Sunday, August 13, 2006


Aah, those Hollywood fat cats aren't as stupid as they sometimes appear (i.e Scary Movie 2 through 4). Notice anything about the posters below?

"When it came time to design the poster for the film, (co-president of Focus Features and frequent Lee collaborator James) Schamus didn’t research posters of famous Westerns for ideas. He looked at the posters of the 50 most romantic movies ever made. 'If you look at our poster,' he says, 'you can see traces of our inspiration, 'Titanic'.'"

I suppose it's less inspiration more direct copying. We have exchanged big ass boat for big ass mountain range and introduced a lot more denim but I still bet you asking yourself why you never noticed this before. Lazy fat cats! But damn, it worked.

I'd also like to add that Titanic was shit. Just want to get that out there.


Muffin said...

I remember hearing this story before...gotta hand it to the designers, no matter where the inspiration came from they gave us a fantastic and romantic movie poster.

Prophecy Girl said...

I think maybe I heard about this before I saw the Brokeback poster and I got weirded out. But then I forgot about it. Seeing them side-by-side, it is a little weird, but I think our boys came out way far ahead on the iconic side of things. Also, why the hell didn't Jake and Heath get to embrace? That would have been way hot.

Titanic was shit, but I was completely swept up in the mania at the time. There was about a six month period when I was fairly certain I was going to marry Leo. Those are dark days and I don't like to talk about them.

nica said...


cina said...

I'm with you PG, I too was swept up in the mania at the time, but seeing it again years later just made me cringe. It was really rather embarrassing in parts. Cheesy dialoge to say the least.... "I'm flying, Jack!" Jeeez.
Still, the special effects were amazing.

Kendra said...

I remember now a BBM poster parody titled Dumbfuck Mountain, with Dubya and Dick Cheney instead Jake and Heath. I was one of the few people on the earth who saw "Titanic" 3 years after its release, I'm not much a fan of Leo, neither of big orchestrated epic stories.

Frank Sinatra said...

Prophecy Girl,
"Titanic was shit"
I'll go ya one further, it was less than shit.
Oh the recreation of the ship and effects were wonderful.
But that stupid "love story" jammed into the middle of it just detracted from the film...really
I know they were sell'in, but I wasn't buy'in.
Leo always strikes me as an 13 yr old. and Miss Winslet doesn't move me either.
I guess Camreon, was trying for the teen girl market?
I mean, I was rooting for the ship to sink faster to get it all over with!

claire said...

I have never watched Titanic in my life and for that I'm truly grateful.

I have however watched Brokeback Mountain and I am more than grateful.

~DKBB~ said...

Regardless of the copying issue, I LOVE the BBM poster and am danged thrilled to have an autographed one hanging in my office. :)

As to Titantic, I didn't overly care for the movie, but I was mesmerized by the makeup in the final scenes - the makeup artists totally nailed that freezing-to-death-in-the-frigid-waters look.

dani said...

I loved Titanic for the incredible special effects and plus the fact that I am always drawn to movies about tragic events - the industructible ship sinking on it's maiden voyage. However, the love story sucked. While Leo is a decent enough actor, I couldn't and still can't get past the boy thing with him. And Kate and Leo just didn't have enough chemistry.

Unlike our boys Jake and Heath. The poster from BBM is beautiful and heartbreaking and now represents for me the ultimate movie tragedy.

magichappening said...

Kate Winslet was phenomenal in The Life of David Gale but if it had really been true love at the end of Titanic she would have found a way to make room for the guy on that piece of floating debris. Ya think? ;)

winterbird said...

I believe James (producer) admitted many times in interviews that they made the BBM poster with "Titanic" in mind - mainly because they want people to treat BBM as a "Love story" instead of "gay cowboys movie".

If you ask me, Jake and Heath beat Leonardo and Kate hands down in all categories.

winterbird said...

oh yeah... and i cheered for the ice-bergs in Titanic...

dottieb said...

There was enough drama in the true stories of the people on the Titanic that they didn't need to invent that trashy love story. But great effects, and entertaining movie. I saw it just once.

