Saturday, September 08, 2007

Jake and PG's Excellent Conversation - NOW WITH VIDEO

The above picture was not taken during the portion of the afternoon where I talked to Jake. This was the portion of the afternoon where I captured this image with my camera even though all my eyes caught was THE BACK OF HIS HEAD. I mean, seriously. How many times can that even happen to a person?!

Then he came back out of the building. The extremely short version, because I am tired (details later!):

PG (who has taken a magazine from her hotel room and opened it to a two-page spread advertising Rendition): Jake, can you sign this?

Jake: Sure.

PG: I run a website for you.

Jake (looks up and smiles): Oh, yeah?

PG: Yeah, Jake Watch!

Jake: Oh, wow! OK!

Jake and PG smile and look at each other and awkwardly nod until other autograph seekers distract Jake's attention away. PG starts snapping pictures.

PG: I'm taking some pictures of you. I hope that's OK.

Jake (looks over and smiles again): Sure, that's fine.

PG: Thank you!

[Click for big versions.]

(This is not zoomed; I was really that much up in his grill. You can see my reflection in his sunglasses. I'm wearing a pink shirt.)

Then Peter Sarsgaard came out.

PG: Peter, can you sign this?

Peter: Sure.

PG: Uh, sorry it's a picture of Jake.

Peter (laughing): It's fine.

Peter then signs his name boldly across the picture of Jake. He steals PG's Sharpie to sign autographs for several other people.

PG: Can I take some pictures?

Peter (smiling): Sure!

Peter: Whose Sharpie is this? (to PG) Was it yours?

PG: Yeah, thanks.

Meanwhile, a WireImage photographer caught a picture of PG and Sarsy conversing. Just so you know I'm not making this up (and shhh! don't tell them I'm posting their picture!):
(PG and Peter shared a moment earlier in the afternoon when he arrived and she yelled, "PETER!!!" and starting jumping up and down and waving even though she was at that point quarantined across the street. He waved back. It was a good time for everyone.)

I will upload the autograph page when I get access to a scanner because the digital camera just isn't doing it any favors. It's really awesome in a generic, hastily-scribbled sort of way.

THEN, at the world premiere of Rendition, Jake was kind enough to walk by me again on the red carpet inside the building:

There wasn't a lot of (any) talking at that point, but I'm sure it was because he didn't want to be distracted. No doubt he was still ruminating on our ground-breaking discussion from earlier.

Meanwhile, Ace Agent Marcia was taking the following video so that everyone would have the chance to experience the hysteria of waiting for Jake to whiz by:


In summation: Was all that worth it for a couple words, an impersonal autograph, and a couple of close-ups? Er, not even remotely. But the IMPORTANT thing is that I finally got a picture of Jake FROM THE FRONT!! About damned time. :)

Sorry this is lame but I have to go to bed. I'll make it better later. Also later (tomorrow)...RENDITION! The sex scene, the balcony seats, the nausea over the torture scenes...thrills await! You can only have so much excitement in one post anyway. I wouldn't want people to faint.

PG would like to thank Alice for being so wonderful and letting her stand at the front of the line for Jake's post-press-conference appearance. She'd also like to thank her fellow stalkers, Marcia, Cindy, and Carol for their wonderful company. And especially Marica for carrying around her shoes all day. And Megan for posting the news!


Kendra said...

I'm so happy for you, Becky! I was sure this day was going to happen soon! You're so lucky, girl! You made some fantastic photos of Jake and Peter. Good job!

Anonymous said...

Rendition was amazing. Jake shook my hand too in Roy Thompson Hall. :) Well worth the $43 and suffering through the dreary heat..

S4M985 said...

*squeee!!* YAY! I am so so so excited for you (and a tiny winy bit jealous ;) ) Really, a few awesome photos and some autographs. Couldnt really ask for too much more! Ive been thinking about u all day *hmm, Becky would probably be there right now* so i was glad to see your post when i got home! So do u think youll see Jake again? or is that it? Did he seem to know what JW was?! Oh god i have so many questions. Im sure youll get to it all soon. Good luck again tomorrow and enjoy rendition you lucky thing! :p

cina said...

Dude - I'm speechless.

