Saturday, July 01, 2006


Today has been hella depressing and for some reason me and my pal decided to go on a ramble/treasure hunt - we only got lost three fucking times and chased by a cow. Nevermind because here comes Jake to cheer me up! Apparently he was out shopping for shampoo, toothpaste and RiteAid(?) - nice! Herbal? How has he managed to shave his beard yet still has mucho facial growth. Hormone supplements? Is he on the Pill? And dude, what is it with the airmail t-shirt? The sooner you get your Boo one the better.

pics from IHJ


winterbird said...

Britpopbaby, you can tell the content just by looking at the plastic bag?

I think Jake is one of those people who needs to shave 2 times to have clean-shaven face. but a 5 o'clock shadow works fine with me.

and does he like talking on his mobile, or what?

nice anonymous said...

Oh, thank goodness! At last! Jake's handsome face is once again restored to the world. I can even see the deep crease in his cheek as he grins. And I think that I've still got a vague recollection of where some of the nicest & shapeliest of his moles are located.

I'm sure that his youthful beauty will be obliterated with hair once again, within just a few days. (Maybe in just a few hours' time, if Jake is as hairily privileged as we suspect.) But in the meantime, there it is, ladies & gents. For our viewing pleasure. Thanks so much to the makers of Jake's blessed Gilette -- or the Rite Aid generic plastic orange & white razor -- or whatever implement was used to hack away at the undergrowth.

Agnes said...

yeah I think he's little phonoholic.

Jake we gonna give you a new T-shirt so you have something to alternate with Okay...

nica said...

jesus crist britpopbaby, a cow!? i cant imagine it going after you.. what did you do?? loool

winterbird i agree with ya, the last few pictures i´ve seen of him, his on the phone or is it just me =\. Oh lord, his gonna drop a bomb on us? and by bomb i mean a girl..
is he talking to one, hhhmmm...
And whats up with the facial hair, jakey honey, if you shave your bear at least go all the way ;P

nice anonymous said...

There's a close-up of the bag on IHeartJake's gallery, Winterbird, and it's semi-transparent, so maybe the labels of the products that Jake purchased were showing. (I don't have privileges to view those photos up close, but BPB certainly has.)

[...Just imagining the buzz if the bag had contained a large pack of XL ribbed Trojans ...]

britpopbaby said...

The shampoo, etc info was just the tagline that came with the pics so I presume the agency who sold the photos worked it out.

m said...

look! a date has been given for our answers!

Nothing Really Matters said...

It looks like head and shoulders shampoo! They have a blur lid! Check they sell all over the world!

Nothing Really Matters said...

I like the airmail t-shirt, i want one!

nica said...

OH NOOOOOOO, hey gyllenhaal fans lets vote for him.
im such a nice person lol :PpP

The Bearded Lady said...

He's shaven!!! Shout it from the hills!!

jordan said...

The smaller bag is a Rite-Aid pharmacy bag. I wonder what type of medication he's taking.

~DKBB~ said...

Well, my day has been a hectic one and this is the first chance I've had to sit down at the ol' 'puter. The Riker/Gyllenwolf thing was a bit startling, but THIS is a wonderful respite for my tired soul. He's such a cutie!

A cow, britpop?! Sometimes you frighten me....

The Bearded Lady said...

I wonder if he stays on the cell phone so people won't bother him?

nica said...

phone or no phone, people still bother him..
what am intrigued is his laughting, hhhhmmmmm....

The Bearded Lady said...

Would you disturb him while he was on the phone?

nica said...

oh my sweet the bearded lady, of course not. i´m a pacient person, i would wait of course and then bother him lool.

Anonymous said...


Must of lost his other pair - they were practically fused to his face - can't blame him because they were hot..then again what isn't hot on this man? I can't wait to see that tee on him!

Anonymous said...

Hey girls, FYI, he'll be filming in South Gate Los Angeles Between now and end of next week! Redoing that market scene.

cina said...

Nice to see you again Jakey poo! And I so like the new shades boy. Looking good. Looking damn good.

nica said...

Are you sure??? :O, it would very exciting if i lived near/in LA, but since i live across the atlantic, it will do me no good.

The Bearded Lady said...

No the other glasses came with the beard. It was a one piece unit. Instant disguise!

squallcloud said...

Wow, so much Trek hate! Just remember guys if it wasnt' for the the Trek set and porn hounds the internet would not have made it past the first year as a comercial entity lol.


Trek is lame now but Jakey could make it better. Matt Damon was my play-play boyfriend around Bourne Identitiy time but still I don't see myself watching some new Young!Kirk movie just because their thinking of casting him.

squallcloud said...

Isn't he doing reshoots of Zodiac? That explains why he took the mammouth beard down a few levels. He's so swarthy. I usually dont' like that but Jake makes the look just fine. Someone neeeds to enlarge the quadrant of that pic where the bag is so we can examine the contents of his Rite Aid bag... Okay I just creeped myself out.

Anonymous said...

Oh it's gone.I feel kind of sad but i know it will be back in full force after the reshoot.Nice to see his little cheeks.Wonder what shampoo he uses?Any conditioner?

Kendra said...

