Monday, December 11, 2006


Hmm, this feature has been less than weekly of late. We'll have to see what we can do about that...especially when we have gems like this waiting for analysis:

"You should record my voice really fast so that you can slow it down and I can sound really weird."

- Jake "That Is So Weird" Gyllenhaal source

Tomorrow we shall reveal the exciting results of the exciting Jake Watch 2006 Official Jake Gyllenhaal Fan Survey. It will be a post with lots of graphs and percentages and very little humor. Statistics aren't funny. Unlike this picture:
Ha ha. Looks like another one for the Exciting Moments in Gyllenhaal Hair file.

Pic from IHJ.


atk said...

Dorky, adorable, sweet, silly Jake just warms my little heart. *sigh*

Love the hair messed up like that.

penny lane said...

I actually think this picture of the younger Jake is cute (including the messy hair) and that interview the quote came from is one of the best on him I ever read. Very endearing.
(By the way, I miss Joyce Davenport - does anyone know where she went?!).

The Bearded Lady said...

"Statstics aren't funny. Unlike this picture"

Penny, I'm with you.
I like his hair here.
I know is not a very natural look, as it would take some sorts of hair product, and time to achieve such a tossled perfection.
But this was from his Parisian romantic period...(PRP)
Conjuring photos of him and a former girlfriend, sitting at an outdoor english cafe,...but appearing very much like french couple.

Anonymous said...

I think he was going thru his Bohemian artiste phase. And trying to combine it with a rocker/James Dean attitude. It's a very layered, complex look. Just the right amount of insolence and "Hey! I'm sexy!" coming across.
Then Maggie walked in and said, "WTF, Jake! Go brush your teeth!"

Anonymous said...

NC Woman here...

God, he's beautiful

veeveevee said...

Such the baby face in that one - I love his crazy hair - it's got its own personality!

veeveevee said...

P.S. Was just staring at the Gyllenhair picture, and then scrolled down to the infamous Gyllenshirt, and you really see how the boy has completely turned into a man. Nice job, Jake!

kaydee said...

Nice job, Jake!

oh yeah, very nice indeed. you just have no idea what the gyllenshirt 's been doing to my libido recently, in the bus, at work, while shopping... it's embarassing... if i were a man i would be parading with a constant erection

and BPB, couldn't you make some computer magic and show us how weird his voice sound if recorded fast and then slowed down?

i know that it is unhealthy that i have that strong need to know it...

now i'll be off to watch some more jake-with-the-shirt-on.

Prophecy Girl said...

Penny, Joyce had to take a leave of absence because of something called "real life." I didn't know what she was talking about because I'm pretty sure I don't have one of those. We're hoping she'll come back. I miss her, too. :(

TBL, seriously? With the hair? Anything that requires that much effort and looks that unnatural is no good for me and my antiquated views of masculinity. ;)

get real said...

What a great interview! Had never read that before and it just makes me love Jake more! *sigh*

Funny pic, Brit, lol. Not one of my fave Jake 'do's but he is still totally cute none the less. ;)

And I too miss Joyce Davenport and Wtbgirl. Squallcloud has been very quiet too. Hope they join us again soon.

kaydee said...

what was he trying to achieve?! a wild Heathcliff look?

i prefer him grown up and well groomed.

and in the shirt.

Kendra said...

This is one of the most endearing version of Jake, the weirdo one! But I admit I still haven't understood fully his slow/fast voice concept.
Am I that old fashioned, folks?

kaydee said...

perhaps he was sort of hung up about his voice? wanted it to be deeper and more manly? it's still kinda boyish - deliciously scrachy and just lovely... and he stammers occasionally, which is endearing imo

jakey dear: we love your voice just as it is. in fact, some of us even dream about it. and about the shirt. :D

Nothing Really Matters said...

Did Jake stick his ffingures in a plug socket??

kaydee said...

found smth nice in the other blog:

Christopher Eccleston in 28 Days Later
Clive Owen in Croupier
Andrew Lincoln in This Life
Chiwetel Ejiofor in Dirty Pretty Things
Lennie James in Buried
Christian Bale in American Psycho
Christopher Meloni in Oz
George Clooney in Out of Sight
Viggo Mortensen in LOTR
Edward Norton in American History X
Orlando Bloom in Pirates of the Caribbean (in ten years when he's 'ripened')
Jake Gyllenhaal in Donnie Darko (ditto above)

Just thought I'd jot down a quick list of actors' I'd like to fuck. Give me a few years - I hope to have 'em all on my 'casting couch' by then...

i wouldn't have to wait that long...

kaydee said...

it didn't come out as i intended. i didn't mean to show my huge ego by saying i'll get JG in my bed faster, but that i wouldn't have to wait 10 years till he's ripened: he's quite nice as he is now. esp in the shirt. drool

now i'm going to stop surfing the net do some work. yeah

smurfette said...

what is real life? never heard of it. haha. PG, any clue as to the whereabouts of wtbgirl? she's been gone a long time, it seems.

also, i don't remember where i read this, but i do remember an early jake quote where he mentioned his hair being the type that naturally sticks up a lot and defies gravity... i dunno if he was joking

The Bearded Lady said...

I know it's wrong, wrong!
I can't help myself.... Destined,to be not unlike Pussy's hair...terribly outdated....and due the collective thought:
"What were we thinking?"

But the "do" still holds powers over me?...those thick flame shaped tresses...glinting auburn and copper (A coloring masterpiece) sigh.....
Damn you Hollywood, Damn youuuuuuuu.

"You should record my voice really fast so that you can slow it down and I can sound really weird."

