Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Hot off the press!

Shocking! The latest in Jake news hits streets today.



claire said...

I'm sorry but I really don't think we should all jump to conclusions here, I mean, there's pictures of them together but that doesn't mean they're dating. Come on Jake Watch, I'd expect better from you than to promote these rumours. If it is true, at least give them some privacy.

Anonymous said...

Where do I sign up for a subscription for this mag ;)

Next week's issue... Atticus sniffs out Boo, outing him on the club scene!


S4M985 said...


Do you think that Alf is having Jakes baby too?

(hahahahahahahhahahahahaha!!!! Pg you really worked some magic on that one!!! now THIS is what JW is all about! )

joycedavenport said...

Oh I heard for definite that ALF is pregnant. But are we sure it's Jake's. I hear ALF has a reputation. Just saying.

call me cherita said...

Between PG's post and the comments, I don't know whether to continue laughing or start weeping with joy. *sniffle* What a way to start my dreary day. Once again JW proves itself to be a notch above the rest.

xenia said...

Yeah, they'd make a very cute couple but...I don't know if it will last...I've read somewhere that a friend of both says that Alfie is really upset because of the way Jake was looking at Chloe at Cannes Zodiac Premiere...hahaha:D

Anonymous said...

This might be IT!!!!He looks SO happy.

cina said...

So it's been Alf all along huh? Well, I can't really blame the paps and the gossip mags for the mistake - Alf and Reese do look alot alike. Indeed. ;)

Btw, I would like a subscription of this mag too!


^^^^Anon 1.26

Yeah you can tell by the way that he looks at, er, him? her? it? That he is totally in Luuurve.

Hey I think we just solved the whole sexuality issue- he's into genderless aliens!

JW Lurker said...

The return of the Jake Watch Daily/Star! The 1st issue back in September was friggin funny and I was disappointed that it wasn't continued, now I hope it at least makes a monthly appearence!

Anonymous said...

I worry that this will be another "rebound" thing. Wasn't Alf in a long term relationship with Barney??? I'm surprised they lasted as long as they did. Barney had a reputation for being very promiscuous. Hung out at clubs. All that crap about "I love you, you love me..." Barney was peddling it at Hyde's. Broke Alfie's heart. Now Alfie, it is rumored, is getting tough! I don't want to see Jake hurt.

Anonymous said...

This magazine is so cool!!! Can I buy it at Border's or is it strictly UK?

jake'sbrain said...

This article gives new and deeper meaning to the lyric:" What's it all about, Alfie???"

Bat Boy said...

Hey what about me??When do I get the cover, I'm secretly dating Miss Piggy you know.

theshowerlady said...

I just don't know what to say. I mean. There are no words...

Prophecy Girl said...

What can I say? We cover the stories that no one else will touch!

heddaparsons said...

Shame on Jake if true, and I always believe the tabloids, than shame on him! I thoght he had better taste than that. If he is going to fool around with a puppet than why not one of the muppets? Now there are some real classy puppets!

city girl said...

"Prophecy Girl said...
What can I say? We cover the stories that no one else will touch!"

And you do a GREAT job at that Prophecy Girl. I don't have a good day unless I read your blog every morning. Thanks for doing such an impeccable job!!

Love the magazine!!

~DKBB~ said... about *hairy*. ;) If the rumours are true, can you imagine the fur on that offspring?!

LOVE the new look to the blog, brits and p.g.! Kudos!

cina said...

If the rumours are true, can you imagine the fur on that offspring?!

LMAO!! Now THAT would be a Gyllenwolf worth his/her name alright!

theshowerlady said...

heddaparsons, I think, given how close the Muppets are to the family, it would be too much like incest if Jake got involved with them...after all, Jake's mother was very involved in the creation of Sesame Street. He's been around that crowd all of his life. Burt and Ernie used to spend the night. Cookie Monster babysat and Miss Piggy used to steal Jake's ice cream. I'm not happy about Alf, but it could be worse. Think about it.

Anonymous said...

Just visiting IHJ and realized the last pictures we saw of Jake were May 30th. We have seen no pictures since. This makes me both very happy (for him) and very sad (for me!).

Anonymous said...

^^^yeah, you're right. We should be celebrating the absence of Jake piccies. I know I'm gonna start a count.

The Ghost of Kukla, Fran and Ollie said...

We are shocked I tell ya, shocked and appalled! In our day we kept such things secret!

Anonymous said...

New pics of Jake at LAX on IHJ heading on a plane looking really adorable! Hope he is headed to NYC.

Anonymous said...

I just SAW those. Also saw petite blonde woman at car. Jake had a shopping bag.Is he making his way to NYC with gifties for Ramona??? He has an Apple so we know he probably visits this site to find out what he's doing. He looked all cheerful and friendly to the folks that made him take off his shoes. LOL!!! Looks like he travels light in terms of luggage. I predict short visit. Or lots of shopping and borrowing of clothing. Maybe he's going to appear on Broadway. Maybe London. West End. Is there another Film Festival going on somewhere? Where is Reese??? Is she on location somewhere? tbc.

city girl said...

I saw the pictures on IHJ site. I hope he's coming to NY too.

I'm excited :)

joycedavenport said...

Apparently Sam Mendes is going to be directing Hamlet in the UK later this year. I know that at one point Jake was lined up to play Romeo but couldn't work it out time wise. Maybe he still wants to scratch that Shakespearean itch.

Jake in tights.

Er, and Jake performing in the most wonderful play by a really cool writer. It's all about the serious acting Jake- yeah!

Shaken, not stirred. said...

You hit the ball out of the park with this post girls, funny as all hell!!

Anonymous said...

I was wondering where Alf was all this time, now I come here to find out he's been secretly dating JAKE! I am SO PISSED.

Anonymous said...

Bah! Typical scandal sheet behaviour. Do we see them kissing? Do we see them holding hands? Do we see anything apart from two persons, er, a person and a thing talking? No! Another innocent episode blown out of all proportion. You should be ashamed of yourself, Jake Watch Star!

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