The thing about the BBM poster is very old news. I admit I was surprised and a little disappointed that they did such blatant copying. Guess the producers were really paranoid and wanted to play up the romance. Funny thing, first time I saw BBM, I didn't see any romance at all -- the relationship seemed like pure sex!

moonbeams said...

I think Jake and Heath seriously redefined the whole notion of "chemistry." BBM's impact is so much tied to the believability of their attraction to each other and of course to their humanity. It stillbreaks my heart. I've always liked Leo and Kate but I thought Titanic was cheesey.

The Bearded Lady said...

Shame all that money time spent and such a lame screenplay?
With all the real life interesting people on board
They had to cook up that teenie pop sex romp?
They scratch their heads in Hollywood why movie attendance is down?...
All that hype and for what?
Oh dear, well there's always the Classic Movie Channel...

Elle said...

As an out-and-out BBM fan, and a die-hard Heath/Jake fan, I have to confess that at the time, I loved Titanic.

But I think it had more to do with the visuals and the music and the whole the concept of *Love Found for A Fleeting Moment, and Then Tragically Lost Again* than to do with the actual plot, actors and so on. Disaster movies and tragedies do it for me every time, I'm afraid.

But having said all that, give me a choice between Titanic and BBM and it's a no-brainer! And I totally agree with moonbeams, the onscreen chemistry between Heath and Jake is just phenomenal.

SquallCloud said...

I'm currently stoking my Advocate magazine like a kitten from whence that interview comes. It is almost a direct rip off but BBM is a more compelling image though.

Yes Titanic was boring AS HELL. The best part was the boat breaking apart and capsizing. That was AWESOME!

amerita said...

I read it before too, but I agree the BBM poster is way more iconic. Not to mention that Jake's Jack is waaay HOTTER than Leo's.

Smurfeyshmoo said...

claire said...

I have never watched Titanic in my life and for that I'm truly grateful.

I have however watched Brokeback Mountain and I am more than grateful.

Ditto! I tried watching Titanic once and it bored me. And anyway, which is better--a semi-okay guy and an alright girl, or two smoking hot cowboys in one of the most beautiful love stories of all time?


cina said...

I think Jake and Heath seriously redefined the whole notion of "chemistry." BBM's impact is so much tied to the believability of their attraction to each other and of course to their humanity. It stillbreaks my heart.

moonbeams - I couldn't agree more.

Anonymous said...

I am getting all members of family and friends gathered around to readd the message to prove that I am not lazy and am so observant and smart to boot, I noticed that poster thing right off, didn't care for it. Didn't like big boat Rose sacriface thy lover to save self movie. Wish my boys could have had their own poster.

Diana Rigg said...

Funny the banner Brit.
Like the signs they put in a retail store under remodeling

"Sorry for any inconvenience"

Anonymous said...

i remember my middle aged uncle saying "the first 60 minutes were kind of ok, the last 120 mins they just sank the boat" after seeing titanic. why he, my middle aged uncle, went to see the film, alone, we will never know.

but heath & jake got chemistry alright.

Anonymous said...

Remember the first time someone compared the two - months ago - and it was pointed out that on each one the one who is behind the one in front is the one who dies.
Not to mention the fact they're both called Jack, of course!

Titanic bored me as well. The only good thing about it was the special effect, which is probably ultimately what it won everything for!

nice anonymous said...

I went to see "Titanic" in the theatres just after it was released because I felt that I pretty much had to. (The cultural moment & all that.) Well, I did love young Rose's clothing. Some amazing ensembles -- which I can still recall, in some detail, since I'm fond of vintage clothing. But I felt nothing, nothing at all, when I looked at DiCaprio. I've never understood his appeal.

For "Brokeback Mountain," it was different. Being a long-time New Yorker subscriber, I'd read the story in '97, and talked about it with various friends. I was just fearful that the filmmakers might screw it up while adapting it.

Well, they didn't.

The Bearded Lady said...