^I heard if you play it backwards, you can learn where Yoko is?

Anonymous said...

I missed the survey! I tried to send in my replies but I was in an internet cafe and they got all lost...

Anyway no category for Sarsgaard fans who hang around because he never bloody does anything!

The Bearded Lady said...

^ Oh I sure he does things...just undercover. It's an agent's life, to toil unnoticed.
But at least we succeeded in adding several agents to "Rendition"

Anonymous said...

I'm ...not I

Prophecy Girl said...

Smurfette, no word on wtbgirl! I sense a defection.

TBL, you're on notice for mentioning Yoko in my presence.

M, next year's survey will probably be more comprehensive. I'd be lying if I said we had any idea what we were doing this time around.

veeveevee said...

Kaydee said, "and in the shirt. "

I hear you - I know BP doesn't get it, but wooo boy does that picture get to me. I'm living the same fantasizing world you are! (and boy, is it nice here!)

mpom said...

Love the wild Hair picture of "THE MOST BEAUTIFUL HUMAN BEING ON THE PLANET." The man is follicly overendowed.

For some reason I was posting about this pic in the October Sky section. Daah. Probably age related dementia. Please forgive.

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nice anonymous said...

To quote the Gilded Moose, something appears to be nesting on Jake's head in this picture. The salon's colorist went a little crazy with the copper highlights & also appears to have dyed his eyebrows to match. It's a rather 80s New Romantic look, isn't it? I expect him to start singing, "La la la la ... I know this much is true."

Anonymous said...

Amazing how some ppl think the 80's are retro! I still have clothes from the 80's and one day, they'll fit me again!
Jake was practicing his "come hither" look in that pic, I think...poor thing! He doesn't have to practice...all he has to do is just BE and there'll be coming and hithering all over the place!

Anonymous said...

When I look at that picture, why am I thinkin' Rod Stewart?? " If you think I'm sexy..." ?

Girl Friday said...

I know it's wrong, wrong!
I can't help myself.... Destined,to be not unlike Pussy's hair...terribly outdated....and due the collective thought:
"What were we thinking?"

I love it when people say that. It's just all about accepting the past for what it was, the past.

Don't act like some of you didn't have afros in the 70s, and jerry curls in the 80s. I grew up in the 90s and was rocking my flannel shirt and Smashing Pumpkins Ts like everyone else.

It's like when people complain about Vanilla Ice. Hey, "Ice Ice Baby" rocked out back then. "Hey if there's a problem, yo I'll solve it - check out muh hook while the D.J. revolves it." So many words of wisdom he uttered in his one hot minute of fame.

This post has inspired me to relive the past. I'm off to relive the 80s in my own way by hurling my Raggedy Ann doll at my husband-in-theory's head. [He's lucky it's not a Light-Bright/Glow Worm doll, that would really "jack him up"] and I'll follow that up with my 90s memoriam by smothering him with my old China Doll wig while blasting my one Salt 'n Peppa' album.

nice anonymous said...

Salt n' Peppa. Oh, my. (That brings back memories of a bad job & a bad-for-me but good-looking ex-boyriend.) Well, if you've got only one record, it's probably "Push It" -- which I, too, could really get into, particularly while looking at a picture of Jake. But I have a soft spot also for "Let's Talk About Sex," which, again, would be appropriate accompaniment for gazing at a slide show of images of young Mr. Gyllenhaal.

I'm glad he grew up. (He had pretty amazing skin, though, didn't he?)

amerita said...

It's a rather 80s New Romantic look, isn't it?

Actually, I swear one of either Spandau Ballet or Duran Duran had a hairstyle like that at some point. I loved 80's New Romantics!

cina said...

You're so right about the 80's New Romantic look amerita! Oh how I loved Duran Duran back in the 80's. Had a HUGE crush on Simon Le Bon and later on Andy Taylor.
Those were the days... LOL! ;)

S4M985 said...

hmm im unsure about the hairstyle, i dont like it when its too long and i really dont like the colour. Maybe its because i was a baby/toddler/very young child in the 80's and hardly even know who duran duran is...
All i do know is that im a hairdresser, and i dont like that style/colour on him! But i mean the man under it... now that is like ultimate perfection, so i spose it evens out!

As for the quote, that is a perfect example of why i love JG so much. Hes so random! He cracks me up...

mpom said...

Good morning JW. Five AM here on the beautiful New Jersey Shore.

This picture is "growing" on me. Like many of the photos of the beautiful one it seems to be looking into me. At first glance all you see is that hair but those eyes, and that mouth...

I read the interview transcript. Jake seems like a very unusual man. All creative, talented people are. He must be a joy to know in real life.

kaydee said...

Good morning JW. Five AM here on the beautiful New Jersey Shore.

Good Afternoon JW. Noon here in Central Europe. :)))

...and i was wondering if i'm sane bcz it's the first place i visit when i power my computer around noon... my love for sleep is so much more important that my JW obsession.

i prefer him grown up, bcz frankly, his shoulders got so broad and strong. and he's got better coloring. and i still can't get over the shirt. sigh.

cina said...

I'm not too fond of that picture either. In fact, I'm not too fond of any of his younger-looking pictures. Makes me feel like a child molestor... LOL! I prefer him as the man his is today! :)

penny lane said...

mpom, agree about the mouth and eyes that look right into you. Remember that one photo of the Vanity Fair photoshoot of him in the white T-shirt? At first glance I thought certainly Annie Leibovitz could have chosen a different shot for publication in VF, but when you look into his eyes in that picture it is all there.
And that interview that originally appeared in Elle Magazine is one of my favorites on Jake. I think he really is an original.