Friday, August 18, 2006


SECRETARY star MAGGIE GYLLENHAAL is refusing to marry fiance PETER SARSGAARD before the birth of their baby, because she wants to wait and do it properly. Although her parents were married when her mother was six months pregnant, Gyllenhaal isn't in any hurry to rush down the aisle. The 28-year-old says, "We don't want to just go to City Hall. "I've had many different incarnations of my fantasy wedding dress. I want the fairy tale!"

No!! Naked beach wedding! Naked beach wedding! With Boo as the ring bearer!

I presumed the hippy in Maggie would be in full flow when it came to wedding arrangements but looks like the Gyllengaards might be heading down the traditional road. I'm slightly disappointed but then she did throw in the word 'fantasy' so fingers crossed.

In related news I'm thinking of opening a gallery to host mine and PG's art. I think it's truly unique and needs a space where people can just appreciate it for what it is, without it playing some puppet to the latest Gyllenhaal news. Just a nice little place in London somewhere, you know, keep it bohemian. We'll eat olives and drink merlot, no?

Also, if you want a Jake Watch T Shirt please order it ASAP (like now) because I've got the 25 orders I need so I want to start getting them printed. Hear that, Grandad! Get the 17th century press out the shed, we're ready!


The Chemistry Guru said...

I've had many different incarnations of my fantasy wedding dress."
I hear ya sweetheart. Just don't go wearing any hideous 'designer' creations.
20 something years later, I've still not recovered from the assualt of Princess Di's concotion.

The Chemistry Guru said...

Just a nice little place in London somewhere, you know, keep it bohemian. We'll eat olives and drink merlot, no?
Picadilly circus!!!
Scrap the merlot and olives for some bangers and mash with traditional ale.
Far more british.

Anonymous said...

I wonder, Will Jake be best man?

Yes, I know he IS the best man, but, I mean for the fantasy wedding.

And, will he shave? Or will it be the "Tux with rugged unshaven Jakelook?"

Anonymous said...

And with a Tux he will probably be wearing, Dare I mention it, SOCKS.

Not that we will ever see them.

Anonymous said...

Whem all is said and done - you know what happens - no one can agree on a theme and the last minute brings horrid results and plenty of liquor! TOGA WEDDING!! TOGA! TOGA! TOGA!

I'm betting Mags and her mom are gonna go thru Jake's closet and hide all his Lycra in case he feels impish (we know the lad loves a prank) on the wedding day.

cina said...

I'm all for a gallery for your artwork, Brit! Yours and PG's photoshop artwork amaze me... and scare me sometimes... LOL! ;-)

Oh and mpom - I was just going to ask "who thinks Jake is going to be Peter's best man"! LOL I bet he will be! ;-)

Joyce - LOLOL!!

Anonymous said...

aww, i don't blame maggie at all-- she has a really great body and has frequently rocked the red carpet/premieres-- ok so she's hit or miss (e.g. oscars in 2004 and some mona lisa smile premiere she was 2 thumbs up, but oscars 2005, meh, maybe she was hiding a bump?), but i'm sure she's going to look gorgeous in her fantasy wedding dress

Becky Heineke said...

Finally, our head transplants getting the respect they deserve. I'm all for it!

Re the wedding, I think Joyce is right in that even if everyone else was naked, Jake would show up in Nike basketball shorts. He's such a tease.

Anonymous said...

I will be Jake's date to this wedding.

JadziaDragonRider said...

It's so funny. Never would ahve thought MAggie the "traditional" type but there ya go. Although her "fantasy" wedding has me thinking of what my "fantasy" wedding would be like and it would probably have people dressed as minatours, sorcerers, palladins, and warriors. Maybe I'd make the best man and the groom battle it out with bat'leths or something.

I just went to my scary geeky place. Sorry for dragging you all along with me. :oD

The Sarsgaals said...

The Sarsgaals are also a tad shocked that the hippies that Maggie and Peter are would go a traditional wedding route (I mean Peter has, on multiple occasions wished us 'peace' and flashed a peace sign. We kid you not..Then again, Peter has a pretty traditional upbringing. Though he totally is a hippy which is why we half expect them to name the kid Treeflower. (only half...why would you name a girl Treeflower?) =p

britpopbaby said...

Sorry, Sargaals, Treeflower was not an option on the Sweepstakes. They will obviously be only choosing something from there.

*cough* Susie *cough*

Weirdland said...
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Weirdland said...

Scrap the merlot and olives for some bangers and mash with traditional ale.

I don't have an opinion about British cuisine, but since I watched "Sideways" I think Merlot wine is uncool.

The Sarsgaals said...

Well, BPB, it just so happens that the name Treeflower came into our lives after the options were presented. It's like late acceptance to a college...;)

Anonymous said...

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