Saturday, May 13, 2006


Thanks to James for this information:

Today is Best Peformance Day at the MTV Movie Awards phone-in voting system. Numbers are: 1(877)MTV-VOTE or 1(877)688-8683 (I hope that makes sense to you Americans!). I guess the rest of us will have to keep voting HERE.

Can you believe they're letting Jessica Alba host it? She has the charisma of a carrot.

ALSO: Here is a sweet little article: EMMY ROSSUM IN USA WEEKEND.

With her alabaster skin and wide almond eyes, Emmy Rossum looks the part of the winsome ingénue she portrayed in "The Phantom of the Opera." Don't be fooled: This 19-year-old is no wallflower. When she met hunky star Jake Gyllenhaal one morning a few years ago, Rossum pulled a move worthy of the Phantom.

"I went over to him and said, 'Look, I know it's 9 a.m., but is it OK if I kiss you?' " Rossum recalls. When he consented ("He said, 'It's never too early!' "), she obliged. "I knew if I didn't do it, it would seem like I was scared. And I wanted to kiss him. He's very, very cute."


jla said...

Thanks for the heads up Brit! The 1-877#'s are our designated toll free prefixes! This way we don't have to dial area codes and be charged long distance fees love!

Ooooh Brit, I feel like you have given us Americans a directive!! It's like a mission... I choose to accept it!! Well I am off the flood the phone lines!!

Anonymous said...

now THIS is American Idol!!! Emmy Rossum, you're my hero...

Anonymous said...

If I ever meet Jake (hi, wishful thinking), maybe I'll try Emmy's line. I'm cute, but somehow, I'm not sure it'll have the same effect... :)

Anonymous said...

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