Wednesday, June 20, 2007

So you THINK you're a fan?

You reckon you own every DVD of Jake possible, do you? (Zodiac pending). Well, guess what? You don't! So get out your wallets and prepare to be amazed.

Just when I thought it was nigh on impossible for me to get any exclusives anymore, (due the more enthusiastic fans finding out about everything before PG and I), along comes ABBY SINGER.

It's indie! It's budget! It's Sundance! I'm moderately confused!

Abby Singer is a darkly comic tale that chronicles the life of Curtis Clemins, torn between the love of his life and his dream. When Curtis hits rock bottom at the Sundance Film Festival, he calls on his old college chum, Kevin Prouse, now a drunk acting instructor in the throes of a divorce, leaving him the only clue to salvage the remnants of Curtis' deteriorating life. American Movie meets The Player, Abby Singer is highlighted by a panoply of celebrity appearances including Jake Gyllenhaal, Brad Pitt, Jodie Foster, Don Cheadle, Stockard Channing, Jay O. Sanders, Robin Tunney, Roger Ebert, Dave Attell, Mark Bochardt, Mike Schank, Lloyd Kaufman, and many more. (from

Abby Singer is coming to DVD on July 24th. I guess you'll have to buy it to figure out more, but the film's producer Jonathan M Black tells me, '[Jake] was the first star to sign a release. He is a really cool guy.'

As always, MySpace is where it's freakin' at. View the trailer HERE.

Info on DVD release:

More links:

Call yourselves fans.


Anonymous said...

Jake looks so young here.

Anonymous said...

OMG! The hidden gems Jake has out there for us to discover. How many more will we find???? It's like finding the easter egg on a DVD!!! That hidden jewel you never knew you always wanted! Maybe the rumors are true. Maybe he really did video tape an "audition" of The Full Monty while NYC. Maybe there's a DVD of that waiting to come out.(!)
I cannot wait for abbysinger to come out. This is SO cool. This is hella way better than Jiminy Glick.
THis is why they love him. Totally.
He's like the ...Patron Saint of Indies!

call me cherita said...

I cannot wait for abbysinger to come out. This is SO cool. This is hella way better than Jiminy Glick.

Have you seen this movie? Or are you making a logical assumption based on probability since Jiminy Glick was so awful? I'm asking because my initial reaction here was Oh, it's going to be another Jiminy Glick where Jake has a 5-second cameo. If you know otherwise, please, give me details!

This is not to say I assume Abby Singer sucks and isn't otherwise worth watching. I only wish to verify if I really want to go out of my way to see it.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree w/ cherita. Anyway Jake's appearance in this movie is OLD news-- I remember reading about it many months ago...

Anonymous said...

Good lord! I was doing "ironic."
I have no idea if the damned movie is any good. I couldn't stand Jiminy Glick...except for Jake. And who knows how long Jake is in it? I'm just sayin'...I mean, c'mon. It's Jake. I will love the Jake part. I love all the Jake parts.

call me cherita said...

Please don't be offended. I didn't want to assume negativity so I took you at your word. ;) And I agree, all of Jake's parts are wonderful. Even the ones I haven't seen yet.

Anonymous said...

Anon. 12:20 here.

LOL! CMC...I like that. "...yet."

(I wasn't offended in the least!)

britpopbaby said...

I have to agree w/ cherita. Anyway Jake's appearance in this movie is OLD news-- I remember reading about it many months ago...

Did ya? Did ya really?

heddaparsons said...

Thanks for the info on this, I'll definately check it out!

PS: The news on the Zodiac DVD: No extras! I'm not surprised.

Gossip blogs suck said...

This is definately OT sorry but it's some interesting news on slime ball Perez Hilton. Click on the links the blogger posted:

One hopefully down and so many more to follow I hope. Interesting blog and the person is in the entertainment biz, a little side note on Jake as well in the post.

Anonymous said...

According to these pictures, Jake is staying at some hotel in L.A. while visiting there. I'm confused, I thought he lived in L.A. and if so why is he staying at a hotel? Of course the usual silly comments regarding Reese:

Anonymous said...

He does live LA. That JJ posting made absolutely no sense at all! But the pictures were delicious!

Anonymous said...

Now they're saying he is "frequenting" the hotel while in town! Duh! He just got home two days ago! Thank goodness JW agents are on the job! We can see thru all the nonsense and get to the really truthful nonsense.BTW: Why would Jake have to stay at a hotel??? Not only does he have his own house, but there is the family residence currently being rented to PG and BPB! I know you guys would happily let him stay there for free...except...there are costs involved aren't there...

Anonymous said...

What is wrong with you people, since when do you expect gossip blogs to make sense?

nice anonymous said...

He's meeting with people who are staying at the hotel, conducting actual business related to his career? (I still want him to be in that play, damn it.) Nah, couldn't be, right?

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