Wednesday, August 02, 2006


I know you often marvel at my creative offerings and I think we can all agree...I've truly outdone myself with this one. There are prehaps no words to convey the brilliance...

I'm just going to leave this up here for a while so you can truly appreciate it before I explain the premise behind this Mona Lisa of the 21st century.

UPDATE: Now you've all had time to absorb the greatness that is akin to looking up at the Sistine Chapel ceiling, I'll tell you what it's all about. I was going to leave it longer but you kinda figured it out already, (I really hoped you'd be struck so dumb you wouldn't be able to muster coherent thoughts). Forget Sudoko, Paparazzi Bingo (copyright Jake Watch 2006. All Rights Reserved. Not endorsed by Jake Gyllenhaal or probably the paparazzi), is the hottest game around. How long will it take us to blot out the boxes from all forthcoming paparazzi pics of The Gyllenhaal?



DKBB said...

Brilliant, britpop, just brilliant! I can just envision us all sitting about in our caftans, with our bingo markers, drinking and/or smoking (well, in my case it would be the LAND that's smoking, but you get the picture), and playing 20 cards at a time. BINGO!

JoyceDavenport said...

OK- so we check out all the pics posted on the blog and identify which of the squares in the bingo puzzle it fits- ie Jake carrying cofee, water, newspaper, dog, random female- then we post the dates and squares and the first one to get a line across, down or diagonal is the winner?

By the way Hi dkbb- how are you and your town doing?

Anonymous said...

LOVES it! i think i can fill up the entire card already with pre-existing pap pics... with the exception of frank... hmmm, what to do?

wtbgirl said...

LMAO - I think my fav is the Swayze Random Celeb! Classic!

Becky Heineke said...

I actually think I have Frank covered (hee hee). Dude, I said it before and I'll say it again, you're sort of on fire right now. That's right. Go ahead. Make sure everyone forgets how awesome I was while you were gone. I don't even care. :D

Anonymous said...


To be fair to all I think we need to start this friendly game with ALL NEW pap pics. Of course, only 'legal' places to go get these pics would be allowed, of course. Don't want to fuel the pap industry, no way.

This game can see what kind of agents we really have with us here, LOL! :)

Anonymous said...

I love it! This IS truly brilliant. You rock, britpop. Everybody who checks out jake sites regularly will heart this!

Anonymous said...

Too funny, BPB!

Unauthorized female! LOL!

Anonymous said...

another stroke of genius from the house of jake watch. Agree with wtbgirl - that random celeb one is so funny!

Anonymous said...

Is poor Atticus being snubbed?

Anna said...

This seems like a lot of fun (and completely doable for me, considering how much time I've spent in the iheartjake galleries :-)). How do we play?

britpopbaby said...

Yeah. I felt bad but other snubbings include:

The Fendi sunglasses
Natalie Portman
Occassional mate Chris
Lance Armstrong
The skateboard

Maybe when we've completed this one we can make a new one and play again.

Oh, and everyone has to shout HOUSE out loud when it is finished - I don't care if you're at work.

britpopbaby said...


More of a group project - only pap pics from now on (Aug 2)apply. So everytime a new pap pic of Jake comes through we see if it has any of the subjects included.

When we get a line we'll celebrate with tequila and when we get House we'll celebrate with tequila and Jake. Body shots anyone?

Becky Heineke said...

I'm in. I mean, for the tequila part. "Occassional mate Chris." Ha ha ha ha. Aw, man you crack me up!

Smurfeyshmoo said...
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Smurfeyshmoo said...

I am IN LOVE with the hobo's sign! LMAO I want to write that on a sign and stand on a corner!

Anna said...

Thanks for the clarification, bpb!

If we're working together this should be so much easier. :D (Jake Watchers all of the world going *nuts* over a new pic of Jake eating a sallad...)

msdonniedarko said...

i love bingo bpb your awsome

Anonymous said...

enjoy :)

while some are out enjoying this lovely Wednesday evening in london, i'm at home googeling Jake... sad? no way. obsessed? probably. in love? oh yeah!!!


mental? only a little!!!!


Anonymous said...

the one with ellen is just tooooo cute!!!

Anonymous said...

OMG what happened I'm not at my normal computer. So i can't remember my passed word, every time i put something in its wrong so you cant see my Pussy.

I'm away in the far away land, well Cambridge and can't only remember my Myspace password.


perfectscore_goldstar said...

OMG ! I am so glad Miffed told me about this site ! Hilarious ! And I thought you were just all about the myspace page ... this is AWESOME ! :) I needed a laugh today after a crappy day at work, and you certainly came thru ! Thank you so much ! I SHALL BE BACK!

Elena said...

Funny game you've created, Bpb, I'm impatient for the next Bingo!

Agnes said...
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Agnes said...

This sounds fun. I like Bingo!

Bobbie said...

Jake bingo! Hell yeah! This is the greatest thing I've seen in long time.

Anonymous said...

