Wednesday, May 03, 2006


Pull up a poof, hold onto your Latte Macchiato and get ready to click those fingers cos it's poetry time, folks!

Hot on the heels of Monday's scoop, a thoughtful reader provided me with some of Gyllenhaal Senior's works of creativity. Seens as some of you are nursing a banging crush on him I thought you might like to discuss his poetry in a bohemian stylee. Unfortunately it seems less about Jake and more about the problems of America.

Land of the Free

Can't disney this away,
can't prozak it back
into the warm sofa
of a once obedient chest.
The grand chandelier
is turning like a satellite
demanding utter allegiance
and the closer attention that
should have been paid
to grammar, to the names
and statistics of all
the ballplayers
has lost it's grip
on the color pink
mistaking it
for the space
between the
first and second

(From Project Muse.)

While we were in the literary mood I was going to post my poem about a toy penguin that was left on a shelf for three years and turned bitter and then masacred an entire family in revenge with a kitchen knife, it's called "The Homicidal Gift from Toys'R'Us" but there is only so much poetry one can handle in a day. And not to bring Mr Gyllenhaal's work down a notch or two but mine rhymes and has swear words in it. Yeah, I'm in talks with some publishers.