YOU ARE SOOO WORTH IT!!! Incredible! =)))

claire said...

~wakes up from her apathy~

OH MY EFFING GOODNESS!! Wow!! What fantastic pictures, you're so lucky. I bet you were walking round in a dream after that. Why on earth didn't you just kidnap him there and then whilst you had the chance? Come on girl, try harder next time ;-)

cina said...

Oh by the way, I can't wait to hear aaallll the details (wink wink) about the movie! :p

Anonymous said...

You amaze me! I'd probably just stand there shell shocked looking like a dork cos I was within touching distance of the Gyllenhaal...I am not cool! Loving the photos too!


Linna said...

OMG! OMG! OMG!! You talked to him?! *faints* I'm SO happy for you!! OK, it was brief, but still, YOU TALKED TO HIM!! And even more importantly - HE TALKED TO YOU!!!!

Except for being totally *SQUEEEE* about this, I have to say I'm impressed - he looked THAT good and you were able to form words? You must be some kind of superhero! ;-)


phoebe said...

OH MY FUCKING GOD!!! You met him, and you two TALKED!! I'm about to die here!! :D PG, I'm SO happy for you, way to go!! And I can't wait to hear more about Rendition!

Ooooh, this is AWESOME!!! :D

Anonymous said...

GREAT report, PG you are a trooper and a great AGENT! you got the Gyllenhaal!

everyone seems to ask this so I will here, How did he smell? (someone asked a flight attendant who was on the plane with Jake on his way to the festival, said he smelled GREAT)

how nervous were you? And did Jake seem rushed or really seemed to enjoy meeting the fans and signing autographs.

I wonder if he'll check Jakewatch out when he gets to a computer, just out of curiosity.

would be awesome if he shocked everyone and posted something :D

I am very happy you finally got to meet him

bmg said...

Ditto on the smell thing^

Prophecy Girl said...

I think you guys are more excited than I am. :) Honestly, it wasn't a big deal. I didn't blush, my voice didn't get weird...I don't know. He's just a guy and I felt like I had every right to be talking to him so I wasn't freaking in any capacity. Welliwont kept prompting me to say more, but honestly, where to start? And what I had to say wasn't really fitting for that setting. I just really wanted to look him in the eye after all this time and I did. Any ACTUAL groundbreaking conversations will have to wait (until hell freezes over, probably). :D

So, what do you want to know? He looks just like you'd think he would. I know a lot people say he looks better in person but he's always looked pretty good in photographs to me. ;) It was all very normal and not nerve-wracking, oddly enough... Wait, I think I'm saying this all wrong! He was extremely polite and gracious. It was definitely the best I could have hoped for under the circumstances. ;D

Prophecy Girl said...

Oh, and I didn't really get a good sniff in. ;) There were so many other people sorry! I have no idea what he smelled like. :D

Prophecy Girl said...

Oh, and as for him knowing about JW? No idea. It was a very generic conversation. I thought about asking if he'd heard of it after I told him but thought it might have sounded a little awkward and confrontational. :) So...I'm clueless.

penny lane said...

Am happy for you PG (although I am sure that at heart you had wished for something more. But then I have always thought that these 'meetings' of fans and their 'subject of adoration' under such circumstances, are always crazy affairs anyway!).
Am looking forward to your review of 'Rendition'. Reviews in the press seem definitely mixed.

shopgirl said...

PG. I have a question too (raises hand). i was about to buy tickets to the TIFF also. to the michael clayton screening(george C!). their were tickets for the gala and a regualar presentation. for the gala. would or did you actually sit in the same theatre w/ the actors to watch their film? just curious, because oddly enough there were tickets still available on the day of.

also. congrats on your rendez vous w/ the gyllenhaal.I guess the fifth time is a charm :)

pink mist said...

PG & JG met? They interacted? :-O
This is the end of the world as we know it! Brace yourselves, the universe is about to implode at any moment!

Congrats PG! The close-ups are pretty spectacular I think. But yeah, I’m with you on the “no big deal” thing...Having extremely handsome and talented Hollywood movie stars right up in your face like that, sure, it happens to me all the time...

Megan said...

