Wednesday, September 20, 2006


Sloooooooooooooooooooooooooowwwww news day.


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Nothing Really Matters said...

I'm sorry i'll give it to you straight! How migin does it look! I'm feeling evil today!

Mys T's said...

No, he just got his ears lowered!

Or perhaps it's growing to compensate for the fact that it's receding at the front.

Anonymous said...

Definate whiff of mullet going on there - bite the bullet and just shave it off Heath and give into nature - hairplugs are a good look on NOBODY! And no getting jealous of Jake's bountiful, glossy tresses

salailama said...

hey, I’m with joyce—we like heath, be nice!

that said, that is definitely a mullet. and whereas my love for jake is blind such that I tend to think he looks good no matter what, i haven’t really been feeling heath’s looks lately. i’m thinking of the yeti beard/homeless man look, and now this mullet. so is this recent? i didn’t realize he went back to blond. well, i do have nice things to say about this pic then—ignoring the bad length/general scraggliness, i think the blond color suits his palette better than the dark.

Anneka's Alias said...

I and my associate agree with the above comments - he seems to be receding. Sorry Heath.

cina said...

Please forgive this poor Swedish agent... but what's a mullet...? *blushes*

I got my T-shirt today! It's fabulous! :-D

Becky Heineke said...

^^^ I must concur, Cina. I have seen the evidence on MySpace! :D

A mullet is a terrible and ill-advised haircut that was inexplicably popular in the '80's and early '90's where the hair is cut short in front and long in back (or "business up front, party in the back" if you prefer). Think Billy Ray Cyrus circa "Achy Breaky Heart." Or McGyver. You don't see them much anymore except during music festivals in the American South and apparently also on Heath Ledger (and I say this with only the greatest of admiration for Heath because I really was in love with him for many, many years).

Becky Heineke said...

Ah, Simon, you beat me to it! ;)

Becky Heineke said...
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Anonymous said...

I got my two shirts too and, what can I say, they're Gorgeous!

britpopbaby said...

Cina! The T-shirt looks amazing - you're so cute. You remind me of someone but I can't remember who right now...

cina said...

LOL Thanks! I'm very pleased with the t-shirt, it fits perfectly! :-)
And Brits, if you do remember who I remind you of, please tell! That could be interesting... ;-)

And now I know EXACTLY what a mullet is. It's the horrible hair style we in Sweden like to call "hockey-frilla"... Oh God. Belive it or not, but I had one of those for A SHORT PERIOD OF TIME when I was... 12...13? That's WAY BACK, people. Way back in the mid 80's. So I'm excused. And old. :-(

Anonymous said...

Speaking as an "older woman" here.I've always thought a man improves with age and when they age they often, but not always, lose some or most of their hair.
I find men with thinning hair to be very attractive. You know they are over that "boy" stage. They are better lovers, because they know more now.

So, Heath, Just trim it up a bit. You'll even look hotter with a little age on you. It's all about confidence any way.

Anonymous said...

Re Heath receding hairline, here's one completely unreliable method of stopping hair loss - eat lots of tofu and soya sauce. Soya bean product like tofu has lots of phytoestrogens which can counter the effect of excessive male hormone that cause hairloss. Tofu is also good for countering unpleasant symptoms of menopause. It could be the reason why you don't see many Chinese or Japanese with baldy heads.

salailama said...

It could be the reason why you don't see many Chinese or Japanese with baldy heads.

i'll have to respectfully disagree with that-- i've seen a lot of bald middle age east asians, for example, in asia.

regarding heath's hairline, i agree with mpom that i could see how it could work for him, the whole older look. he just needs a major trim.

DKBB said...

Perhaps he's growing it out for his "I'm Not There" role, which is filming in Montreal now....just a guess.....

Anonymous said...

Heath baby, no problems with losing hair and getting bald headed - I can even live with a "mullet" (remembers me of the 80`s) - but please never again chive-like, greasy hair during a photoshooting....!

salailama said...


Academy Award nominee Jake Gyllenhaal is among 40 celebrities who have signed wooden “dog bones” for a charity auction benefiting the Mississippi Animal Rescue League…. Gyllenhaal has often been photographed walking his dogs, Atticus, a German Shepherd, and Boo Radley, a puggle. The actor’s autograph was accompanied by his dogs’ paw prints, Nutt said.

Becky Heineke said...

^^^ Argh! Would it have killed him to actually come to Mississippi for this?! Mississippi is a state I can easily get to. ;)

cina said...

^^Awww that's so cute, Atticus' and Boo's paw prints along side Jake's autograph! *squeee* LOL!
Thanks for posting smurfette. :-)

Anonymous said...

EwWwWwWwWw!!!! EW!! EWW!!!! god, Heath, not a mullet! He's moved over to the dark side!!! Just stay away from Jake....we don't want him near any bad influences!

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Heath and Jake, both are being inducted into the Academy membership tonight. There is a ceremony in Beverly Hills. Don't know if either will show up but be on the lookout for pics!!

Weirdland said...

Other celebrities who signed bones include Donald Trump, Oprah Winfrey, Matthew McConaughey, James Caan, John Travolta, Leann Rimes, Betty White, Dr. Phil McGraw, “Will and Grace” star Eric McCormack and “Dog Whisperer” Cesar Milan.