-dont feel bad I went to see "Shanghai Surprise"
Why the audience didn't riot 20 mins into the film still has me wondering? depression? perhaps a desire to see if it would improve? maybe shock?
That's it shock.

britpopbaby said...

Old news! How dare you. I just heard about it so therefore it is hot off the press of britpopbaby's brain. Tomorrow I'll be discussing the hot new rumour that Jake might be bisexual - sssh! You heard it hear first.

diana rigg, that was exactly the look I was going for!

cina said...

^^ LOL!!

The Bearded Lady said...

James Cameron,
I'm calling you on your shit!
BBM poster took "your" idea? is that so??
When will you stop trying to hone in on other's success?
Take responsibility for making a massive budget mega lame putridified, unconvincing to anyone one minute pass puberty, film!
Now you wish to add poster design to your laurels??
Does your ego have any humility?
Well feast your eyes on this!


If you had stripes on your shoulders I'd rip them off at this point then relegate you to Prop manager!

The Bearded Lady said...

P.S. at least "Jaws" was entertaining!

msdonniedarko said...

hahaha i have titanic and brokeback and they actully sit right nest to eachother on the movie shelf and i still never noticed this!!

unfaithful said...

@dottieb: "Funny thing, first time I saw BBM, I didn't see any romance at all -- the relationship seemed like pure sex!"

I still see pure sex, which disappoints me although I think the movie is technically excellent from all points of view. Can you help me see deeper in the symbols?

msdonniedarko said...

i think it was only just sex to jack because he was satisfied with any man, enis was just his favorite. Enis on the other hand i think was in love because he didnt really like men, just jack!!!

unfaithful said...

I sooo totally agree ;-)

savvy said...

The best part of Titanic was the boat breaking in half, which meant the movie was finally nearing the end.

beckela said...

Just sex? I don't think so. The first night in the tent, sure. But that second night was not about sex. Ennis' tentativeness and Jack's tenderness are so evident. "It's alright, it's alright." And during their early meetings, riding horses, we hear them talking quietly, but in later meetings, riding horses, they are like an old married couple -- very comfortable with each other and barely talking. I don't believe Jack drove 28 hours round trip 3-4 times a year just for sex that he could get anywhere. He drove to be with Ennis, the love of his life. Never knew I was such a romantic -- I usually hate that stuff because it's so often so fake. In this film it seemed so real, thanks to Jake, Heath and, of course, Ang. I've never quite recovered from the whollop of my first viewing and the nearly 100 viewings since.

SquallCloud said...

OMG! BBM just sex?! I can't even begin to form an argument because I think my brain just exploded. Jack and Ennis shared a love and tenderness that no one else in the world offered to them. Jack gave him love at a time when he hadn't had any love since his mother died as a kid. Jack found acceptance for the first time in his life and although Ennis allowed himself to be ruled by fear and Jack allowed his insecurities as an abused child keep him from demanding more of Ennis, there love was very very strong.

Would ya look at that, I did manage to form an argument.

SquallCloud said...

Also, LOL BPB. Hot off the presses of your brain indeed!

beckela said...

Well said, squallcloud. Thanks.

dottieb said...

At the risk of more controversy. . . I loved BBM, saw it twice in the theater and 7 or 8 times on DVD. And I finally realized what a whiney character Jack was! Don't get me wrong - I loved Jake's portrayal, and also thought Jack had a lot more personality than Ennis - but so much of his conversation was whining - first about the boss's restrictions, then about not getting to see Ennis enough. I would think that would wear on Ennis after a while. . . maybe why he didn't seem too upset about having to postpone their next meeting.

Anonymous said...

What could be more romantic than Jack's saving his and Ennis' shirts from their time up on Brokeback, one inside the other? It's probably one of the most romantic things I've ever heard of.

SquallCloud said...

Yeah, dottie, Jack is a complainer. I think the fact that he was willing rail against the shit that life kept handing him and the fact that Ennis was too scared to was just one aspect that drew Ennis to him.

That and the pretty baby calf eyes and the round muscular buttocks that is.

dottieb said...

