Monday, June 04, 2007

Chariots of Fire

From some highly dependable rag:

Jake Gyllenhaal, always fan-friendly, was jogging through Runyon Canyon near L.A when two ladies begged him to pause for an autograph. "Sorry, but I can't stop," huffed exercise-nut Jake - who was wearing a gadget to track his heart rate and calories. "I'm monitoring my cardio workout, and if I stop I'll have to start all over." But when the persistent gals started jogging right alongside him, Jake cracked up and genially jotted his John Hancock without breaking stride!

Oh god, is he like the best celebrity EVER or what? Running AND writing, together! Some of them can't even drink and drive at the same time. Honestly Jake, it's shit like this that puts you up there, brother.


Anonymous said...

OMG!!! I can't believe this!!! That was SO ME!!!! Yes. Me and my byatch (as in KrispyKreme, my black lab) out walk-jogging when we sort of "unexpectedly"...ummm...ran into Jake, and Krispy wouldn't stop, and she just pulled me along and that's what made Jake laugh and finally agree to sign an autograph for this litttle neighbor girl of mine who is in the hospital,not for ME.
And his signature looks kinda "irregular?" as if you can tell he was moving around when he signed...One thing that surprised me, totally. Jake doesn't sweat. No. Really. He doesn't. The paps who were stalking him got it wrong. Bcz one of them asked me about Krispy and said "he" and I said, "No. We're both girls LOL!!!"
(I hadn't shaved my moustache that morning.) I know people will think I'm making this up and it's like not true? And I'm sure there are other similar stories out there. But this actually happened. It happened in....February, in LA.

Anonymous said...

That is so cool!!!! Congrats!

NYC Agent said...

Does Kittyfangirl know about this???

call me cherita said...

Bwaaaaahahahahaha! Anon 7:04, that was the funniest thing I've read in a week. (No offense to BPB and PG, of course.)

And forget running and writing, I can't even run and talk. But I can ride a stationary bike and knit. I'll bet Jake can't do that. Not that he'd ever want to. Just saying.

theshowerlady said...

BPB, why am I not surprised!!! I have seen pictures of Jake with mine own two eyes, walking across a street with a beverage in his hand.I don't think I've ever seen him actually drinking while he walked across the street, tho, now that I think about it. This is really amazing. I hope we're keeping a catalogue for posterity and that we can archive all these bits and pieces for some sort of compilation JW eventually publishes. Knowing how skilled he is makes me even more determined to get him into the shower! I can think of several things he could do in a shower to show his skill at multi-tasking. Many of them worthy of a photo/video record...for historical purposes.

S4M985 said...

It does surprise me either, but it does make my imagination go a bit wild. I could think of many things he could do to me at the same time..


Oh god i cant believe i just said that. Maybe this place needs to be R Rated!

xenia said...

God blessed him and gave him the power of "multitasking"...but we already knew that!!

heddaparsons said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
heddaparsons said...

What this post is missing is a picture of Jake jogging, funny stuff!

get real said...

That is such a funny/cool story, 7:04PM!!!! And that it made some paper or magazine, lol.

Btw, Brits what magazine or paper is that from? Do you have a link?

get real said...

Just had to come back and say how much I love when Jake multitasks. ;)

IloveRiverRIP said...

That's hilarious! Just imagining it makes me laugh!
Jake's wicked at multi-tasking!
Love + Peace
Sam x

Anonymous said...

Unless Anon 7:04 was "walk-jogging" in Morocco in February, I have a strong suspicion, this is the product of a very overactive imagination...LOL!!!! The "moustache" (her's not Jake's LOL!) gave it away for me.(It was a joke, right?? Sort of a lampoon on people who talk about their implausible encounters?) It was only a matter of time before people became more and more impressed with Jake's amazing ability to do several things at once. The thing I always like about him, is the way he will sometimes talk on his cellphone while walking...and carrying a cuppa in the other hand. That is just amaaaazing.

Anonymous said...

It's a fake encounter, sort of like the fake Gawker/Defamer "sightings", LOL!!!

Anonymous said...


There are some new/old pictures of Jake jogging from January of this year if BP wanted to add one for this post but his friend Chris is with him. Anyway the post is funny as hell without a picture!

Anonymous said...

Today is D-Day June 6th. While others may remember this date for other reasons it is also the seventh day, one full week, of being Jakeless. No pictures. Nada.

nyc agent said...

There is a sighting of Jake posted on the forum, it was either June 1st or 2nd in L.A. at a resturaunt with a bunch of friends. One of the few times the paps probably left him alone.

city girl said...

This is awesome!! You're such a considerate guy Jake. Too bad that wasn't me. When Jake when will I ever meet you?

Please come spend the summer in New York City....PLEASE!! You can run in Central Park.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, he is due for his yearly NYC visit!!

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