Monday, April 03, 2006


Unfortunately there has been no sighting of Jacob Benjamin Gyllenhaal so far today, so for now we must go back to March 25th for the latest sock news (is that an oxymoron?). The height, colour and type of Jake's socks is indespensible information to us all so hopefully we'll have some up-to-date action soon.

  • COLOUR: White, perhaps greying slightly, black rims.
  • TYPE: Ribbed for sporting pleasure
  • HEIGHT: Dangerously High
  • OVERALL STATUS: Satisfactory


Anonymous said...

Jake's socks fascinate me

britpopbaby said...

Me too.

Anonymous said...

who could possibly NOT be fascinated by jakes socks????

Rain-drop said...

Omg his socks are lovely! I LOVE tall socks! Now a man who likes tall socks - that is a rare thing! I love it. Plus, they are JAKE'S socks. Extra special. XD

Anonymous said...

@8:10 Jake's feet.