LOL Squallcould!

I suspect that the pretty baby calf eyes and the round muscular buttocks drew Ennis to Jack DESPITE Jack's willingness to rail!

dani said...

Thanks to Beckela, Squallcloud and anon 7:16 for saying all the things I think about BBM.

I just checked in to see what was new since I posted seven hours ago. I couldn't believe my eyes that some people think Jack and Ennis was only about sex!

Of course everyone is entitled to their opinion. We are not all moved by the same things. But I feel more passionate about BBM than any movie I have seen in my entire life.

I have watched it so many times I don't even bother to count anymore. Sometimes I watch a scene frame by frame. Not just the love scenes - even though they are my favorites - but other ones too and it is apparent that so many important things can be missed in the blink of an eye. We all know how great Heath's performance was but studying Jake do his thing is incredible. From their very first meeting the connection is there between Jack and Ennis. And it steadily and believably grows. The sheer brilliance of Jake and Heath allows this to be conveyed without words.

SquallCloud said...

No, no dottie, remember when Jack was like "No more beans." Ennis asked for soup, something he didnt' even like, to keep Jack happy. Then when the food got all scattered to hell and Jack was like he aint stickin' to no goddamn beans? Well what did Ennis do then? He promptly shot him and elk. I'm sure Ennis had no idea that what he was feeling for Jack was attraction until the first night in the tent but I think he was intrigued by the brashness of Jack the minute he saw him outside Aguirre's trailer fussin' and kickin'

dottieb said...

Yeah, Jack could fuss and kick, but he never managed to accomplish anything by it. Well, I've known people who are attracted to needy people; I just can't relate to it. And those who are attracted to needy people tend to want to take care of them. Ennis sure didn't do much to take care of Jack!

SquallCloud said...

I've come to the conclusion that dottie is trying to kill me. Needy? Okay, sis, I'll just drop it don't wanna be one of those people who gets all loony trying to impress upon other netizens why my opinions are the only right ones to have. lol

kokodee said...

yo! dottieb how dare you call my jack 'fuckin' tight ass' twist needy???
you keep sticking to that girl, and I'm coming after your ass I swear to god!

Ivy said...

'Titanic' was indeed shit, and it contained my personal contender for "Cheesiest Line In A Film Ever" for when Kate Winslet says to Captain Birdseye "There are icebergs out there . . . (dramatic pause) . . . I can see them in your eyes". Aaaargghh! It's even worse than "No-one puts Baby in a corner" from 'Dirty Dancing' - the sheer naff-ness of it just makes me want to cram my fist into my mouth.

And it's true that Kate and Leo had zero chemistry, unlike Jake and Heath who had absolutely bucketloads.

Of chemistry, that is.

mrs_dalloway said...

I must confess..I liked Titanic,I fell into that Leo Mania,but mainly because I was like..10 years old,lol.My sister (who was 16 at the time) had posters of him all over the room and even if I wanted to avoid him,I couldn't.
I haven't seen it ever since,and now I'm curios how I'd see it in the present.
Brits,it's news for me too this entire poster thing.If the purpose was indeed to set the movie as a love story,so the people can take their minds off the cowboy movie,I think it is a very subtil point and smart handled.That poster with their eyes down shows exactly love and strong connection between two human shows the inside,the spirit.And being put with a connection with Titanic,which was percieved as a love story film by most audiences,not as a film about the catastroph of Titanic's sinking, is a very good point and sets its course from the beginning..Audiences are often influenced by such small things before viewing the movies. For me,it's another thumbs up for Brokeback.

britpopbaby said...

Hang on a minute...Ennis didn't like soup? How could you not like soup? It comes in so many different flavours!

beskyddaren said...

BBM's only about sex?! OMFG... can't believe I'm reading this here! Thanks everyone for sticking up for our guys. Reading between the lines sure seems to be hard for some. If the "I love you"s need to be spelled out for you please stick to Titanic. The movie's such a great study on the male sex in general and making them say words like that would have been totally out of character.