Awesome post, Becks! I can't wait till you're home and we can chat about the encounter over a beer...or a 13 mile run ; ) I walked to the coffee shop today....does that count as exercise??

~DKBB~ said...

Congrats, PG, you achieved one of your goals...and are smart enough to realize that - gorgeous and talented as he is - the Gyllenhaal (and Sarsy) is just another soul like the rest of us.

Hope you really have a great time! Can't wait to hear your take on "Rendition." :)

nice anonymous said...

Now, come on, PG, you're too calm. Now, wasn't there even a little shot of adrenalin coursing through your veins upon realizing that you'd finally achieved something you'd been striving toward for over a year now? Didn't it feel like landing a big fish or breaking through the tape at a race or something? If not, you are far more sanguine than Nice Anonymous, who'd be trembling inside like a little bunny. I'm happy for you, personally, and perhaps even happier for Jake Watch, the institution. I mean, someone finally said "Jake Watch" to Jake. It's about time! Yay!

Anonymous said...

Hoooooray!!! I'm so happy for you PG.

I'm also happy for Jake - he doesn't know how damn lucky he is to have met you.

So there. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Congrats PG on meeting Jake. I love your cool reaction. It is so much better to be grounded then it is to be ga-ga and ridiculous. It is always a little bit icky to see people behave that way. He is just a person after all. I'm glad you had fun.

Anonymous said...

Wonder what happened to Boo??.

BirdGirl said...

I am sooo happy for you PG! I was literally jumping up and down when I got the news that you actually got to speak with him. It's great that you where able to keep it together. I don't think that I would have been able to do the same. That's why you rock! I'm sure that it is all going to sink in later and you're going to go fucking nuts. Maybe I should never try to meet Jake because it would be a disaster! :)

Anonymous said...

Yes, what happened to Boo? How sad he no longer has him. :(

Anonymous said...

I was there too! Well, I didn't see the movie (since I'm 17 and you had to be 18 to see any movie premiere), but I did stand outside for around 3 1/2 hours to see him. Thank God that I live in Toronto, and seeing Jake (finally) was worth the wait :)

heddaparsons said...

I'm so happy for you PG!OMG!!
The pics are fantastic and I can't wait to read you review.

Anonymous said...

Good stuff PG!

By reading that snippet about Boo, sounds like the pup is in doggy heaven :(

twistedlogic said...

You spoke to him AND he smiled at you!!Wow!! I can't tell you how impressed I am that you kept your cool AND managed to get such great pics. Well done and thankd for posting:) Looking forward to your review of Rendition:)

Sheba said...

PG said ....."I just really wanted to look him in the eye after all this time and I did" sounds like the end of Zodiac to me... perhaps a feeling of unsatisfaction?

I admire your mission even if the expectation did not match the reality, at least you represented all those Gyllenhaalics that wanted to go but couldn't to support Jake and his work. Please feel very proud of your great achievement. Does that mean you're going to retire as top two agent?

ncwoman said...

PG...what can I say? You may not think it was a big deal, may have been a little anti-climactic, but.....*SQUEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!* I am happy for you! Congratulations on your interactions with the G, which is something most of us can't claim. You rock, sweetie!

coffeecat said...

"Honestly, it wasn't a big deal. I didn't blush, my voice didn't get weird...I don't know. He's just a guy and I felt like I had every right to be talking to him so I wasn't freaking in any capacity."

All right, what did you do with the REAL Prophecy Girl!? PG, I think you're still sick. It was no big deal??!! Who's talkin' here? Personally you are scaring me.

Cherita said...

PG, mission accomplished. Hope you don't mind that I thumbnailed one of your pics over on my blog today. It links back here.

Sheba, I was going to draw the same parallel you did about Graysmith and Arthur Lee Allen. It does indeed seem that PG has finally looked the Zodiac in the eye. ;)

The really annoying thing about all this is that the goddamn MySpace page for Jakein08 was taken down before Jake was made aware it existed. PG, what's the status? Should I bust out my pseudonyms?

BirdGirl said...

I've been thinking about it PG. If he wouldn't have been wearing those damn sunglasses you would have seen those baby blues looking back at you. Then I think you would be complete. Shit, now I think I have a goal! Who am I kidding? I couldn't handle it.