My boyfriend feels so proud, because he works in post office, and now he has told his co-workers that my idol Jake G makes "free publicity" of them. Yes, my man is nuts!

tankergirl said...

Have any of you Jake "Watchers" figured out what the deal is with this particular block of Beverly Hills? I've been there, and it's really just a Rite Aid, a parking garage and some doctor/dentist offices. It's a good thing I live far away, or I'd waste a ridiculous amount of time loitering there.

blackhatnbeard said...

there is abunch of stuss right there in a three or so block area that he really likes...Sprinkles, restaurants, etc.

Anonymous said...

I loved the fact that he shaved!
But I'm still trying to figure out why he loves this t-shirt so much! I guess we'll never know!

[ ]

miffed67 said...

Hey! Don't knock the airmail shirt! I love that's going to be mine one day....all mine! LOL!

Whew, I was gettin' a little worried there for a minute...hadn't seen the Gyllenhottie out and about, buying coffee and cupcakes and whatnot. I see the world balance has been restored, tho, thank goodness! My faith is once again whole.

Katie of Sweden said...

Oh GOD did hear my prayers! Looks like he has lost some weight too or is it just another effect of cutting off that beard? Anyway, finally he looks the way he used to look - YUMMY!!!!

kokodee said...

Those legs are too die for!

Anonymous said...

this new shade brings out allll his manly charms...! geez. love it..

The Bearded Lady said...

I'm thinking he shaved for the movie re-takes....Before Miss Bearded Lady does anything drastic such as shave my beard as agreed. I want to see if he intends to continue this look or goes back to wilderness man. (which I fear)... As in the inmortal words of Smokey the Bear...and I quote here : "Only you can prevent forest fires"... Miss TBL will be watching!...

Anonymous said...

It looks like head and shoulders shampoo! They have a blur lid! Check

It's definitely Head and Shoulders. So Jake has dandruff? That's an anti dandruff shampoo.

Anonymous said...

It looks like head and shoulders shampoo! They have a blur lid! Check

It's definitely Head and Shoulders. So Jake has dandruff? That's an anti dandruff shampoo.

Katie of Sweden said...

Well, let's say - if the bottle is for him - he has dandruff and he does something about it... Many people don't and that's yucki..

mrs_dalloway said...

I like him. A lot. That troubles me.I need fresh air.

cina said...

I second what Katie said.
And I have to add: SO?? He's only human. Believe it or not.

The Bearded Lady said...

Miss Bearded lady would be more than happy to shampoo him if he needs assistance?....kneading that rich foamy lather into his beautiful locks.....and you know what the directions say on the bottle?.. "rinse and repeat"...I must insist on following the directions!

Katie of Sweden said...

Hey bearded said you were going to shave of that beard if jake shaved his - and he did. So now... go pick a bond/jake pic! Don't say you're too old, Bob had some cool pic of a lady too.

The Bearded Lady said...

Yes Katie dear, But as I said above^^ that I want to see this shaved look is going to stay around, and not be a temporary thing done for the movie retakes...he has stubble here in these pics and I fear he's going back to Wilderness man all too soon!

dani said...

He does look like he lost weight. Maybe that is what all the extra excercising was for - the retakes for ZODIAC. He was much thinner doing the original shoot for that movie. He needs to match up as close as possible. But I am sure all of our eagle eyes will be able to tell the difference.

nice anonymous said...

To me, the beard begins to seem like the "off duty" sign that NY cabbies put up in the little windows on top of their cabs when they aren't working & taking fares.

It's not that I don't like beards. It's more that I admire the planes of Jake's face, his cheekbones & his jawline & those perfectly chiseled lips of his. (Though Jake's eyes are striking, I would never wish to underestimate the fineness of Jake's mouth.)

I'm happy that there's such male beauty in the world -- in exactly the way that I'm happy that certain poems were ever written, that some paintings are safe on the walls of museums, that seagulls evolved into marvels of advanced aerodynamics, that cats have the ability to purr. I simply rejoice in the fact of Jake's existence & I am happy to look at simple pictures of him walking down the street, grinning while he talks into his cellphone, with his leather flip-flips snapping against his soles. So thank you, Jake, for shaving, and letting us see your face. Even if it's an annoyance, even if you cut one of your moles or something accidentally & had to put styptic on it. Even if you'd rather grow out a beard as thick as a yeshiva student's.

Anonymous said...

nice anonymous said...
There's a close-up of the bag on IHeartJake's gallery...I don't have privileges to view those photos up close, but BPB certainly has.

You know it's free to register, right?

nice anonymous said...

Anonymous 11:45, thanks, yes -- but I hate registering for things, particularly since this laptop with Internet access isn't mine, exactly. Thus, I'm not registered with Blogger or IHeartJake.

Besides, I'm a bit old for IHeartJake -- though that's nothing against the site. I do very much admire all the work that young Allie & her cohorts put into it. What a wonderful essay that girl will write one day, for her college applications: "I founded & ran a Web site devoted to Jake Gyllenhaal, and gave comfort & joy to thousands of fans."

BritPopBaby can boast of a similar accomplishment on her resume as she hunts for a job.