Sorry, can't believe how angry I got... breathe. ; )

The poster. It is beautiful, a copy or not. Never get tired looking at it. I think we should give some kudos to the producers, they could have gone with a way more neutral, ambivalent poster.

Anna said...

Oh my. August really is the month of controversy at Jake Watch, isn't it?

I'm with you, beskyddaren. Just breathe... In through your nose, out through your mouth...

(Grrrr...Just SEX?!?!?!?!)

Simon Agent 002 said...

Yeah Anna , I can understand me getting excited and losing my cool,but when Besky, says:
"please stick to Titanic."
There must be cosmic forces afoot, beyond our understanding.

nice anonymous said...

Oh, yes, add me to the lost of those who are quite certain that the character Jack indeed loved Ennis. Jake persuades me that is so through his acting. Mostly with his face, particularly with his eyes. Who could forget the famous "dozy embrace" by the campfire, when Ennis comes up behind Jack & holds him. Think of the expression on Jack's face. It's a completely wordless moment, but it's full of tenderness, sorrow & longing. I'm convinced that this is one of Jake's finest moments in acting. And he's also so stunningly beautiful at that moment, just an amazing object for the camera to focus upon. The way the scene is framed, he's looking straight out at you, in the audience. It's heart-stopping (at least, it is for me).

For me, "Brokeback Mountain" is one of those few movies where love felt subtle & understated, the way it is in real life, rather than like "movie love."

dottieb said...

Quote: "Who could forget the famous "dozy embrace" by the campfire, when Ennis comes up behind Jack & holds him. Think of the expression on Jack's face. It's a completely wordless moment, but it's full of tenderness, sorrow & longing. I'm convinced that this is one of Jake's finest moments in acting. And he's also so stunningly beautiful at that moment, just an amazing object for the camera to focus upon. The way the scene is framed, he's looking straight out at you, in the audience."

Looking straight at you? He was asleep!

nice anonymous said...

His head is lowered as Ennis holds him, and he's half-asleep.

But a few seconds later, when Ennis walks off & swings up on his horse, Jack is clearly gazing after him.

That's the moment I'm talking about.

Someone must have a screen cap of that moment & the expression on Jake's face.

unfaithful said...

Wow, I come straight to JW after a day's labour and what do I see? People plotting my death by successive electrocution and defenestration...

I read carefully the comments posted above, from the psychological analysis to the - very accurate and heart-shaking - scene descriptions, adn I feel I have to explain what I meant :)

First - and as a proof of good-will, I want to insist that I totally agree with the people who give examples of scenes where there is real tenderness between Jack and Ennis. These parts are indeed beautiful and the actors are beyond excellence (well, I'm perhaps getting too fast too far but who cares?). What I see as a rupture of the plot is a) The way things begin to happen (first night Ennis + Jack), which looks totally implausible to me (although this point could be debated) and b) The fact that Jack seems to put sex above all, visiting mexican prostitutes and hanging out with some other guy in Texas, which shall get him murdered. Don't you think that this is a serious incoherence in Jack's character? This combination of love and go-to-hellism does not look natural.

On the other hand, Ennis is completely and desperately in love with Jack and remains very coherent along the movie.

msdonniedarko said...

hey guys i did say that enis was his favorite you know.

Muffin said...

Jack was only interested in Ennis for sex? Did the signifigance of the shirts pass you by?

nice anonymous said...

Some people always consider sex an expression of love, and feel emotionally bonded afterward with their partner. But some people see sex more as a form of physical relief, like scratching an itch or getting something to eat, and they are able to keep it quite apart from their feelings toward the other person. It's popularly believed that men are more liable to take the latter view, and women the former. (I don't think this is necessarily true, but that view is often put forward when people discuss male & female attitudes toward sex.) I believe that the character of Jack was able to love Ennis while also seeking sex with other men just for the sake of lust & physical relief, because his meetings with Ennis were so infrequent. I do not believe that those couplings diminished Jack's feelings for Ennis. I believe that if Jack & Ennis had been able to cohabit together, then Jack might not have hied off to Mexico looking for pickups or started his affair with that neighboring rancher, Randall. (Remember, Jack goes down to Mexico only **after** Ennis refuses to live with him, after Ennis' divorce from Alma comes through.)

nice anonymous said...