Good research, smurfette. This is a bit jumbled group of celebs, but when Lance is not near Jake in the news, it's Matt!

anon 11:26 PM: Great news!!

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Heath and Jake, both are being inducted into the Academy tonight in Beverly Hills. Don't know if either will be there, but be on the lookout for pics!!

Anonymous said...

Sorry for the double post, Blogger is being annoying tonight.

11:26 PM/11:34 PM

Anonymous said...

Yeah Heath with a mullet, no sigh! But it remind me of the old good '80s when I am afraid I was infatuated with a pop start with the craziest mullet of them all! But I was a teen then so hope I am excused...

Anonymous said...

Jake signed a wooden doggy bone for charity -

Anonymous said...

"Academy Award nominee Jake Gyllenhaal is among 40 celebrities who have signed wooden “dog bones” for a charity auction benefiting the Mississippi Animal Rescue League."

This is why I love Jake as an actor - he's beautiful inside and out. And so is Heath!

Anonymous said...


Here's a link to the picture of Jakey,Atticus&Boo's wooden bone
for charity!!


Anonymous said...

Oh, the voice of Heath Ledger is just to die for. No matter what he does to his hair.

Anonymous said...


Here's a link to the picture of Jakey,Atticus&Boo's wooden bone
for charity!!


3:31 AM

Awww, that is so adorable!! Gotta love that! :D

JadziaDragonRider said...

Why is Heath aging so rapidly? He's still super talented but yeah, he looks good with a shaved head. He should go back to that.

cina said...


Here's a link to the picture of Jakey,Atticus&Boo's wooden bone
for charity!!


Good Lord how cute is that?! I'm almost speechless. I WANT IT BAD!!

Anonymous said...

Heath is cool, mullet or not.

The wooden bone thing is too cute.

Just picture that: Jake trying to make Atticus and Boo keep still to print the dogs´ paw. I´m pretty sure he made a mess. :)

Anonymous said...

Okay, that bone is officially the cutest thing ever. And Atticus and Boo are so clever being able to write their names underneath their paw prints ;)

cina said...

Just picture that: Jake trying to make Atticus and Boo keep still to print the dogs´ paw. I´m pretty sure he made a mess. :)

Now that image is the cutest ever. :-)

Jess said...

Aww, I do love Heath regardless, but yes, the mullet has got to go!

And I agree, the shirt looks fab on you cina!! I'm so happy for mine too! :D

Anonymous said...

Candy is comming to theaters in Germany today and I´m planning to see it. Has anyone seen it yet?

salailama said...

i love that out of the whole article, jake's wooden bone was the only picture provided. the paw prints are adorable! i agree with cina, alexa's image totally did it for me. atticus and boo really are like jake's kids, and he is the sexiest father. sigh

salailama said...

it's out in germany? wow. it's not set for limited release until november in the u.s.

Anonymous said...

I have seen 4 of Heath's movies.
Brokeback Mountain, The Patriot, Monsters Ball and Casanova. I loved Heath in all four movies, really loved these first three but I was dissapointed in Casanova over all. I want to see more of his work.
Can anyone recommend another of his movies to me?
I have been looking over some of his photos and he never had a low hairline to begin with. He has great expressive dark eyes and a boyish smile, wonderful commanding voice. Hair or no all he needs are some great scripts that showcase his obvious talent.

Anonymous said...

Mpom, Heath has a small but central role in Lords of Dogtown, which I enjoyed. Other than that, his choice of movies up until recently has left a lot to be desired. After the success of Brokeback I'm sure the quality of the projects he is offered has sky-rocketed though. I'm looking forward to seeing Candy whenever it makes it to cinemas here.

mrs_dalloway said...

Oh, the voice of Heath Ledger is just to die for. No matter what he does to his hair.

I agree completely!
I think Heath has a particular beauty..don't know exactly where it cames from,but he has that something that keeps him attractive even if his hair is weird or he has a yetti beard.

Anonymous said...

mpom .... A Knights Tale is a funny and very enjoyable film where Heath not only looks good enough to eat, but shows a great comic touch! He gets to dance in it as well! When it was re-released on DVD not long ago (on the back of his BBM fame!) one reviewer said it didn't get the praise it deserved when it first came out, and he's right. I only saw it for the first time a few months ago cos I'd never heard of Heath before BBM so I wanted to see his films, and I've watched it half a dozen times since then. I didn't think I'd enjoy it that much and I was wrong! :-)

Anonymous said...

You should look at the latest pics of Heath on the Dave Cullen site, on Planet Heath. His hair doesn't look like it does on the picture you put up, it looks much better!

JadziaDragonRider said...

Oh you are so right anon 8:43. AKT is soooo underrated! It's funny. It's heartwarming "Did he change his stars?" *weep* There is great music and costumes and the cast is SUPER! Heath does an excellent job throughout. That was arouedn the time he went through his "I don't wanna be a blond bimbo" angst and was all sad becaue they were turning him into a product and he just wanted to be an actor.

Anonymous said...


Papa has been a-bloggin' at the again!!!

Title: The Day After 9/11
Date: 9/12/06

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Anonymous said...

hey, I adore Heath Ledger!

Anonymous said...

Either way, Heath is gorgeous. I prefer him to Jakey, dare I say it; he is so masculine. He looks best with a shaved head..

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