Prophecy Girl said...

Shopgirl, yes! I saw Rendition in the same theater as Jake (although I hear he ducked out for the bulk of it). I meant to put up the review today, but it's going to have to wait at least until I get home tomorrow (if not later) seeing as how my entire evening was spent trying to see Brad Pitt. (Successful, but nothing to write home about.) ;)

So, soon, on Rendition!!

I know you guys think I'm making this up about the calmness, and yes, there was a little bit of adrenaline, but I went in knowing that what I put in wasn't going to be proportional to what I got out of it. He didn't know who I was and I wasn't going to get to interact with him on any big level...I mean, if I had gotten to interview him? Yeah. Total wreck. But I knew what this was going to be! It's the same fan interaction everyone gets! :) That doesn't negate it in any way...but I knew in advance what it would be.

As for the Zodiac connection, that was unintentional...but probably true! :) All that work and then what? Nothing happened. At least Graysmith got a best seller out of the deal (*wink*wink*).

Sheba, retirement?! What?!? Well, maybe from active duty... ;)

Cherita, no word from MySpace, so I'm guessing they're not going to get back to me again. I don't know what the fuck to do. :( I'll think more when I get back. Jake's answer was just...disheartening.

But, yeah, no Rendition tonight. Sorry!

Anonymous said...

'In summation: Was all that worth it for a couple words, an impersonal autograph, and a couple of close-ups? Er, not even remotely.'

????? I think a lot of people would love to have all that and would settle for a lot less

nice anonymous said...

I was ***just*** going to come back here & suggest to PG that, now she's introduced herself to Jake, she might take the opportunity to ask about Boo at their next meeting. But now I see that Jake says sadly that Boo isn't part of his life anymore.

Oh, dear -- the story behind that can't be good.

Prophecy Girl said...

Ugh, 7.50!! Why does it always come back to criticizing me?!? Don't make this negative, please.

Geek Chic said...

Hahahahaha!!! I cant believe no-one's mentioned you giving the Sars a pic of Jake to sign!! I havent laughed like that in quite some time, so funny!! :D Took it like a trooper though, good lad. But seriously you are one lucky lady, getting actual face to face eye contact with the Gyllenhaal! :-) But I can totally see how it might be a bit of an anti-climax. I mean, hot and talented as he is, he is just a guy at the end of the day... Well, now that you hav successfully met JG and mentioned JW, I think your next mission - should you choose to accept it - should be to try and get an interview!

Anonymous said...

Ha, yes, I love the way Peter handled that, what a guy.

Anonymous said...


Xenia said...

I'm late but...congrats PG!!:)

Of course you remained calm and cool: you're a brave leader!!;)

Waiting for Rendition review now...

VANNA said...


perfectscore_goldstar (Dee) said...

JAKE ! Oh my GOSH JAKE ! You finally got to realized your year long dream to finally meet PG ! OMG I am so happy for you ! Yes, I agree, she is a great girl and she looks DARLING in pink ! So glad you were able to cross that off of your list of things to do in Toronto ...


Congrats, PG ... I am so thrilled for you ... meeting me and the Gyllenhaal in less than a year's time ... WOW ... so few people have done that exact same thing and live to blog about it :)

Nothing Really Matters said...

*squeee!!* I'm well excited I can see you in Jake's sunglasses darling! And a pap picture of you! How cool!

hugsuzie said...

I know I'm a bit tardy. Sorry.
Just wanted to say 'squeeeeee' to Becky . You DID it. And well done for getting in a dig about his cyber image "I run a website FOR you" very good. Lets see if it gets you on the payroll..... :D

Prophecy Girl said...

^^^ :D The wording was definitely deliberate! That's how I present it when I tell anyone about this site. It's FOR Jake. I think it would almost be a lie to say we run one ABOUT him since we make up about 95% of what we write. ;) But seriously, we're the best PR he's got! Even if he doesn't know it... :)

And Dee, HA! I, too, am glad that Jake has finally fulfilled his dream to meet me. ;D

Geek Chic said...

Oh yeah mabe thats what confused him, because you said FOR...? Like he knows the people that run his official website personally!! :-b

Anonymous said...

That is insane! Good work agents!