Anonymous said...

I'm too old for IHJ too, but eventually had to give in and register--too much stuff there that isn't available anywhere else. I'm an obsessive body language analyst, and need those enormous high quality pics for my studies.

That said, every time I am done making my Jake rounds, I clear all temp internet files and cookies, and clear the history. I also turn off the "autocomplete" feature of whichever browser I am using, so no embarrassing URLs or previous search evidence appears for the next user. And I live alone!

And I just make up ridiculous shit for the personal details when I register for embarrassing sites, use one of my "junk" email addresses for the confirmation email.

But kudos to you for your willpower. I have none.

smurfette said...

yay, new pics, and no beard! but with the excitement of seeing the face again, did NO ONE ELSE notice jake is wearing... um, are those capris??? hmmm...

wtbgirl said...

Jake's walking the razor's edge with those shoes - I can't quite decide if they fall into the dreaded man-sandal category or the more acceptable world of flip-flop (which I think a man should still only wear on the beach, but it's Jake, I'll make allowances).

GGB's girl said...

if he intends to continue this look or goes back to wilderness man. (which I fear)..

At last! Jake's handsome face is once again restored to the world. I can even see the deep crease in his cheek as he grins. And I think that I've still got a vague recollection of where some of the nicest & shapeliest of his moles are located.

I loved the fact that he shaved!
But I'm still trying to figure out why he loves this t-shirt so much! I guess we'll never know

yay, new pics, and no beard! but with the excitement of seeing the face again.

And whats up with the facial hair, jakey honey, if you shave your bear at least go all the way.

You know, it's a good thing that none of you are his girlfriend. You'd be pestering him into shaving, telling him what to wear or not to wear. No offense, but you look like a bunch of annoying old ladies telling Jake what to do. You aren't his mother. Guys in general hate that.

Come on, cut Jake some slack. I think Jake looks good with or without the beard, and dresses like a normal guy.

nice anonymous said...

Ggb's girl, thanks -- you have no way of knowing this, of course, but it's actually my dearest wish to grow up to become an annoying old lady, who always speaks her mind & makes sure that she gets her own way -- I think that would feel pretty damn empowering, actually, after spending many years being an extremely tolerant, mellow younger person who always smiles & has something nice to say about everyone & everything. (I'm not calling myself "nice anonymous" for nothing.)

Isn't it obvious we make these comments for our own amusement? And that they're like an agnostics' prayers, sent up into the ether with no hope of being listened to? Jake's a young millionaire movie star who takes advice from specialists in their fields: a legion of stylists, hairdressers, camera men & photographers, artist representatives, PR people, attorneys, financial advisors, film directors & etc. He was named one of the most powerful people in Hollywood, wasn't he? Which isn't an honor given out often to henpcked wimps. So I'm not worried about Jake feeling persecuted over a couple of casual blog comments about his facial hair.

ggb's girl said...

Well, I'm speaking my mind aren't I? I find this annoying. It's exhausting to keep reading about people constantly whinning about Jake's beard, looks or sexuality, (though the last one does not apply to this blog in particular). But it's everywhere. I'm a jake fan but there's nowhere I can have a decent discussion about Jake, his works and talent, without having to read about his goddamned beard again and again. I don't mind talking about it once in a while, but that's all you talk about! There's more to Jake than that. I'm not sure if you are aware of that.

nice anonymous said...

It seems to me that you have several options:

1) Stop visiting the blogs & Web sites that feature material or dicussions about Jake that you find annoying & exhausting. (It's easy. Really, it is. Just don't click on the links. Personally, I have never visited one quite well-known Jake site.)

2) Keep visiting the offending blogs & Web sites, but complain about other peoples' posts in your comments and demand that everyone immediately cease their discussions of certain aspects of Jake G. because their remarks irritate you personally.
(Good luck with this one.)

3) Found your own blog or Web site that offers a serious look at the collective works of Jake Gyllenhaal & his acting techniques, plus a discussion of his social activism, and that encourages speculates on how he intends to combine the two in the future. (I would be happy to see this Web site or blog, and I would gladly visit it.)

Good luck with whatever you choose to do.

Since this isn't my blog -- I'm just a guest who rather likes the atmosphere & the drinks they serve here -- I simply enjoy it for what it is, and pass by whatever entries don't interest me.

The Bearded Lady said...

@ggb girl I'm sorry if I've annoyed or offended you..if you have been following this blog, it's been a on going joke for about a month, that Bearded Lady would shave once Jake did...No I'm not a beard fan...this is true...but I tease him I hope in a funny good natured way as one might a brother or sister (at least in a italian family)....We try to laugh at ourselfves more than at Jake tho...At our obsession with him etc...and the whole agent thing too... and most of us don't want to get into cruel gossip...I truly care a great deal for him and it would pain me to know if I've hurt him in someway..

Ok serious words aside I'll put you down as a yes vote for the'll find supporters in your camp here. ... :)

squallcloud said...

Everybody here is so nice and classy! Damn, on other sites if someone came in and told all the regulars to shut the hell up, we'd tear that person apart like a hyena. Such a good bunch of folken you all are. Proud to know ya!

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