Tuesday, August 15, 2006


I know we have a lot of projects going on right now (Bingo, BabyName Sweepstakes, Boo T-Shirt) but what's one more into the mix? (you'll realise this is a great pun in a second)

I declare we create, The Jake Gyllenhaal. That's right, a cocktail named after Jake. Can you picture it? Bars and lounges across the world with slick types ordering a Gyllenhaal. I realise most cocktails are created by bartenders in New York but I myself used to shake, yep, don't spread it around but I make a mean Cheeky Vimto and I reckon most people here aren't too shy of the vodka so let's pool our knowledge to create the next Pelvic Thrust or Flying Tiger!

There may be some issues with using Jake's name in such a way but let's skip right past that for a moment and get started with the alcohol.

I suppose it'll be trial and error but whose ready to raid the drinks cabinet and get with me?

  • Does it need to be sweet or sour?
  • 'Hospitalisation' Strong or 'Maybe I'd Make Out with that Tramp' weak?
  • Colour?
  • Plumage?


Becky Heineke said...

Genuis idea. I don't know anything about making up drinks, but I'll drink just about anything. If someone else comes up with the mixture, I'll shamelessly order it next time I'm in a bar.

fg said...

well it will have to include GIN !!!

I know you love Gin britpop and I DO as well!

there is a reason I used to call myself GINny.

so anything with Gin, is fine with me!!!

How exciting!!

britpopbaby said...

But do we want a drink that reflects Jake? Or just the most lethal combination of liquer so that after one sip everyone in the room looks like Jake?

Anonymous said...

Brilliant idea...I need a drink after laughing myself hoarse over the mercedes comments...I second prophecy girl on the no knowledge but completely willing front...and although have to say that anything remotely related to Tom Cruise is abhorrent to me (and most sane people I feel), I think mobilising agents in New York to nag bartenders to 'invent' Jakewatch's drink is the way to go!

Elena said...

We Mediterranean have some grading drinks as Sangría, "Agua de Valencia" or "Kalimotxcho" (that could be renamed Gyllenmotxo). I'm becoming a Gyllenalcoholic, too, Brits, this is more and more dangerous every minute!

britpopbaby said...

Oh me and old Sangria have had some good times.

Anna said...

How about Red Bull as an ingredient - because us mortals need an extra enery boost to keep up with The Gyllenhaal (biking up the Alpe d'Huez, for chrissake)?

JoyceDavenport said...

The 'Pangalactic-gyllenblaster'!
See here

One sip and you inhabit another universe- the one where all males look like the Gyllenhaal- oh no wait a minute- that violates the 'only one Jake Gyllenhaal per universe law'. Darn- back to the drawing board.

By the way what did the guy who invented the drawing board go back to when he got it wrong?

Anonymous said...

a stick and sand

Anonymous said...

Once, I suggested as a joke that the right drink for those gathered together to celebrate the quality of Jakeness was the Fuzzy Navel. (This was after viewing the results of some teasing photo session, during which Jake had pulled up his shirt to show off his abdominals.)

Based on all the online gossip about Jake, it should be a bifurcated drink with two separate layers.

The Bearded Lady said...

"The Bubble Boy"

1 bottle children's bubble mix non toxic (save blowing wand)

1 measure mint listerine

1/4 measure dry vermouth

4 drops orange bitters

1 green olive or a lemon twist

Combine in shaker with ice and gently agitate.

Serve with wand.

delicious, entertaining and excellent oral hygiene!

Simon Agent 002 said...

Brit, I think you should put a disclamer on these recipes.

Ninni said...

Why not just vodka with a little vodka?

This thing would work well as a trial and error project so maybe we should just all gather together to try different combinations until we find the right one. It might take a while, but what wouldn't we do for Jake?

Anonymous said...

Over at Jake's Eyelashes (DCF) we drink the classic "Gyllentonic" .....

The Bearded Lady said...

Oh I forgot to tell you the burping is the best part!

britpopbaby said...

Helpful site: BOLS

What colour do we want it?

mrs_dalloway said...

YES!Perfect idea!Alchool and Gyllenhaal!We should also put a warning..Too much pleasure will kill you!

I'd suggest a combination of chocolate mint liqueur,LOTS of tequilla,a little bit of vodka, some orange slices to calm down after drinking it and Jake to ask you if you want more! Can we do that?

wtbgirl said...
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wtbgirl said...