I believe this is one of my favorite entries ever. Bravo, Brit.

Simon Agent 002 said...

^^Nothing really matters,
I should think, you should be able to see your "Pussy" blindfolded , hanging upside down by your feet, with a finger in each ear.
Good god dear what ever is wrong with you?

JadziaDragonRider said...

I love the hobo and The Swayze. He is random as hell isnt' he?

Anonymous said...

Ok I am dumb and/or really confused.
Please explain the game to me.

Anonymous said...

I love the hobo and The Swayze. He is random as hell isnt' he?

I love the way we use the word random these days. It's moved into common parlance in much the same way that the words like, goes and so have.

But actually, unless I misunderstand it, (and if so, someone PLEASE clue me in!!) Patrick S is not so random at all, cos he's like, you know, the kiddie porno king in Donnie Darko, hence connected to all things Jake :)

The Chemistry Guru said...

Ok I am dumb and/or really confused.
Please explain the game to me.

Bless. You're neither. Just sit tight and wait for upcomming photos, look at the boxes and tell us it ain't nothing you've seen before.

But actually, unless I misunderstand it, (and if so, someone PLEASE clue me in!!)

Yeah, what she said. I'm not sure I got it squallcloud

The Bearded Lady said...

I can tell that trip to Italy has recharged your batteries.
This last post is genius!
A whole toy franchise could be born from this.
A boardgame, loosely based on Candyland...playing cards....action figure doll...ouu a bubble boy one would be particularly cool!
underware, cereal boxes...
his own cartoon show...etc.

mrs_dalloway said...

This is actually one of the most ingenious games I've ever seen!!*waiting for pap pics*..

jla said...
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jla said...

Paparazzi Bingo is inspired BPB...I miss good shit when I travel. I am seriously considering giving up what I have left of a social life to commit to Jake watching exclusively!! I am so in for the collective bingo game. But due to an "unfortunate tequila shot incident" I experienced 2 years ago in Cancun I am gonna have to forego the tequila and perhaps substitute another libation...Jose Cuervo is not my friend!!

BTW, couldn't help noticing the utilization of the letter "z" instead of "s" in the word unauthorized, how very yankee of ya bpb... interesting because I thought I detected a slightly jingoistic vibe from you Brits!!;)

britpopbaby said...

By random celeb I mean when those photos show up of Jake with another celeb and we cannot explain the link - like Brandy at the ESPY's.

Paddy ain't that random, I concur but his face was just so priceless it had to go in.

The random celebrities I pray daily to see Jake pictured with include:
David Hasselhoff
Steve Guttenberg
Joan Rivers
Jim Carrey
Ozzy Osbourne
Any one of the Hobbits

jla, I'm hoping to sell the Bingo game worldwide and I know what you Americans are like - "It's got an 'S' instead of a 'Z'? What the fuck? I'm not buying that!"
alternatively, I've been far too corrupted by the internet and forgotten my roots.

Welcome, perfect_goldstar! Hey, do you know where Miffed got to? Is she still on holiday. I'm close to sending out a missing Agent notice. Do we need to deploy the donkey?

Anonymous said...

BTW, couldn't help noticing the utilization of the letter "z" instead of "s" in the word unauthorized, how very yankee of ya bpb... interesting because I thought I detected a slightly jingoistic vibe from you Brits!!;)

I can't tell you the headaches those dang "z" and "s" choices give me too! In SA, we use Britspeak and Britspell mostly, so I usually use the "s". BUT, as my online world includes such a huge USA component, and as we're planning to emigrate over there in about a year, I'm trying to remember to use the "z" and drop all those extraneous "u" letters ... humour / humor, for eg!!! Transitioning is hard work!

JoyceDavenport said...

Re-reading the squares (does America-spell have a 'u' in squares?)this could take a long time- especially the Frank one. Does any rabbit count? Even then...

zoo said...

OK, I have to confess I'm not much of a bingo player and the mechanics of this are somewhat lost on me.

Are we using pics posted on JW only? Or can we refer to post-Aug 2 pics posted anywhere, like iheartjake, eyelashes, etc.? And, if we can refer to any pictures, do we add a comment to this entry with a link?

What is the FREE card for?

Thickly yours, Zoo.

zoo said...

PS BTW this is genius brit.

And yes, some of them are going to be quite hard. Although I am doing some lateral thinking on *Frank*, methinks Austin migh take a while.

britpopbaby said...

Pics from anywhere as long as they are post-Aug 2.

Add a link to it in your comment if you find one before I do ;)

Frank is def a lateral challenge.

The free box is just empty so it makes it easier for us to get the line it is on.

Nothing Really Matters said...

Miffed had her internet cut on monday, so she said she will not be with us until the end of the week maybe early next week!

britpopbaby said...

Oh thank god! At least we have an explanation. I was getting concerned. Wait, why was it cut? FBI find out?

Anonymous said...

Played a similar bingo game to this. T'was great fun

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

LOADSA FUN to be had with celebritys and bingo.

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