I also think that "Brokeback Mountain" is about all the various people who were affected by the fact that Jack & Ennis were not able to cohabit peacefully together. There's a whole chain of causality here to follow. The characters' well ... character, I mean their nature or their beings ... were also affected by having to lie & sneak around & carry on unfulfilling relationships with other people. Jack started out as this fresh-faced, open guy who tended to say his mind, to speak up about injustice. He ends up having to sort of "use" other people and he is forced into a life of duplicity, in order to cope with the situation he finds himself in. His love for Jack is strong, but it gets compromised because they aren't able to express it openly. Anyway, that's my reading of it.

SquallCloud said...

"Nobody puts baby in a corner!"

Is one of cinema's great lines. Amen.

SquallCloud said...

Also, NA I agree with everything you said about why Jack went to see the prostitutes and takes up with Randall. I thought it was self evident. Jack was no all "YeeeHAAAAW! Gonna get me a whore!" He looked MISERABLE!

Only thing I disagee on and this is a hotly contested debate but I dont' think that was Jack's first trip to Mexico. He was too resigned. Seemed to know just where to go and just how to conduct himself. A slight nod and he had companionship for the night... or the next hour or so. He didn't seem unsure. Just amazingly sad.

I'm with you Brit, how can anyone not like soup? But then this was back in the day before Progreso and Campbell Selects

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razvanzlavog said...

About the poster of BROKEBACK. I have read the post from the blog and wanted to comment on it there. But i wrote and couldn't post it... whatever. Here i go again
There are some HUGE differences between Brokeback's poster and Titanic's. And as it is very normal to be, it all starts from the relationship between the two characters there. Titanic is dominated buy the two attitudes; first, Leo is lookind down (remember his condition, the fact that he was rude and poor etc.) and Kate looks in the opposite direction (not at Leo). As a metter of fact, her main attitude before loving him like she did was to refuse him and that's the point. The ship, seen as a big (high) dark "spot' on the poster, symbolise mainly the altitude, the fact that Titanic was a step closer to the sky, the famous human obsession of altitude (moral, spiritual, physical etc.)
Well, as for Brokeback, the things are different. and i was very upset and angry when i read that thing said by that guy... a love story, inspired from titanic bla bla bla... it's bullshit! This is not true, and as a thing said for atracting is a bit dumb as it concerns me. Why? Because the poster from Brokeback has not two big images, symbols but four. As you can see, the brokeback mountain is reflected into the water: that is from the start two perspectives. It's also haeading up, but it's also heading down. The "heading up image" is the one that has shape, as a mountain is (strenght, altitude, ambitin, obstacle etc.) and the "heading down" image, meaning the reflection of the mountain into water (mainly here water symbolise the truth, the mirror _recall please the mith of Narcis or Adonis) is the one taht becomes blurry.
More exactly, we have the second dimension dominated by fear, blur, something not very sure, not well defined etc.
The other two aspects of the poster are obviously the characters and as you can see, they look opposite directions. Dissapears the love image for Titanic. On the contrary, them looking down suggests the idea that they tend to be influenced more by the Dionisyac spirituality (terestrial, vital, urged by instinct) than the Apollinyc one (dominated by the power of thinking, having the symbol of the Sun -Apollo, therefore heading towards the sky etc.)
At a closer look, we can observe that their bodies are already made as one, and the only thing left to be opposition, conflict, are "the heads" (obviously, the mind). It's very unsubtle the fact that the picture has an idea of androginic unity. Which is definetly not the point in Titanic.
I rest my case! (there are more like another five main ideas of this poster but i'm afraid it's enough already to make my point!
uf, sorry for my english i really hope is understandable...

Chantelle said...

I did notice it, lol.

Yes, before I read it.

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