Hmmm I think you need to add in a bit of a "healthy" aspect to the Gin-n-haalic (which is what I am calling this thing) as Jake is so healthy, bless his soul:

For example, Pomegranate juice is loaded with antioxidants - its also RED, which makes me think of sex, which makes me think of Jake. And Jake loves his O.J. as we know (always drinking it at Saint Ambreous).


3 oz FRESH Pomegranate juice

1/2 oz orange juice

1 oz gin (or vodka, if you hate gin, like I do)

1/2 ounce Cointreau orange liqueur (extra dash of naughty to go with the nice)

Combine ingredients in a cocktail shaker, 1/4 filled with chopped ice, to keep you cool and collected for as long as possible. Shake and strain into a cocktail glass. Serve with a squeeze of lemon or lime and a heap of Gyllenhaalic lust!

Elena said...

What about Bols "Adam's Apple"? (appropriate cocktail name for Jake):
Serve Short drink (rocks) glass
Build (Pour) & stir

60 mls BOLS Vodka

Top with Freshly pressed apple juice
Fill glass with ice, add vodka and top up with apple juice, then stirr.

Razvan Zlavog said...

I wanna be "drunk" like you, just you, and nobody else but youuu.
You really forget sth-ing very important... ice ice baby! i can bet you'll need to put out the fire... so please mr bartender, ICE!
Lovely little idea... i wanna be drunk like you...
by mr. dalloway ;)

Anonymous said...

I say we make it blue, like Jake's eyes. Make it manly! And dare I ask we add a companion drink? I haven't thought of the recipe yet.

Agnes said...

I'm little bit of indecisived (?) for the moment. First I thought something with pineapple and red as wtbgirl said then I read what Danyelle Dillon said about something blue. Tough decision ;)

Anonymous said...

There must be gin in it and ideally a spot of tequila to add that Latin something. It should be green - cos that's Jake's favourite colour. But what should make it green? Maybe the glint of a lime or the stick of a celery or a chunk of mint. It should be zesty because Jake is sparkly, not too sweet because Jake is classy. Ideally said debonair mix will be accompanied by a chocolate fondue, hot temperatures, sultry tunes and, most importantly, Jake.

I've been getting a bit carried away since seeing those pics of Shirtless Jake....

wtbgirl said...


Well, Curaçao can be colored orange (known as Orange Curaçao), which is what I put in my original recipe, OR BLUE (Blue Curaçao), to match Jake's eyes. They are the same exact liqueur - blue Curaçao is usually used to provide color to mixed drinks.

Can you tell I bartended my way through college - LOL?

britpopbaby said...

I am liking all forthcoming ideas.

Maybe Absolut cos it's Swedish?

britpopbaby said...

Can you tell I bartended my way through college

Me too! We can change the colour to anything we want with Bols!

wtbgirl said...

Oops, should have said I used Cointreau in the original and revising it with Blue Curacao (both are organe flavored liqueur). either way i think I am making this for myself whilst i look at pictures of shirtless Jake:

GIN-n-HAALIC (revised)

3 oz FRESH Pomegranate juice

1/2 oz orange juice

1 oz gin (or vodka, if you hate gin, like I do)

1/2 ounce Blue Curacao orange liqueur (extra dash of naughty to go with the nice)

Combine ingredients in a cocktail shaker, 1/4 filled with chopped ice, to keep you cool and collected for as long as possible. Shake and strain into a cocktail glass. Serve with a squeeze of lemon or lime and a heap of Gyllenhaalic lust!

cina said...

I'm the worst person when it comes to making drinks and cocktails...!! I'm completely clueless. But I like the idea of Absolut Vodka. :-) Nothing sweet I think, I personally prefer more sour and fresh drinks - after all, my favourite is Mojito.... One of the best drinks I know is "Mojito Passion" (Mojito with passion fruit in it... delicious!). That will have to be my personal Gyllenhaal drink. No 1: I love Mojito. No 2: I have a huge PASSION for Jake! LOL

msdonniedarko said...

i would love to fucked up of gyllenhaals all night!!! i think it should be stronge and maby a little sour and i like the blue idea as well

Simon Agent 002 said...

Hey, if they can name a handbag after him,
why not a cocktail?

Anonymous said...

wtbgirl, I think you invented a purple drink.

perfectscore_goldstar said...

Oh ... my ... gawd I so almost spit Diet Coke all over my computer when I saw the Jake'd over Cocktail picture !!! That is toooo friggin funny.

Jake has a purse named after him so why not a cocktail?

I wish I could go ANYWHERE and order a Gyllenhaal and have my desires fulfilled ... but I guess I'll have to just accept it at my local bar and leave the fantasies of the flesh for some other time ... ;)

perfectscore_goldstar said...

