is that, since it's taking place in a warm climate, he'll be sweaty. The shirt will be open or completely off. The chest will be gleaming, looking like it's oiled. He'll be wiping his brow, sweeping his hair back off his forehead (in that gesture in the Vanity Fair video). Maybe the airconditioning will fail in his hotel room & he'll walk around naked for a frame or two, rolling a cold beer bottle across his forehead.

Anonymous said...

nice anonymous, I think we should produce this film!!!

Anonymous said...

Christ, I only landed here by accident and am splitting right now.

Ugh. I hate the world of fangirldom.