Simon Agent 002 said...

Hey, if they can name a handbag after him,
why not a cocktail?

Whoops ... I saw that AFTER I posted mine ! Great minds, eh ? ;)

Simon Agent 002 said...


Lets form a pact not to think of that handbag ever again!

perfectscore_goldstar said...

How do you form a pact ?

Is it like playing with Play-Doh ? ;)

Simon Agent 002 said...

"form a pact"= "make a agreement"

Did you see that bag? It's best forgotten, no?

perfectscore_goldstar said...

Yes I did and it's a good thing I am allergic to leather cuz I probably would have bought one.

I had to quit my night job due to my allergy to leather, and now I sit here for hours, perusing the Jake Watch archives.

Such is life; and I'm not complaining.


Okay, consider pact formed ;) I like playing with Play-Doh tho ...

Simon Agent 002 said...

At least there's always vinyl.
and I can understand how Jake would be a inspiration to create!
in Play-Doh? hmm that could be a first?
Be warned I mix my colors up so you'll need to keep an eye on the cans.

Anonymous said...

Okay screw this whole mixed cocktail man - he needs a 25 yr old Scotch named after him. Intense - to be sipped and savored - aged perfectly - only better with age - strong and the most ethereal after taste. He's a Scotch. When you've had a nice scotch - you can't stop talking about it nor can you quite put your finger on exactly what makes it so dam amazing. It keeps you guessing.

Anonymous said...

I am thinking dirty thoughts about Play-Doh and putting my finger certain places.


excuse me please ...

perfectscore_goldstar said...

By the way, back to the drink question ... it should be sorta sweet like Jake and sorta you wanna pucker up your lips sour just cuz ... it's Jake-inspired. And I like the thought of the blue to match his eyes.

And that last anon comment was me; for some reason I couldn't get my login to work. Comes with age.

cina said...

I had to quit my night job due to my allergy to leather, and now I sit here for hours, perusing the Jake Watch archives.

I had NO IDEA you could be allergic to leather!
See? It's educational hanging around JakeWatch, you learn something new every day! LOL

Anonymous said...

Damn job! I miss EVERYTHING! Well, I'm late for this one, I guess. Didn't quite read all the comments, just skimmed through. I know nothing about drinks except how to down 'em but my suggestions for this are along the lines of a strong martini. Oh, and blue for sure. :)

cina said...

Yeah, bright blue and with Absolut Vodka as a base, for sure! :-)

JadziaDragonRider said...

Blue and sweet.

Anonymous said...

You know, when terms like "Jake" and "cocktail" are ushered in the same breath, I'm not just pondering about alcoholic beverage recipes...

Anyway...I present to thee my hydration concoction, available in two versions; "street" and "suave". Influences gleaned off of www.idrink.com, www.drinksmixer.com, my affinity for hip-hop, and my poorly stocked hootch hutch.

"The Notorious J.B.G."
Street version:
4.0 oz Vodka
1.0 oz Blue Raspberry liqueur
Place ice in shaker and add all ingredients. Shake well and strain into cocktail glass filled with ice. Garnish with lime wedge for added pucker, and general relieving of vodka after taste. Serve in a highball glass.
For visual appeal, carefully pour or spoon liqueur over vodka in glass, with or without ice. Creates a tornado-esque swirl.

Suave version
1.5 oz Crown Royal Canadian whisky
1.0 oz Hpnotiq liqueur
1.0 oz Ginger Ale
Pour ingredients into a cocktail glass, stir, and serve.

Knock yourself out. Literally. =p

Anonymous said...

Shake well and strain into cocktail glass filled with ice.

That should have read "highball glass".

Anonymous said...

Just in! - Jake on East Coast.
I'm guessing visiting Maggie in NY and P's in MV.

Anonymous said...

NY? Pics? Links?

beskyddaren said...

A great thread, lol! I vote for something blue with Absolut Vodka. And make it lethal... ; D

britpopbaby said...

"The Notorious J.B.G."

I just sat for ages trying to work out what the 'B' was for! God, I'm such a bad stalker some days.

Has anyone tried these out yet??

Anonymous said...

It has to be sweet. Like Jakey. And it has to make you horney. Also like Jakey :P

Anonymous said...

I definitely second (third/fourth/nth)Absolut and blue. Is 'Gyllenhaalic' too obvious as a name?

Anonymous said...

lol we're gyllenhaalics as well as alcoholics!!

what about something zesty like lust, and i like red for the color, then call it The Jack Twist! :P

Anonymous said...

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